Jan 22, 2019

My Greatest

My kids are my greatest joy.  They are like the sun that lights up my skies.  On days that I am having a rough day, they never fail to make me feel better.  I love the silly dress up games.  I love the way they giggle together. I love when Princess Belle climbs into bed with her sisters so that she can enjoy time with them.  I love when Princess Magpie begs us to let her baby brother stay up late so that she can play with him for longer.  I love little hugs, little giggles, and little secrets.  They are my joy.

Jan 21, 2019

Snow Day

We are having a snow day here.  So we are enjoying a huge pot if homemade pea soup and fresh biscuits with lemon muffins for dessert.  We may be broke but my kids are enjoying the baking.

Jan 20, 2019


Every day I am making meals that extend our groceries, especially our meats. 

Today, I made a vegetarian stew and homemade biscuits that was a HUGE hit.  Tomorrow, I am making a vegetarian stir fry, and the next day I am making a pea soup.

I am baking every day to make breakfast and snacks for the day.  I am working hard at being really creative,  but the food is popular with my family.