Jul 31, 2016

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Sundays heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

Here are some things I am grateful for this week.

 1.  Sisterly chats

2. Backyard performances

3. Sweet moments

4. Backyard Gymnastics
 5. Sweet sisters

6. My boy showing me that autism won't hold him back by demonstrating his knowledge of letters and their sounds

6. Watching my boy take an interest in dolls

7. Seeing how much all my kids LOVE new books

8.  Silly Sisters

9.  Treats by the beautiful water here in Yarmouth

10.  Visiting with the seagulls with my boy

Jul 30, 2016


I have mentioned how smart my boy is before. I love that smile autism may have caused him some difficulties, there are no limits on what my boy can do.  Here is a video of me boy practicing his letters. (Click the picture)

Easy Way to be a Hero

My kids love books.  All four of them are inspired by books.  As the little girls learn to read the words, they take even greater joy in them.  Little Prince uses books to practice his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and language skills.

I often take trips to the thrift store and the library's discard bin and bring home a large bag of books.  I love their eyes when I walk in with the books.  They descend upon the bag, quickly claiming the books that catch their attention.  The rest of the day is spent with all my kids thoroughly engrossed in all the new books, with Little Prince insisting on bringing his favorite to bed to nap with.

My kids love when I come home with new books.  For a few minutes, I am a hero.  And really could there be an easier way to be a hero?

Jul 29, 2016


Little Prince had therapy today and we discussed steps that we are going to take for him in the future.  We are working towards him being able to learn in a structured way so that I can teach him in the future.  I have homework to try for the next couple of weeks and I bought a couple of things to help with it. I have to be honest, teaching him makes me a little nervous.  I am confident I can reach my boy in a way that others may not be able to, but autism means that teaching him will be different than the way I taught my girls, so it is a learning process for me as well as for him.  I am thinking that I may dip my toes in with preschool type things to test the waters to learn how this is going to work for us. 

I am a little concerned about time management when I think about homeschooling four kids, one of whom has classic autism and who will be having 15 hours of therapy in our home every week.  I am not sure how this will work, but I know that I will figure out a way because my kids deserve it. 

Unexpected Places

I love catching little spots of beauty in unexpected places.  I love beautiful moments between my kids and beautiful sights in places I didn't expect to find them.  The other day I was at the local library (a wonderful place with really helpful librarians!).  When I parked my car in the parking lot, I was struck by the real beauty of the flowers and fence on the side of the parking lot.  It was simple, but strikingly beautiful in a small corner in the middle of town.  That is one of the things I love about Yarmouth, I am constantly finding new spots of beauty.

Jul 28, 2016

My favorite

Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee.  It makes me happy, sooths me when I am not well, wakes me up in the morning, helps with my headaches and is generally yummy to me.  I love the smell, the taste, and the feeling of a warm cup of coffee in my hands.  Over the years, I have become picky about my coffee.  I know a good cup of coffee and I know what kind of coffee I really like.

So I wasn't sure what to expect when decided to try the coffee food truck, Cafe x Clarke C2, I saw outside of Canadian Tire here in Yarmouth between 7 and 2.

I will say that I had heard of their daily supply of fresh baked lunch pies.  From the way people describe them, I can only assume that they are all kinds of yummy!  The man behind me in line that I spoke to said that he gets one every day for lunch!!  I find it interesting that they sell out of the lunch pies every day when the day I went they weren't even on the menu - they must be good!!

Now I can't have flour but I brought Prince Charming with me and he tried the apple cheddar scones and he was amazed at how delicious they were!

I got a medium sized, medium roast (they also offer dark roast) black coffee and it was wonderful!  It was definitely the sort of fabulous coffee I could see myself becoming addicted to!  It was so good.

The man who served us was really friendly and informative.  He provided service with a smile (actually he made laugh too).  He remembered the customers around me which is always lively to see.

This is definitely the sort of place that I love and I will be going back for a coffee on one of my trips to the many stores nearby.

Jul 26, 2016

I Love It

Whenever I need a break, my favorite thing to do is drive down to the waterfront and enjoy the beauty.  I love the boats, the water, the sea gulls, and all the sights, sounds and smells.   It sooths me.  I love it.

On another note, anoyher hhing I love is how my kids are so creative that it amazes me sometimes.  Princess Magpie took a birthday hat, and piece of printer paper, some glue and a black marker and created witches hat!  Then the two little girls played dress up. I love these girls!

Jul 25, 2016

Do You See This?

This beautiful boy is autistic.   This beautiful boy doesn't sleep.   This beautiful boy can be loud.  When I moved into this ramshackle duplex, I met my neighbors and discussed my beautiful boy with them.  I told them all about him and asked them to tell me if he was too loud.  Over the past couple of months, as I discovered just how run-down this house is, I checked in with them to make sure he wasn't too loud and they reassured me he was fine until 1:30 last night when they bashed on our adjoining wall so loudly they scared the girls.  I was up all the rest of the night trying to keep him quiet but today I am exhausted and sad.  I don't know what to do.  I am working with my beautiful boy but there is only so much I can do.

Jul 24, 2016

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Sundays heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

I have had a great week with lots to be grateful for, but that would be way too long of a post, so for now here are some things I am grateful for this week.

 1.  Impromtu movie star shows!

2.  Sisterly love

3. Family movies with popcorn for the kids

4.  Having mommy and me time with my big girl

5.  Family days out
 6.  My girl's first rose
 7.  Watching my boy enjoy 'reading'.  He was very excited by this flyer. 

8.  Seeing the bond between my kids
 9. Birthday fun at the park

10.  This little arrangement by my door

11.  This beautiful birthday girl turnging 8 years old

 12. Pulling together a Frozen themed birthday that made her feel special

13.  Family trip to the movie theater that everyone enjoyed from the biggest to the littlest.

14.  Seeing this boy so engaged with the movie that he was yelling at the screen.  He was so excited!

 15.  My kids making their sister feel special on her birthday

16.  My little girls creating a 'country' in our yard, they are so cute and creative

17.  Birthday balloons being turned into other characters