Jul 31, 2006

In Pictures--Part two

It was request by Melli in response to my post Don't wanna be in pictures that I share some of the results from our little photoshoot. It inspired me to do a scrapbook page that shares the wonders of trying to photograph a four year old child. So what do you think?

and because I just finished it and I love it so much here is a bonus one, I called through my window. I started with just a pic of the little princess looking through a window. I cropped it down to the just the glass and then created this whole cabin garden theme.

Jul 30, 2006

Procrastination or Genius at work

My Prince Charming is the love of my life. That being said he has one trick that he has mastered to a degree that would put scholars to shame. He can procrastinate with the best of them. He has trick to such a fine art that he has me trained to do anything I need done in a hurry myself (see there is an evil mind at work there).

Like dishes. Once when we were dating and he was still trying to impress me, he was washing dishes in the kitchen. He had a technique that drove me out of my mind. He would take one dish off of the counter, put it in the sink and then wander around complaining that he didn't want to do the dishes. The he would wash it, sit down, sigh, complain some more and so on so that after 2 hours of washing supper dishes for two, I went in and took over. And at that is the moment I made the mistake. I uttered those words which sealed my fate of dishpan hands. I told him that if he changed the kitty litter and took out the garbage, I would do the dishes from now on.

Fair trade? maybe . . . except we no longer have a cat! (see evil genius at work here) And we moved. Garbage now has to be taken out in the morning. But . . . . Prince Charming is not a morning person. So, while he sleeps peacefully in his bed I take out the garbage!

So lets recap here. I am still doing dishes . . . he no longer changes kitty litter . . . and I take out the garbage . . . . Wait just a darned minute here! Something is wrong with this picture. Nope don't adjust your sets people what you think you see is indeed what you see, Twisted Cinderella has a great big sign on her forhead that says, "chump" in big bold letters.

But I love him. He works hard every day at school. And if I have to tell him I want things done fifteen times and then do them myself because he is either a procrastinating genius or has the attention span of a puppy, well that's okay. I can live with that. It does make me laugh sometimes though.

Jul 29, 2006

Getting so close

Saturday for me this week is clean up and organize day. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. It doesn't help that it is cool, dull, and dreary here today. Now, don't kill me, I know a lot of you are baking in a hot humid oven down there but I wouldn't mind just a little of your heat. you know, like leave the oven door open for a second or two and let some of the heat waft its way up this way a little.

I am getting so close to one of my goals on this weight loss journey. I am so happy and excited. I am looking at getting to a place I haven't been in more than ten years! On one hand I am excited, I am sooo close. On the other hand, I am nervous. It is like there is a part of my brain that says that my body will stop and refuse to go any further, like I have no control. Which is ridiculous, right? I am not the only person in the world who will eat less and move more and not lose weight, right. I'm just nuts. I figured that.

Jul 28, 2006

Friday Feast One-Hundred & Four

Feast One-Hundred & Four
Questions for are here if you want to join in the fun….

What's the funniest dream you can remember having?
I guess it would the dream where I was in love with Pauly Shore. That one had me giggling for a while.
If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
A yappy little mutt. That sounds like me, I don't know why. I guess because I don't look like much but I can make a lot of noise when I want to.
Continue this sentence: "I get confused when..."
People in movies start rambling off big long technobabble explanations. I usually ignore everything they say until they start to sound like they are talking english again.
Main Course
Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing.
Clean the bedrooms and do the laundry. there is always laundry to do and it feels like when I clean the rooms someone comes behind me and messes them up, so I procrastinate doing them.
When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?
Oh boy am I boring. The only new things I could think of were recipes. Other than that, the last new thing I tried, can't be discussed in on this blog. LOL

Tour of homes

The time has come - come visit our home! BooMama is kind enough to be hosting the first-ever Tour of Homes, so be sure to visit her to get all the other links so you can spy on take a peek into everyone’s homes! Also go on over to Everyday Mommy to celebrate everyday things…..Ok!
Be prepared. I have only lived here a couple of months and I have a million and one things I need to do to the place, and I have done nothing to tidy up, this is my house in all it's messy everyday glory. We’ll begin with our computer, which is in the basement, note that the sign from when prince charming and I got married is up on the wall, corny I know…..

