Sep 30, 2016

Last Time

Little Prince had Occupational therapy today.  He worked hard and I am so proud of him.  We talked to his therapist and found out that his speech therapist may be wrong and we will probably be getting all new therapists after we move.  When we were finishing up, and she told me that this would be our last session together.  I was surprised to find myself feeling emotional.  She has done so much for Little Prince and he likes her so much.  I am sad to know our time with her is finished.  She has told us to have his next therapist call her, she said, "They can call anytime, I won't need my chart.  I will remember him."  She has expressed on lots of days how much she enjoys him and his sweet personality.

I got a shot in my knee today to help with my pain and I have to tell you, I was SCARED!   I do NOT like needles.  Prince Charming came with me for moral support and held my hand when the doctor stuck that needle WAY in!

Sep 29, 2016

Testing, testing . . 1 . . 2 . . 3

I went to the doctor to check on the x-rays I had on my knew and found out that nothing showed up.  He suspects I tore my meniscus or a ligament. I am getting a shot in it tomorrow and I am going to go to physical therapy.  I am also going to get further testing done. 

Little Prince didn't go to sleep until 4:30 this morning,  We are both tired today.  I will be glad when we don't have neighbors on the other side of the wall so that I don't have to stress about him bothering them!

Sep 28, 2016

Saying Goodbye

As this move draws closer, I find myself feeling a little melancholy about some things.  Now to be clear, there are some good things that I do know: 
  • I know that when all is said and done, we will be happier and more settled than we have ever been.  
  • I know that this new house will be more and better than we could ever hope for again.  
  • I know that this new yard and garden is fantastic. 
  • I know that moving to an historic community that is actually the oldest one in Nova Scotia is exciting.  
  • I know that the fact that when we arrive we will have a note left on our counter with all the helpful local information and a number to call when we want someone to show us around is AMAZING and says something about the friendly nature of the residents there.
  • I know that when this is over, we will be very happy.
But I also know that I liked it here.  I DID NOT like our accommodations, but I LOVE Yarmouth.  It is beautiful, friendly, welcoming, and special.  I found lots of favorite places, parks and shops and I became friendly with the shop owners, to the point that they would make friendly inquiries about our past conversations when I came in.  While I knew our house wasn't at all suitable (it felt like a slum), I honestly thought we would be in Yarmouth for a long time.   So now as our move draws closer, I find myself silently saying goodbye to places I am going for probably the last time.  And it makes me a little sad. 

As I told Prince Charming, I will be glad when this move is done, so that I can be done saying goodbye and begin the process of exploring and making Annapolis Royal our new home, one which I am confident we will be in for a long time. 

Sep 26, 2016

Now and Later

I love sweet moments with my kids where we just enjoy each other.  This morning, I decided we needed a day like that.  So I put on a family movie and the kids all cuddled on the couches and chairs (even Princess Belle) and we watched a movie together.  It was fun and I was reminded again what a big, soft squishy heart, my Princess Magpie has.  Where the other girls simply enjoyed the movie, she was moved to tears and in the end laughed with joy through her tears.  She really is very sweet. 

Little Prince had speech therapy today and we discovered that even after our move, he will still be covered by the same therapist!  The continuity will be great for  him.  I did discover that we don't have to have all his EIBI in our house and that we can arrange to have it at other places like the park and the swimming pool!  I also discovered that we can delay his schooling by a year if we so choose and I think I am going to do that.  I really believe the difference another year of therapies could do for him would be amazingly helpful in schooling him!

Sep 25, 2016

Poor Baby

Well, this morning Little Prince woke up and I had a hint as to why he was SO cranky yesterday. Maybe all his whining had something to do with whatever caused his little lip to be all swollen up! This morning I went to get him and he looked like Donald Duck! Poor baby! This morning he was whining and cranky and wouldn't eat until I gave him a freezie! Then after he ate his freezie, he felt better, he ate his breakfast, watched his shows, and was his happy, cute, little self.  He is spending a lot of time touching his lip, but he seems better.

