Sep 30, 2015

Another One

I had another appointment today. This time was with the eye doctor. I was out by myself for a change so decided to take advantage of the time and take a few minutes to sit with a coffee and a paper. It was lovely.

I was going see if I could get contacts but he didn't recommend them for me.  In fact I even have to get bi-focals!!

I also stopped in to the thrift shop and found a cute chair that is exactly like Prince Charming wants! I bought it for only $30! Once I got it home I noticed it has a bit of a cat smell. So I am going to have to see what I can do to fix that. It is so perfect other than that.

Sep 29, 2015

fun fun fun

We had a great day today. Our neighbor gave the girls' some cute hats to
play with when they dress up. They looked so CUTE!

I took Princess Belle and Little Prince to their initial appointment with our new doctor. I made a day of it and took the kids to Tim Horton's for a treat and to a thrift store for books. I also let Princess Belle pick out a purse for herself. It was fun.

Along the way we watched someone put their shed on the back of a truck. Little Prince loved it!

Little Prince was exhausted and was asleep before we left the doctor's office.

Princess Belle was a fun companion!

Sep 28, 2015

Appointment and Yummy Stuff

Little Prince had speech therapy today.  He had so much fun, it felt like a play date to him.  I enjoyed watching him and being given tools to help him learn.  He even liked the waiting room!

Later I made tacos for supper for the family and they were totally excited.

Sep 27, 2015

Gratitude Sunday

I'm having a great week this week. It feels good to be settling in and making this place our own. Here are some things I am grateful for this week:

1.  My clothes blowingon the line.

2.  Finally seeing my girls' room come together.  I love their joy.

3.  Watching my girls create life-sized copies of themselves.  They are so creative!

4.  Bringing fall to our steps.  I love all the fall colors.

Sep 26, 2015


So the girls' finally have their bunk beds!  They are so excited.  Prince Charming and I put them together and put the sheets and blankets on them before we let the girls' see them. Slowly but surely I am seeing their room come together and I love how excited they are by every little thing. I promised Princess Belle that I will do her room next. She is keeping her room so nice that I really want to make it pretty for her. I really like how we are really making this our own home. It feels good to be settling in.

Sep 25, 2015

This Boy

This beautiful boy kept me up again last night.  I am barely functional.  I have everything done that needs to be done.  I have supper on the table and laundry in the dryer.  So miracle of miracles I managed to get through the day without being grouchy, only tired.

Sep 24, 2015


To me, sitting down in a house that I have just finished cleaning is the best feeling in the world!  I love looking around and seeing everything so organised and tidy.  It feels like a breath of fresh air when I look around and see a tidy house, laundry blowing on the line, and freshly baked muffins and bread cooling on the counter.  Today is a day like that.  I brought some muffins to two of our elderly neighbours and I loved their smiles.  This afternoon, I got out to order the girls bunk beds too.  It is just a great day.  I even found out that we were approved to join our housing co-op.  That news makes me feel more settled.  

Sep 23, 2015

So Here It Goes

So today is house cleaning day.  I'm starting with the girls' room.  I have hangers to put all their clothes up in the closet.  I have pictures to put up on the wall.  I have a great pink, furry carpet that matches their curtains and pillow cases that match as well.  Their new beds should come on Friday, so their room will look so cute!  I even have two tall hampers to help with their stuff.  One hamper will be for toys and the other is for all their costumes.  The only things left I want to get is little shelves and new bedspread.  It will be so cute!

Here's some of the stuff:

I'm also going through the house and cleaning and organising the house room by room. All the floors, all the closets, and all the laundry. It is going to be a busy, busy day and I am going to need Princess Belle and Prince Charming to help with the littles but it will be nice when it is done.

Sep 22, 2015

You See This Girl . . . ?

This beautiful girl is amazing.  She may be a teenager, with all those teenage hormones, but she is also a great person who is fun to be around.  She loves to spend time with her sisters and they look up to her.  She also helps with her brother, who adores her completely.  
I'm so lucky that I get to watch her become the woman she's going to be.

Sep 21, 2015


I'm trying a new schedule with the kids for homeschool.  I am relaxing it a little.  I am letting them sleep in.  Then I will do it with the little girls first.  After that I will do homeschool with Princess Belle.  The idea is to stress leas and relax together.  Princess Belle and Princess Snifflefritz are NOT morning people and I think they may be happy with a delayed start.  I may have to tweak it a little but I want us to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy each other.

Sep 20, 2015

Gratitude Sunday

I figured it would be nice to share the things I am grateful for this week.

1.  Watching my kids enjoy books.

2.  Seeing the creations my children make for fun.

3.  Seeing how much my girls enjoy each other.

4.  Quiet moments with my boy even if we are both sleep deprived.

5.  Finding out my friend is coming to visit!  Yay!

6.  Shopping with my extremely cute little boy.

7.  Going out to eat with all the most important people in my life.

Sep 19, 2015


We got out as a family today.  It was a simple trip.  Just lunch at a restaurant and a trip to Walmart.  But the kids had fun, we all got out and we got to check out a cute little family place.  I bought a couple of things for the girls' room.  It is going to be SO cute!  I am feeling so much better knowing that I will be seeing my Princess Tigger soon.  My whole outlook is brighter.

Sep 18, 2015

I Needed That

I'm a very happy girl today.  I found out that Princess Tigger is coming to visit!  I have been missing her and our outings.  I usually get stressed when someone is coming to my home, but I will tell you how happy I was to hear she was going to come . . . I didn't even think about my house!  Yay!!

Sep 17, 2015


I love including nature in pictures of my kids.  I especially like trees.  All through the years I hhave pictures of my kids with trees.  They are sometimes climbing them, walking by them, standing under them, or something else but I  LOVE trees.