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Twisted Cinderella

I wonder . . . who does the dishes at Cinderella's house. What happened in her happily ever after? Does she ever get elbow deep in spaghetti sauce, finger paint and bathwater while Little Princesses make a royal mess on the floor? I got my fairy tale, Prince Charming came and swept me away. Now what? That's where the story ends. This is where I live happily ever after.

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My Family

My Family
Royal Family

We are the Royal Family; Twisted Cinderella (me), Prince Charming, and our girls. Prince Charming is my closest friend, my greatest defender, and my listening ear. He is always ready to make me laugh. He gave me the strength to begin my journey of self-discovery. Together we raise our four wonderful children (two of whom are special needs).  They bring joy, love, light and adventure to every day of our lives.

Princess Belle
Princess Belle
My oldest girl, made me a mother in January of 2002. She changed my world and showed me just the depth of feeling true love brings. She loves to spend as much time outside as possible and loves all things music. When she was about 7 we discovered that a part of her unique personality is that she has high-functioning Autism. We refuse to let that define her, it is merely a way for us to understand her a little better. She is loving, funny, energetic, a great big sister, she has Autism and she is my special big girl.  Every day she is growing into someone that I like to spend time with just for fun.  She is learning to do the things she will have to know how to do on that dreaded day she spreads her wings and flies out of the nest.  

Princess Magpie
Princess Magpie
In July of 2008, after five long years of trying, she came into our world with a bright sunny smile and has kept us smiling ever since. She is pure sunshine and happiness and having her convinced us to tempt fate and try our hands at being parents for a third time.  She is a motherly little girl who is convinced that she is a little momma to both of her younger siblings.  She thrives on order, routine, and sameness in her days, and she is loving and sweet and loves to hear how much we love her.  As she gets older, we continue to be amazed at how smart she is.  She remembers EVERYTHING and grasps new concepts remarkably quickly!  She is super-mature and helpful with her brother.  I am amazed at the person she is becoming. 
Princess Snifflefritz
Princess Snifflefritz
Making an early arrival as expected Princess Snifflefritz is everything we hoped for. We are just so blessed that we didn't have to wait another five years for her to make her appearance. She loves to cuddle and I have yet to convince her to sleep through the night. Her birth was a little more eventful than we would have liked but she is so special and precious I am just glad she is with us. She has dark curly hair and her eye color was up for debate for a long time but we finally settled on brown like her sisters. She is a cuddly, funny, unique addition to our family and she adds so much joy to our family (formerly known as Princess Sleeps-a-lot.  Even though she isn't the youngest, she has a sweet way of still being the baby of the family, at least in her mind.  She knows she is little, she is cute, she is funny, chatty, energetic, and is quite content in the knowledge that everyone loves her!

Little Prince
Little Prince
In March 2012, the day after my 40th birthday (and a full FIVE weeks early I might add), we welcomed Little Prince to our glass castle. He completes our family in a way I never expected. He is such a smily, happy boy and he is destined to be spoiled and loved on by three over-enthusiastic older sisters. I never expected to be a mom of four children, but there is a joy in the busyness that I never expected as well and a large part of that is due to the fact that I have great kids, and Little Prince is no exception adding some blue to our house of pink in a smiling, contented, patient way that only a youngest child in a large family can do.  Even though he has Autism, I wouldn't change the child that he is.  Even with limited words, he lets us know what he needs and lets us know how happy and contented he is in our home.  He is sweet and special and wonderful and makes me smile every single day.


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