I do wish I know what he did.  I would love for him to tell me.  I can only assume he hit his lip on one of the many, many times that he has stumbled and fell.  My poor boy has more bruises than I can count.  I swear I am going to make him wear hockey padding for all his life!

Sep 24, 2016

None At All

Today is one of those days when I feel absolutely no motivation to do much of anything.  Little Prince got me up way too early and I am functioning on a combination of willpower and coffee.  And he seems to getting by on pure whine power.  Sometimes autism sucks.  Good this his cranky little hiney is cute!!

Sep 23, 2016


I love watching my boy explore things. Watching as he investigates how things work, what fits inside of what, how things fall.  Really it is scientific exploration in his little world and his joy in the whole thing makes me smile.  He was in his high chair today, eating snacks and playing with the little toys his sisters had brought him and I was caught for a moment just watching as he played, his quiet investigation warmed my heart.  I LOVE this boy.

Sep 22, 2016


Little Prince is a little overwhelmed by the boxes and chaos that comes with preparations for our move. He chooses to spend a lot of his time in his room.  Poor little peanut.

Other than his obvious discomfort, things are going well.  I don't have a lot things left to do.  It feels great to be on top of things.  I even had my hair cut!!  I still don't know what color I want it to be.

The girls are completely excited by the move and wait to get on with the adventure.

Sep 20, 2016


It has been done!!!  We have our notice in for this house and our last month's rent is paid.  We have our lease done, our rent paid for our new house, and movers all lined up!!  I am packed up, our budget is done and I am ready to go.  Now it is hurry up and wait until a month from now.  But it is good to be organized and ready so that moving should not be that stressful . . . hopefully!

And just for fun, this little guy insisted on wearing a bowtie with his jammies for his night-time snack . . . isn't he adorable??

Sep 19, 2016

Kicking Butt!!

This little man is kicking Autism's button and surprising me every day.  Today he decided to eat "paghetti moonles" (spaghetti noodles)!!

This afternoon I cleaned his room, packed up a lot of his toys and gathered the rest of his clothes to wash and sort.  I am finished the checklist I made last Monday!!

Sep 18, 2016

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Sundays heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

Here are some things I am grateful for this week.

 1.  Our beautiful farmers market!  I hope I love our new one as much as I love this one.

2. Silly dress-up fun with my girls

3. Watching my kids with their creative play

4.  Spending time at the waterfront watching the boats and the fishermen.

5.  Two cute little helpers who are helping me with ALL these boxes for our move

6.  This little girls adorable obsession with shoes (especially my pretty ones)

7.  This little boy who insisted on wearing this hat for his late-night snack . . . silly, adorable boy.

8.  Watching my babies grow up . . . . how time flies.

Sep 17, 2016

GREAT!! Zipping Right Along

I am pretty proud of how much I got done today.  I am working hard and the work is Zipping right along!  The shed is empty, every item of clothes and most blankets have been washed, and the kitchen is pretty much packed!  It has been a LONG HARD process, but it is great to be getting it done.  Last stop . . . Little Prince's room.  It will be so nice to have a month left to go and be almost all ready to go!

Sep 16, 2016

Still in the Stacks

I can't believe  how much stuff we have stacked in that little leaky, buggy, yucky shed we have outside.  On the upside, I am working really hard today to get everything out of it and hopefully I will get it done today.  If not all the way today, tomorrow morning at the latest.  I am putting it all in stacks in the classroom and we are being overtaken by boxes in there! 

I am working on washing every item of clothing that my kids own and then sorting and through what will move with us and what will go to donations.  Here is the stacks of laundry so far!

I will say that working from breakfast until my body gives out every day makes me realize just how old I really am!!

Sep 15, 2016

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

This is yet another day of laundry and packing.  I finished the girls' rooms and got a start on the shed.  I want to finish the shed tomorrow and finish Little Prince's room after that.  I am giving myself this week to get a handle on most of the packing.  I want to have nothing but finishing packing to do after this.  It is exhausting and the days are running together, but it will be good to have it all behind me.