I know that the little princess's bedroom is a mess. I haven't gotten around to cleaning it up yet today. Prince Charming is home and that throws my whole schedule off. For some reason, blogger won't upload the pic of my bedroom in all it's messy glory. (It's true honest!) So you will have to imagine and small, dark, messy cave with a bed in the middle and that is my room.

Jul 27, 2006

Don't Wanna be in Pictures

The following is my side of a conversation heard today during a photo shoot with the little princess at my house. I wanted to get a pic of her sitting next to a big bear that I have pics of sitting in when she was five months old.

"here sit next to the bear"
"No, sit next to the bear"
"No don't hug the bear, sit next to him"
"Don't suck your thumb, I want a picture of your smile"
"Don't suck your thumb."
"Put down the bib and don't suck your thumb."
"that's pretty hugging the bear, but i want a pic of you sitting next to the bear"
"give me your bib"
"sit next to the bear"
"No, don't hug"
"sit up"
"Oh fine . . . that'll do"

In the end I get three pics with her sucking her thumb, four of her hugging the bear, 2 of her lying down and NOT ONE SINGLE PIC of her sitting nicely next to the bear. Ugh these things were easier when she was younger.

Jul 26, 2006

Count Your Blessings

"Count Your Blessings instead of your cares;
count the seconds instead of the years;
keep your back to the wind, hold up your chin
Casue life is a beautiful thing."
- life is a beautiful thing. song written by Wayne Chaulk

So a new day brings a new attitude. I figure getting those books and paying all that money now means that we don't have to do it later. We tighten our belts and push through now and then later when I was planning on spending that money, we have a little extra.

I have a wonderful life. I occasionally get frustrated with Mr. Murphy's law messing around with my plans, but sometimes the unplanned stuff is the best stuff. So for today I am happy like Mr. Chaulk says in the song sung by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, "Life is a beautiful Thing."

Jul 25, 2006

If I tell you I'm getting ahead . . . smack me!

If I ever mention that I may be getting a little extra money, smack me in the back of the head and remind that every silver lining brings a great big cloud. I got a little money last week and I decided to stock up on little princess groceries, you know all those things that only she eats and that guarrentee that on a food fast day, she will indeed eat something. But I should have known, that even thinking I would have money to get food last week and again this week (our regular grocery day) was a crime against nature. I am not allowed to get ahead. No, not me. I am doomed to be that person treading water desperately while a cruise ship floats by and everyone on board waves at me and says hi as they go right on past.

We did get extra money last week but then Prince Charming's school gives a call and says you know those books you were planning on getting next month? Well we decided that you have to get the whole semester's books right now or we are going to send them back to the publisher. We don't care that you can't do the course without them. We don't care that you have no where else to get them. We want you to buy them and we want you to buy them all right now. All $300 worth! So there it is. My dream of having extra money just floats out the window and all that getting ahead I was doing, was transformed into desperate penny pinching yet again.

Such is my life. I am destined to be the person who is almost caught up but never quite gets there. Always running out of money before I run out of week. Never any nuts stored up for winter.

Oh, I have to go, because the Little Princess is pouring water all over her lunch and all over the floor. For no reason at all.

Jul 24, 2006


Do you remember as a kid being afraid to do anything to stand out, being afraid to try something and fail where others might see you. As a kid, I moved so much I was perpetually the new kid. I did everything to blend into the background, not to stand out. To me the end result was that I was largely forgettable. But that is beside the point for the moment. Another
result which I have never noticed before is that I was afraid to try new things and fail.

In sports, I never really gave it my all. I never tried. Because I figured I was probably no good at them and it was better to not try and not fail than to try and fail and have other people see me fail and laugh at me. In school, I had no doubt they would.

In computers, my brother was great at them, and I figured I would never be as good as he was. I would probably be laughed at for trying when he was so good, so I never tried. I spent my whole childhood convincing myself that I shouldn't try things I didn't think I could do. Convincing myself that never trying was better than trying and failing.

What a crock of crap! As an adult, I went back to college. I tried typing (something I had failed at in high school) and in college I excelled in it. I gave computers a try and found not only was I completely capable of using them but I had knack for them and I loved them. I ended up helping others with their computers.

