Dec 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

It was a snowy, windy, yucky day out today.  I managed to brave the roads to get into work
 But after three hours, they sent me home to get ahead of the worst of the bad weather.

I am now snuggled up in big, soft, sleepers, watching a movie, and drinking a chai tea.  Kind of a boring way to spend New Year's eve but it is lovely to me.

Dec 30, 2017

Still So Much

There is still so much snow everywhere.  I called work to see what the highways are like between here and work.  They told me to stay home.  I can't wait, until my notice at work is over and I can hibernate until winter is over!

Dec 29, 2017

So Much!

It is SO snowy outside!  There is just so much snow outside. The roads are horrible and so my boss called to tell me to stay home.  I got a snow day!  I was as excited as a school kid when she called.  So now I am home enjoying a nice cup of chai tea, listening to my kids play, and watching the snow fall.  It looks like a Christmas card outside.

Dec 28, 2017


It is freezing outside and I have the day off.  So I decided to spend the day hiding from the cold and puttering around the house getting things done.  I made broth, cleaned my kitchen, cooked and I spent time just hanging out with my family.  It was a nice day, like the old days before I went to work.

Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

We are having a lovely relaxed Christmas.  It is perfect . . . and so much fun!

Dec 24, 2017


There were some sweet moments today.  Moments that I want to remember.

Like my girls dancing to the Christmas carols played by our tree decoration in our kitchen.  It was a spontaneous fun moment.

Later, Little Prince was in the bathtub and he yelled out, "Problem!"   He was having and wanted to play in the tub longer and Princess Belle laughed and replied,"Yes, problem, and he is about 3 feet tall and likes to yell.  Come out of the bath!"  Such a funny exchange.

Making Christmas cookies for Santa with the girls.  They were so cute and excited.

Seven and a half hours!

Seven and a half hours later, I am finished wrapping presents.  I have been up all night, but it is possible that I was a little slow because I worked for eight hours before I started!  I am heading off to bed to get some rest before I spend the day with my kids.

Dec 23, 2017


So, it is almost midnight on December 23rd and I am getting started on wrapping presents.  With four kids to wrap for, I fully expect to be up all night wrapping.

Dec 20, 2017


Today we celebrated the 8th birthday of my beautiful Princess Snifflefritz.  She is the sweetest, most gentle soul I have ever known.

We had a birthday buffet while watching the Trolls movie (her choice).

She LOVED her birthday flowers.

And after a taco supper, she opened presents and had cake.

Dec 19, 2017

Told Them

It was hard telling everyone that I am leaving my job.  I like everyone there.  My bosses were surprised, but when I explained my concerns about Little Prince, they were understanding.  And, by the end of the night I was actually relieved.  I am so anxious to be home with my babies.

Dec 18, 2017

Big Changes

We have had a big day.  We spoke to our landlord to make arrangements to take over the mortgage and ownership of the big beautiful house we are living in!!!  No down payment, no credit check, and I don't need to keep working!  I am putting my notice today.  I am giving them almost three weeks to get through the holiday season.  I am nervous about that part.

Dec 17, 2017


I love our tree.  It is my first ever real tree and it is beautiful.  I love it.

Dec 16, 2017

Tree fun

I am sick today.  Nothing major but it is making me feel a little melancholy.  I am trying to bury myself in Christmas and ignore how much it feels like I am banging my head on a brick wall. I workefd so hard and I couldn't mske it happen.  So, I let the girls decorate the tree, watched them have fun and ignored the feelings of futility.

Dec 15, 2017


I spent today doing Christmas stuff.  It was fun.  I even bought my very first real Christmas tree.  It is HUGE.  I am going to let the kids decorate it tomorrow before work.  They will have so much fun.

Dec 14, 2017


We got the news that my hard work has been for nothing.  So I decided to start Christmas at our house.  The girls and I decorated the house and drank peppermint mocha while watching Christmas movies.  After that Prince Charming and went Christmas shopping.  I took a day that could have been disappointing and made it a fun family  day.

Dec 13, 2017

He's Back!!!

Our first kitty is home!!  He is skinny as heck but he is home and I am thrilled!

Dec 11, 2017


It is looking like the project I am working so hard on to improve my life, may not work out.  I am trying to be okay with it all.

Dec 10, 2017


I worked a day shift today.  It was nice to come home and spend the evening with my family.  I am exhausted but at least I am done for the day.

Dec 9, 2017

I am so stupid!

So I have been stressed and yesterday after a particularly stressful meeting, I was driving into work and distracted.  I didn't notice when the speed limit changed and I got a ticket.  I have NEVER gotten one before.  I SO don't need this now.  Another thing to stress about.  UGH!!

Dec 8, 2017

I Want To

I want so badly to get into the Christmas spirit but I have so much going on, I just have no time to get there.  I am tired, busy, and stressed.

Dec 7, 2017


Our first kitty got outside.  We have had him for a year and a half.  The girls are worried and sad.  He has been gone a few days.  We are trying to keep positive and hope that he is just enjoying his freedom here in the country.  I really hope we find our cat, Boots.