Mar 31, 2018

Having Fun

Prince Charming and I went to a little event at the local fire hall today.  It was lovely to meet some of our neighbors and to make connections with local businesses.   The view from the parking lot was just so pretty that I had to stop and take some pictures.

Mar 30, 2018


I am planning our summer.  I am finding cost effective ways to make the most of our summer.  I want to go places near here with the kids, I want to do things in our yard with them.  I want to get seasons passes to some fun places.  I am making mental list of ways to make our summer a great one.

Mar 29, 2018


In an effort to feel better, I am trying to take note of the little things that make me smile.  Today, I noticed how sweet the kids are with the cats.  I love how the cats adore them and follow them around ready for snuggles at every moment.

Mar 28, 2018


I have been trying to feel better by spending time doing the things I love the most with the people I love the most.  Today I had fun with my girl, baking muffins and then they played at giving me a spa day.  It was their idea, and it was fun.

Mar 27, 2018


We have these two archways into our kitchen.  They are pretty, but they are really wide.

I have been trying to think of a way to baby-proof our kitchen from Little Prince, who is NOT  a baby but who is also Not safe in a kitchen.  We have wider gates, they are not wide enough and they are too short for Little Prince anyway.

I came up with a brilliant idea.  There is a guy near here who makes wooden sheds with barn style doors.  I am having him come in to measure and give us a quote to make something that will fit and suit our house too.  It will take time for us to save the money, but my goal is to give my boy as much freedom as possible while still keeping him safe.

Mar 26, 2018


It was a lovely, simple day of baking, cleaning, and bubbles in the yard.  Today was the kind of day where I feel like I can breath, and accomplish things too.  So nice.

Mar 25, 2018


The furnace guy called and he offered to Come by today to fix our furnace!!  We were SO grateful that he did that for us.  So now we are all comfortably warm and cozy again.  YAY!

Mar 24, 2018

Oh Well

Some days are better than others. Our furnace broke down today we need a new part that we can't get until Tuesday!!  Luckily, it isn't that cold anymore and we have ways stay warm until then.  But still . . . it sucks just a little!

Mar 23, 2018


It is so cute to see how Little Prince loves to make little nests for himself.  When he plays, makes a huge mess and then makes a nest around himself, pull a pillow into his lap, and rocks happily while watching his favorite shows. He is one happy, contented, nested, snuggled up boy.

Mar 22, 2018

Birthday Boy

We had fun with Little Prince, celebrating his birthday in ways that he enjoys.  We did it in two parts so as to not overwhelm him and allow him to have the most fun possible.  It was fun for all of us.

Mar 21, 2018


My baby boy turned six today.  He is such a sweet boy and I am SO blessed to be his mom.  He has taught me so much and brings me so much joy.

Mar 20, 2018


It is my birthday today.  Prince Charming took the girls out to buy me some awesome presents and they were so excited to see me open them.  It was fun.  Let's hope 46 is a good year for me.

While we were out, I took Little Prince to the grocery store.  He had a great time.  One clerk gave him some chicken, another gave him an apple, and yet another gave him a cookie!!!  He had so much fun!

Mar 19, 2018

So Cold!

It was a cold day today, but the little girls wanted to go outside anyway.

They looked so cute while they played and tried to stay warm.

And while they were outside, I made them hot chocolate and let them add as many marshmallows as they wanted.

Mar 18, 2018


Watching my kids play outside is like therapy for me.  It makes me happy to watch my little ones enjoy the fresh air and just be carefree.