My latest triumph is weightloss. I was always convinced that I was destined to be the fat kid. I had weight troubles my whole life and I had convinced myself that the only way a person with my body could lsoe weight was starving myself or other unhealthy means. And, I tried them all, eating disorders, diet pills, you name it, I tried it. The only thing I didn't try was a good
old fashioned lifestyle change. I never tried just eating less and moving more. I honestly didn't think it would work. So here I 47 1/2 pounds later and it is working. I am losing. I am not done, but I have come so much further than I ever dared dream I would before. I can be something other than the chubby girl with the "great personality". I can be the attractive
person Prince Charming has always told me I was. I can one day look in the mirror and see someone I am proud to be.

Actually, these days . . . . I do that now.

Jul 23, 2006

Picture Snapping Fiend

I am such a goofy person today. I am chasing around the little princess snapping pictures of her every other second. I guess a lot of it is that this is a gloomy rainy day but I am truly content and happy today. We are in the basement, the little princess is taking turns playing with the air mattress pump and then riding her bicycle. She is such a riot and I am enjoying her so much I just keep taking pictures . . . much to her annoyance. I just giggle and snap away. I like days like this taking pictures of every day stuff that I always want to remember.

Like the little princess chasing Prince Charming trying to kiss him good morning.

Or the little princess hanging upside down on the arm chair

the little princess "pumping herself up"

Just hanging around being herself

And cuddling daddy

Jul 22, 2006

Saturday Somethings

It is a dreary dull day outside but I am in a good mood. It is interesting how getting woken up from a good dream in a good way can effect your mood for the day.

Now I am downstairs, relaxing and ignoring all the work I should be doing, because I just don't wanna. LOL. I am playing hooky for now. But I know next time I go in the kitchen those dishes are going to yell at me and I will be elbow deep in piping hot dishwater before you can say, "I knew you couldn't do it." And I am pretty sure that next time I walk by the laundry it is going to give me the evil eye and I will be pulled into it's power and loading up the washing machine before I even know what's happening.

I have decided I don't like the floor in my living room. While I am glad that it isn't carpet and it is extremely functional. It is white, never really looks clean, and makes it look like I live in a department store. I never had this problem with my hardwood floors. Oh well, great neighbours whom we love, kids for the Little Princess to play with, a great neighbourhood, and conveniences just up the road, I can't ask for everything, now can I?

Jul 21, 2006

Friday Feast

Appetizer: fill in the blanks: I ___________ when I ___________.
I sob like a baby when I watch sad movies. I always cry when I watch Armegeddon, but now I cry earlier because I know it is going to happen.
Soup: Name something you use to make your home smell good.
I use air fresheners and scented candles but the best smell in my house are the smells of my cooking. At any point you come in you are likely to smell some yummy supper or something being baked.
Salad: If you could receive a coupon in the mail for 50% off any product, what would you want it to be for?
I would love 50% off of a shopping trip for clothes for me. Just it would be fun.
Main Course Besides sleeping, what do you spend the majority of the hours of your typical day doing?
the three C's: cleaning, cooking, and computing
Dessert: What can you hear right now while answering these questions?
The Little Princess watching Dora the Explorer, the neighbours kids running around, someone out mowing their lawn, and the washing machine.
Wanna join the Feast? Go here to play!

Jul 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about TC

Well She's a little confused, but at least she's alien-free. Yesterday, my sweet, funny, happy girl returned. And was I glad to see her. I don't know what she did with the screaming alien that formerly inhabited her body, but I am happy to have her back to herself. LOL

Today she was the funniest thing. She has a new imaginary friend. Her name . . . NOW GET THIS . . . is "my sister". Apparently my little princess has invented a baby sister. And sometimes she pretends to be this baby sister. She wraps a receiving blanket around her butt and feeds her and then takes it off and she is "naked" and she has to get a bath. It is such a riot.

I am so glad to be back to just us having fun enjoying each other. I love her so darned much I live in perpetual fear of screwing her up in some way. I kinda want to be a Mary Poppins mom who lives in Leave- it-to-Beaver-land (you know "Practically Perfect in Every Way" and 3 hot meals a day waiting on the table in a perfectly clean house with a perpetual smile and able to solve any and all family problems in 30 minutes minus commercials). When I fall short of that, I tend to beat up on myself. To celebrate her return, I am going to share 13 pics of her being goofy mostly from today.

1. this is the little princess pretending to be her baby sister crying

2. this is the little princess pretending to be her baby sister laughing because the Little Princess tickled her (are you confused yet?)

3. this is the little princess pretending to be naked so she can take a bath.

