Apr 30, 2021

Weekly Weigh-in

I am so glad to have actually lost weight again this week.  I am grateful to see the scales moving again. As I continue to concentrate on healing and being healthy, it seems my body is cooperating. I have been saying for years that a healthy engine runs better. My body is that engine I guess.

Apr 28, 2021


I set up some chairs in the front of the house for the kids while waiting for the bus.  It is cute to see them there.

Apr 25, 2021

Sleepy Sunday

 This was a quiet Sunday at home.  I got a few things done, spent time with my family and ate yummy food.

Apr 23, 2021

Big day

 Princess Snifflefritz had a great day today.  She came to me to talk about something this morning and was so relieved that we were understanding, that she has been giddy all day.


This is my first loss is about 5 weeks. I was not worried. I have been concentrating on healing my stomach and eating healthy. I knew that eventually a loss would happen again. I have lost over 70 lbs, I trust the process and it really is all about being a healthier me.

Apr 22, 2021


 Today was a day where I finished some things I had started, did housework, and just generally got things done.  I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to the weekend. 

Apr 20, 2021

Long Day

 I must be getting old, I spent the morning shopping, and now I feel a hundred years old.  I did get the things I needed.  I just really need a nap.

Apr 19, 2021


I did my taxes this morning and somehow that was more exhausting than physical labour. Cleaning the kids room afterwards was actually a welcome break.  I have more gleaning to do, but that time doing my taxes really wiped me out.

On another note, I really need to get my glasses replaced. I have a hard time reading.  After doing my taxes, my eyes are tired and won't focus.

Apr 18, 2021

Five Days

I haven't eaten meat in five days.  I am continuing on my journey to healing my stomach and my digestion. I feel like I have healed my gastritis.  But, I am continuing to work on my IBS.  Plant based meals seem to be helping with that.

Apr 15, 2021


 It has snowed the last two mornings.  It is gone by noon, but I am so ready to wake to warm weather. 

Little Prince has a new way to wait for the bus, but stay clean.  He always wants to sit on the ground and wait, but it is messy outside right now.  So, I started taking a lawn chair to the front of our driveway where he can sit and wait for the bus.  It certainly keeps him cleaner.

Apr 12, 2021


 My kids are back to school today.  Their Easter break is over.  Little Prince was so excited to be back.  They said he was happy, smiley, and cooperative all day.  I am so glad.

Apr 10, 2021

One Full Month


As of today, I have been one month caffeine free.  

I have been having tummy troubles (IBS and gastritis) and gave it up. For two weeks, I could even have decaf, but now I can have decaf as long as I accompany it with the food that doesn't bother my tummy.

So for me, from now on decaf and mint tea is my life.

It has also been a full month that I have been focusing completely on healing my stomach, and I really feel like I sm making progress. 

Apr 9, 2021


I can't wait until spring is really here.  I want to explore this area.  I want to go to yhe antique shops and markets.  I want to walk the boardwalk here in town.

Apr 7, 2021


 We spent the day out.  We took the little kids into town to spend their Christmas money and they had a blast. 

Afterwards, Prince Charming and I went back into town for groceries.