Apr 10, 2021

One Full Month


As of today, I have been one month caffeine free.  

I have been having tummy troubles (IBS and gastritis) and gave it up. For two weeks, I could even have decaf, but now I can have decaf as long as I accompany it with the food that doesn't bother my tummy.

So for me, from now on decaf and mint tea is my life.

It has also been a full month that I have been focusing completely on healing my stomach, and I really feel like I sm making progress. 

Apr 9, 2021


I can't wait until spring is really here.  I want to explore this area.  I want to go to yhe antique shops and markets.  I want to walk the boardwalk here in town.

Apr 7, 2021


 We spent the day out.  We took the little kids into town to spend their Christmas money and they had a blast. 

Afterwards, Prince Charming and I went back into town for groceries.