4. Her just being goofy on the basement stairs

5. More playing on the basement stairs

6. "Helping" mommy with the laundry

7. Sleeping on the couch with daddy, note the chocolate covered face, isn't that a riot?

8. Picking flowers on the side of the road

9. Sliding out of the bouncy house at the park

10. Sitting at the pond in the park

11. With the neighbour boy eating freezies

12. My cool chick

13. And lastly this is me and my baby.

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My Child has been Abducted By Aliens

What were you doing yesterday at around about 4pm? In our house we were having a meltdown of major proportions. My 4 year old Little Princess started screaming at me for no particular reason that I could figure out, (she said she didn't want to look at her or talk to her!?!) I did our normal things to calm her down and they didn't work. I eventually tried shock therapy to break her out of her hysteria and then just as suddenly as she started it was over. (no I didn't electrocute her . . . I got her wet. I stood her in the shower, clothes still on, screaming hysterically, and then I turned it on for about 1/2 a second. See . . . shock therapy.) And then she was off singing and playing and I was left to sit in the ashes and wonder what the heck happened?

Nowhere in my mommy handbook did it say that even if you have a wonderful child who is quiet and happy and pleasant all of the time that she will on occasions be taken over by some strange angry screaming alien for no particular reason. I don't know what to do with this type of behavior.

And, I can't just get over it in the blink of an eye. When I have just been battling a screaming alien child, I can't turn around and be a happy, pleasant mommy who will now go and bake cookies and act like nothing is wrong. After it is over, I need time to sulk. That is when I sit and cry and wonder what I am doing wrong as a mommy that taught my child it is okay to throw the devils own fit when it is just me and her but that when daddy comes home, you better be on your best behavior.

Oh well, I am off to ponder the workings of the universe, how dishes can possibly build up in the sink while I am sleeping at night, why the mailman insists on coming at a different time every day and how the heck my child can be acting like a teenager at four years old.

Jul 18, 2006

Body Image-Shmody Image

I saw the most amazing blog today and it got me thinking. What is it about us women and our body image?? I know that some guys have body image issues but almost every woman I know hates some part of her body.

I have spent my whole life hating my body and abusing it in some way. I have struggled with eating disorders, I have worn the hugest most shapeless clothes I could find and I have been that hideous whale bursting out of her too tight jeans. One thing I have come to realize is that if I had just stopped and appreciated my body for what it was, I wouldn't have lost and gained and gained more weight, and I wouldn't have had so much to lose this time.

The supermodel who eats lettuce and Evian hates her knees. The movie star who makes a fortune in selling her image, hates her nose. So many people feel the need to hide, disfigure or disguise their bodies in some way. Why?

You don't seen middle-aged George down at the beach hiding beneath his blanket because he has a spare tire around the middle. You don't see a toddler covering up their head because they haven't grown hair yet. We should be like that. We should be able to enjoy our life no matter what bodyshape we happen to journeying through it in.

Why do we hate our bodies?? Why can't we appreciate the wonderful, beautiful creations that they are. As women we have the most amazing gift of being able to bring life into this world. That experience should change us, mark us in some way. These stretchmarked, saggy breasts and bellies are not hideous scars to deny and to hide from the world. They are badges of honour. I had the wonderful priveledge of bringing my beautiful little princess into the world. She is a gift that I am grateful for every day. If I am grateful for her, how can I regret the changes she produced in my body. I do not have ugly breasts and belly. I have mommy breasts, and I have a mommies belly. As much weight as I lose and am continuing to lose, I will always carry the rememberances of her birth with me in a visible way. I refuse to be ashamed of them.

I love my baby and so I guess I love all the changes she brought to my life as well.

Someone stop the world from spinning.

I am soooo sick today. Ugghhh this is NOT the way to lose weight! I even tried just drinking some water to keep from getting dehydrated but that was a disaster. I so don't know how I am going to take care of my little princess today when Prince charming goes to school. She is here asking for Breakfast and the idea getting up and making it for her is enough to make me sick. Ugh this is going to be a great day, I can tell.

So my blog friends what do you do for the stomach flu? Do you have any brilliant words of wisdom for a slightly green friend today?

Jul 17, 2006

What is it with me and my dreams anyway?

