Jan 20, 2019


Every day I am making meals that extend our groceries, especially our meats. 

Today, I made a vegetarian stew and homemade biscuits that was a HUGE hit.  Tomorrow, I am making a vegetarian stir fry, and the next day I am making a pea soup.

I am baking every day to make breakfast and snacks for the day.  I am working hard at being really creative,  but the food is popular with my family.

Jan 19, 2019


Today I was stress-cooking.  LOL, there are worse things that I can do in stress.  At least the family can enjoy the pumpkin muffins, the cornbread chili casserole I made for supper, and the veggie stew I made for supper tomorrow.

I hope that I get into a day of stress-cleaning soon, the house can use it.  LOL

Jan 18, 2019


My thoughts and prayers are with Notsosnowwhite's White Knight.  He is in the hospital having heart surgery. 

He has made if out of surgery and I am praying for his quick recovery.