Aug 8, 2020


I got more organizing and purging done today.  The kids even mentioned that it makes our place look bigger and brighter.  I am so pleased.  It is inspiring md to get more done.  If we are stuck here, we may as well make it a more comfortable place to enjoy my coffee.

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Aug 7, 2020


I had a good day.  I am tackling a few little tidying and organizing projects around the house.  It just feels good when things get clearer, organized, and spacious.  I have so many ideas on how to improve our life in this house.

Aug 6, 2020


Today I decided to get a drip coffee maker.  I have been drinking a LOT of coffee in the mornings lately and k-cups are not cheap.  So  I did the math and got a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and a giant container of coffee for less that 25 days of coffee.  I am going to track how long this container of coffee lasts as an experiment.  This is going to save me a fortune on coffee.