Okay let me tell you, I am seriously thinking of sending my brain to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute or the Smithsonian Institution for research. There must be some money to be made in discovering why the heck these things go through my brain in the middle of the night. I mean I once dreamed I was in love with PAULY SHORE!! I mean really, Pauly Shore people (you know the guy, wacky weasel, of Ensino Man fame?) I am sure I could think of better people to dream about if I try just a little!

Now last night, I dreamed about Nick Lachey (as if he doesn't have enough to think about with his divorce, he needs crazy people like me dreaming about him). I dreamed that I was standing around outside a building and he was waiting with a body guard to make his entrance. Some idiot walks by and asks me what I am thinking I am doing, that someone like Nick couldn't possibly want to hang out with someone as fat and old as me. I brushed it off and Nick raised his eyebrows. The next guy who walks by asks me if I think that Nick could possibly want to hang out with someone as Ugly as me. Well apparently that broke my heart and I started to cry. That made Nick feel bad and I blubbered to him about how I could fix my weight so that didn't bother me but that I couldn't help what I looked like and that was really upsetting. While I cried like an idiot he went after the other guy and laid a beating on him. He then came over, comforted me and invited me to spend the evening having fun with him and his guys.

Now while the idea of Nick Lachey defending my honor and then proceeding to want to spend time with me is lovely, I have no idea why I would dream that. I have no big thing for Nick (unlike my friend). I do not have some crazy secret desire to scale his walls and sleep in his bed or some other wild stalker like tendencies. I think he is a recently divorced guy who has a broken heart and a lot on his mind.

And besides, I married my knight in shining armor who is quite capable and willing to defend my honor whenever I need it.

Mmmmm . . . I gotta stop drinking coffee before I go to bed, it is giving me weird weird weird dreams.

Jul 16, 2006

So TAKE THAT, Inner Fat chick!

I may still be fat in my mind when I go shopping, but the scales are telling me that I'm not anymore! I finally had some movement on the scales. As of this morning it is officially 45 lbs that I have lost! Woohoo! I am thrilled! Look at my new sexy self!

It has taken a long time but I truly believe that the way I am doing this is a way that will last. I have no desire at this point to go back to the way I ate before, I am not waiting for my diet to end. That is a huge change for me, now if I could only remember that when I go shopping. My new shopping mantra will be, "You can shop in the normal section. You are not fat. You can shop in the normal section. You are not fat. . . . "

So as I sit here listening to the little princess serenade me with the theme song to Dora The Explorer, eating my low fat omelet while she munches on fried sausages, I am a happy contented me. I am doing this. Woohoo.

Stay tuned for further adventures into my whacky life!

Pipe Cleaners, Paper Stars and Pinky Pongs

My little princess loves to do crafts. I give her the supplies and let her imagination take over. It is fun to watch her poke through the stuff, and come out with just the right sticker or pom pom (which she refers to as Pinky Pongs and it is so darned cute I have NO desire to change that.).

With the weather being so hot, we gather all the supplies and sit on the basement floor and have at it, she can make as big a mess as she wants and she can be as creative as she wants. Here are some pics from yesterday's adventures.

And finally she had to stick it on the basement wall

Jul 15, 2006

The Crazy World that is in My Head

Let me tell you something, I have the craziest dreams. Sometimes I dream about things that I am worried about and sometimes they come right out of nowhere. Well last night was a weird one.

I dreamed that Prince Charming had married me for my money. Apparently I was the second victim of his abundant charms and at the point I was dreaming, I was still living with him while he had moved his next victim in with us. I kept thinking that she didn't love him like I do and that she couldn't possibly enjoy s*x with him the way that I do. (Hey don't blame me, I didn't ask for this dream). In the end, even though I knew he would eventually love me again, I was walking away from him.

Okay now lets break this down . . . shall we? (no don't run away, this will be fun, I promise) Number One, Prince Charming is wonderful and charming but I don't picture him as the casanova type, part of his charm is that he wears his feelings on his sleeve. How does that work if you are in love with my money.

And speaking of money . . . Number two . . . what money exactly did he marry me for?? I am so broke even my collections are in collections. If anyone would like my money they are welcome to it, as soon as they tell me where it is.

And lets move on shall we . . . Number three . . . the idea of me living with him when he has clearly moved on. Can we get a great big H*LL NO! Listen I like to think I am no so needy as to sit and torture myself while the man I love woos some other chick whether he loves her or not.

Thats about it for my breakdown of my dream. (please ignore the fact that I didn't mention the s*x part, I can't argue that part, LOL) I do like to think that however painful it would be, if he cheated on me, I would carry my heartbroken self straight out that door.

So, what's the diagnosis? Have I completely lost my mind? . . . . Yeah, I thought so too.

Jul 14, 2006

My inner fat chick does the shopping

As I looked through the racks an inner voice was speaking to me, "Don't try it on unless you are pretty sure it is going to fit."

There is nothing so depressing as trying on racks and racks of clothes that are all too small. And as I looked at things I heard, "You shouldn't be looking in the normal section, you should be looking in the fat girl section where they make shapeless monster sized t-shirts that are bound to fit because they would fit a small elephant."

I would touch a pair of fancy schmancy underwear and my thought process was, "Now how would you feel if you brought those home and they were too small??" I tell you what, shopping would be a lot more fun if I could shut up that fat b*tch in my head.

Just for the record, I came home with some underwear, some holefree shoes, and some makeup to replace the makeup that the little princess destroyed 8 months ago.

Jul 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about TC

1. I get to go shopping today. I have 304 things I want to buy and money to 108. I am not sure what I am going to get yet.
2. I always feel guilty when I shop for me. I feel like there are so many other things that the family or the house needs and where do I get off spending the money on me.
3. I love grocery day. I love getting the food that I plan to cook, I love that it is the one time I get to do relatively guilt free shopping. I love that I get to sneak healthy stuff into the cart.
4. I had what felt like my perfect day yesterday. It was wonderful. We went to a bbq at the park, the little princess met a clown and a mascot she got balloon animals and bounced in a bouncy house. We walked in the park and fed the ducks and pidgeons. We went to the mall and visited the pet store and took the little princess to see Cars.
5. She is so small that the chair folded up with her in it, and she watched the movie all folded up in her chair.
6. She was so tired she fell asleep for about 1/2 hour in the movie with her head rested on her feet because she was folded up in the chair. It was the cutest thing.
7. After that we bought her ice cream and came home and she went to bed and Prince Charming and I watched the new Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
8. If I had to plan my perfect day, it wouldn't have gone any different than that. Just a day spent having fun with my family watching the Little Princess and Prince Charming have fun together.
9. Guilty Pleasure number one: I love Big Brother and I can't wait to really get into the "All-Star" season.
10. Guilty Pleasure number two: I love to watch American Idol.
11. Guilty Pleasure number three: I love to watch Canadian Idol as well. I love that I can vote and have an effect on the outcome.
12. Guilty Pleasure number four: I have even checked out that show So You Think You Can Dance. I really like it and wish I had been watching it from the beginning.
13. Guilty Pleasure number five and six: I am a total and complete fan of both Bon Jovi and Clay Aiken. I know weird combination but there it is. I get excited whenever I see either one of them on television.

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Jul 12, 2006

The Soundtrack to my Life

Sounds that scare me:

1. A loud thump and then crying in the middle of the night
2. A drawer opening in the kitchen when I know the grownups aren't there
3. Little feet in the kitchen followed by crying
4. (as I come up the stairs) Little running feet rushing to meet me saying, "Mommy I didn't . . ." (because she obviously did)
5. A loud crash followed by absolute silence.

This parenting thing is scary sometimes. You can't turn your back for a minute. You worry about the the things she will break, about the mischeif she will get into. You worry that she will team up with the gremlins that mess up your house and then you may never recover from the aftermath. You worry about all the sounds you hear and then you worry when you don't.

I can't tell you the number of times I have watched an intense movie in the night and longed to go hold her in my arms or just to go look at her and make sure she was safe and okay and sleeping in her bed.

Sounds that make me smile:
1. Giggles as she ducks daddy's ticklebombers
2. Loud thumping footsteps and growling of the cutest "monster" you have ever heard
3. Singing coming from her room in the middle of the night.
4. The sound of her voice as she sings and plays along with Dora the Explorer
5. (when she is about to get in trouble) "Don't worry mommy, I can make it better" followed by a wrapping her arms around my middle in a hug.

Jul 11, 2006

Would you like to come out and play with me?

Inspired by the blog of a friend, I got to thinking. How do you make friends as a grownup? In the past, I really didn't. I relied on some power of fate to make people come to me. Which was pretty hard since I never went anywhere and fate would have had to led them to knock on my door and ask me to come out to play like when I was a child. I don't see that happening, somehow, do you?

Since I moved here, I use my daughter shamelessly. I feel as though, if I just started talking to someone on my street with no reason, they would think I was strange, or worse yet some kind of a psycho stalker type chick. So, I break the ice by talking about my little princess. I can talk to neighbours on the street when she runs into their yard, or as they are watching their kids. I can talk to strangers on the bus when they smile at her singing out loud on the ride. I am lucky I guess that she is so outgoing and carefree, it opens doors past my reserves. I joined a playgroup to take her too and that has opened doors too.

I do sometimes feel that pull to draw back into my shell, to cozy up in my house and talk to my online friends and let the world come to me, but I remember that it passes me by instead and I really do need people. When I am really stressed out, I need to be able to talk to my friend and say, you know what this sucks. And when I leave, it still sucks but I don't feel alone and I am better able to face it.

So how about you? Do you make friends as a grownup? How do you do it?

Jul 10, 2006

If you can't find me . . . look beneath the laundry

Oh MAN . . . what three days away from housework can do to your house. I swear there are little gremlins that come out when I am not looking and play tricks. I know they do, they put dishes in my sink, laundry in every available corner of the house, stomp all over my floors, and leave fingerprints on every flat surface they can find. My house is a disaster area! How is that possible? I wasn't even home all weekend??? So the short story is, I am destined to spend my day, buried in laundry and household cleaners of every make, size and shape.

To make the best of it, grocery day is in three days, and the little princess has decided that her skinny little butt doesn't like any of the food I have in this house. I can't find anything she is willing to eat!

Well I guess I have to go get started . . . would you mind passing me the dishsoap?

Jul 9, 2006

Sunday Pics from Saturday.

Today is the last day and then life goes back to normal. I thought I would share a few pics from yesterday.

This is my favorite Grandma with my baby.

This is my Aunt with her. When I was a kid, I wanted to be just like this Aunt. I thought she was the coolest person I had ever met.

This is my baby and I. Amazingly, I actually like this pic.

This is my baby and a roommate I had 10 years ago!

This is my baby and her first sitter.

Jul 8, 2006

Not so bad

Well this weekend is rush rush rush, but it isn't so bad. The only person who noticed that I have lost 44lbs is someone who hasn't seen me in 10 years! Some of these friends and family saw me last year at my biggest, or close to it. Oh well. It wasn't so scary yesterday, which is good because I have a whole weekend of this. In fact myAunt is coming to get me in 15 minutes and I am here chatting with you guys . . . go figure. Well chat at ya later.

Jul 7, 2006

Wish me luck!

Well like a man off to face the gallows, I am sitting here ready to go. I dread it but I am wearing my black dress . . . mmmm . . . the color of mourning and sadness . . . I wonder could that be an accident or was it an unconscious statement about my mood this morning? Mmmm . . . nope, it was an unconscious statement about the lack of clothing in my closet.

I am wearing earings for the first time in forever and my ears are sore already, that can't be a good sign. I have everything lined up and ready to for the next three days. Oh boy I wish today was over and I could be sitting here writing what a goose I was for being so nervous.

It turns out I get to face family sooner than I thought, an Aunt is going to be giving me a ride!!!! Aaaagghh, I hadn't planned on facing the jury quite that soon! Oh boy guys wish me luck, I'll need it.

Jul 6, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things about TC

1. This is my first Thursday Thirteen since I came back!
2. The Little Princess was thrilled to
get a card in the mail from Notsosnowwhite today!
3. She opened it up and
"read" it telling a story to us from the pictures inside. She is sooo cute. I took pictures of the faces she was making as she opened it.
4. I have a thing this weekend and I have to dress up, and because of my weight loss I had to go searching to try to find a couple of dresses and skirts that would fit me.
5. I put away 4 skirts that were huge and managed to get two dresses that were too big but I could get away with them.
6. I wish I could get my hair done. I feel so shlumpy about
my hair and lack of makeup
7. But I do feel good that I have lost SOOO much weight since any of them have seen me.
8. I am such a freak about seeing so many relatives after so long, I am nervous and I want to make an impression, how silly is that???
9. I have been talking to my long lost friend the last couple of days on the computer. It has been nice, even if it is a little awkward.
10. I talked to my dad the other day. He just called to say he was proud of my weight loss. I sent him pics. I was surprised and pleased.
11. I have run out of chicken breasts to eat and I have been eating other "healthy foods, like liver and fish. I am so sick of that stuff, I would walk a mile on hot pavement to get some chicken again.
12. I can't wait until payday next week.
13. I did my taxes and I am getting a little refund. I can't wait to figure out what I can buy for the house with it. Maybe a used not ugly couch or a used washer and dryer.

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Jul 5, 2006

I laugh at her frustration . . . Is that wrong?

I have been trying to teach the Little Princess that some ways of expressing frustration are unacceptable. I would love to be able rule out anger and frustration completely but seeing as how I am not almighty and I can't rule her emotions, I figure I can at least get her not to beat on me when she is frustrated, yes? I guess that isn't too much to ask of a four year old, right? LOL.

Anyway, yesterday, I was dragging her out of somewhere she didn't want to leave and she raised both of her hands to hit me and then remembered that she wasn't allowed to do that, so instead, she just waved them both in the air and kind of grunted. It was the funniest thing and much to her dismay, I just bust out laughing. Not the response she was hoping for, but I figure that waving your hands is a pretty harmless way to show that you are frustrated.

This morning, she didn't want her daddy to leave for school. So, in keeping with the no screaming and hitting rule, she smacked her fist on her palm and said, "To heck! I NEED DADDY BACK!" Not screaming but very emphatic. Well the fact that the worst words she could think of were, "To Heck!" was so funny. (Also a testament to the fact that my efforts to keep swearing out of her earshot haven't been in vain)

On a side note, she is hating that he is in school. He used to be the one who stayed home with her and she hates that now he is gone all day and on long days she hardly sees him at all.

Jul 4, 2006

Can You Duel a Computer?

Okay, I would like to challenge this hunk of wires and circuits to a duel for the honor of Prince Charming's hand. I mean, I already have his hand in marriage so I guess now I would like his mind (as well as other parts hee hee). Since this contraption has entered our house, I have lost my Prince Charming, I now have to venture into the deep dark recesses of our basement if I want to be sure that he is still alive and you know eating once in a while.

So I assume it is just the wonder of finally having our computer back. While we didn't have it, Prince Charming and I spent a lot of time talking and spending time together. I LOVED it and I felt us grow closer. We still have that closeness but now I have to fight the computer for his attention. Oh well I guess some people are football widows, I get to be an internet widow.

I mean I swear, this weekend, he got up ate his food and went downstairs to the computer and he didn't come back until long after I was in bed sleeping. Come on, what can you possibly find to do for that long on the internet??? . . . Wait . . . don't answer that, I don't think I want to know.

Jul 3, 2006

Monday Mumblings

Not too much to report on the home front. It is a rainy dull drizzly day. I have been filling up my time making scrapbook pages from July 1st. They are turning out well I think, but then again after working on them for so long, I start to go a bit cross-eyed!

Let me just tell you that our computer is in the basement. It doesn't look great but it is the coolest place in the house. And right now, the little princess is sitting on the floor beside me with the broken computer, pretending to play on it and singing away to herself. She is such a contented girl sometimes. You gotta love her!

Please ignore the fact that she is sitting there on the cement floor in her nightdress, with her hair all a mess it was taken early in the morning on a long weekend and we were being lazy!

Please note that she is looking at a monitor that is unplugged using equipement that is all unplugged. How cute is she??

Jul 2, 2006

My Canada Day Picture Post

So, I thought I would share my Canada Day with you in pictures.

This is Prince Charming and the Little Princess together sitting on the grass.

This is Grandma Greats MOTHER! I thought about it and I never have any pictures of her so I took one of her with one of HER babies.

And this is how I found the Little Princess when I came outside. Playing under her baby cousins boucy seat! I thought it was too funny to pass up.

This is the Little Princess and a new little prince she met at the BBQ. I thought they were just too cute playing together.

The Little Princess and her new little friend again, this time playing with a little dog, Chance.

The last one. Trust me there were a lot more people than just her at the BBQ but I just found myself snapping lots of pics of the Little Princess being especially adorable.

I did meet lots of people including the mother of the Little Princess, new little friend. I had a nice chat with her. I am finding it easier and easier to get out of my shyness and meet people, although I do have to admit that it is easier when I have my little princess around as an excuse to talk to someone.