Jun 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Now that I have Gestational Diabetes, my menu plan is a bit more complicated. I am including meat as much as I can tolerate until the baby is born. Here is my plan for this week.

  1. Sunday: Pork chops and Veggies
  2. Monday: Magical Chicken & Pasta Bake
  3. Tuesday: Sausages and Fries
  4. Wednesday: Consomme Pork Chops
  5. Thursday: Goulash
  6. Friday: Tomato Chicken & Noodles
  7. Saturday: Ham and veggies

Jun 29, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Today I plan to finish the nursery, I am so glad. Prince Charming has promised that he will put up the crib today. I will take pics when it is finished. Even now, with all that I have done, every time I pass by her nursery, I stop and look inside with a little feeling of satisfaction. It is going to be such a sweet place just for her.

I went shopping yesterday to get some groceries and let me tell you, these days dragging this big ole' belly around the grocery store is about as much as I can take before I am DONE for the day. I was standing in line and the lady behind me says, "You must be so exhausted. I am exhausted just looking at you. When I had my daughter, I carried her all out in front like that too." I smiled and we chatted for a moment. It was nice of her to mention it. And truthfully, I don't realize until I go out exactly how huge in front this belly is. All of our mirrors end at my shoulders so when I pass a full-length mirror I get little shock. LOL.

I will admit that I am getting a bit anxious for the end now. I don't want to wish it away, but I so want to hold my baby, to know that she is really here, that I really get to love her and hold her. I want to know that this is not all some dream and that this big gigantic belly really holds the baby that I have dreamed of for so many years.

Jun 28, 2008

Saturday Photohunt -- Bright

Theme: Bright Become a Photo Hunter

The theme this week is Bright. I had all kinds of thoughts this week with regards to bright and they all centered around my Princess and the fact that she graduated from kindergarten this week, proving just how bright she is. So here is what I came up with.

A BRIGHT window behind her BRIGHT smile on the day my BRIGHT girl graduated from kindergarten!

last day of kindergarten

Jun 27, 2008

Busy day

I got a lot accomplished in the nursery today. I got all of the clothes put away. I even put all the clothes for when she is older put into the dresser I have put aside for it. So in her room is only clothes for her to wear until she is 3 months old. Then the other dresser outside her room has her clothes sorted by age for future use. I cleaned all the stuff that had been stored in her room and I sorted through her blankets and sheets as well. So all that is left now is for Prince Charming to put up her crib, to help with her curtains and for Princess and I to put up all the wall stuff. I am getting a change table given to me, but I am not sure when I am going to get it. I am not worried I can do fine without it. It was a lot of work but her room is starting to come together now. I am really glad.

I will say that I am tired and slightly grouchy tonight. I have warned Prince Charming that I am feeling grouchy so that at least he is forewarned. I don't get grouchy much but I guess, I worked hard today and this is how it is coming out. I swear though that after this baby is born, and before I start my diet, I am sitting down with a smorgasbord of yummy food, my list so far is chocolate bars, ice cream, potato chips, something caramel and yummy and milkshakes. I just want to sit down and eat all the bad stuff I can imagine. (somehow this apple I am eating doesn't quite cut it for me)

We had our second last prenatal class last night. It was fun. I am glad that I went. I did find out that there are great breast feeding support groups in town where I can go after the baby is born to get help and get her weighed to make sure she is doing okay. I was also told that I can get help from the nurses and the lactation consultant while I am there to try to make this time go better than it did with Princess.

Jun 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #57

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella's Princess!
  1. Princess had her last day of Kindergarten today. We are very excited for her!!
  2. I am so proud of her and so amazed that she has finished her first year of school already. It goes too fast. I can't believe my baby girl is just this big already
  3. She has changed a LOT over the course of the year, so in celebration of her first year of school, I have decided to share pics from the last year for my Thursday Thirteen.
  4. Her first day of school in September
    First day of Kindergarten
  5. Her last day of school in June
    Last day of Kindergarten
  6. Getting her diploma
    getting diploma
  7. Performing for her class
    performing for her class
  8. On field trip to farm with class
    on field trip to farm with class
  9. Blowing out candles at her birthday
    blowing out candles at her birthday
  10. At Christmas
    At Christmas
  11. Official Kindergarten pic
    Official Kindergarten pic
  12. Slaying the evil dragon in her Halloween Costume as a a Knight on a dragon
    Slaying the evil dragon in her Halloween Costume as a a Knight on a dragon
  13. Second day of Kindergarten
    Second day of Kindergarten

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Jun 25, 2008

34 weeks pregnant.

Well, I am doing pretty well. Maggie is kicking and bumping me. I am tired a lot but still managing to get some things done. My hospital bag is packed and I hope to have the nursery completely done by the end of the week. I will post pics when it is done. Princess is going to have fun helping me with the finishing touches. I have a breastfeeding clinic tonight and a prenatal class tomorrow night. I kind of hope to get a handle on Princess's disaster once known as a room today. That child can create disaster like no-one I have ever seen.

You are 34 weeks pregnant.

Your baby's crown-to-rump length this week is approximately 12.8 inches and the total length is around 19.8 inches at this time. Your baby now weighs almost 5 pounds. From your bellybutton, it is about 5.6 inches to the top of your uterus. Measurements of your uterus vary from woman to woman. You should not worry if you do not measure the exact same as your pregnancy friends or family members as long as you are growing appropriately. When your uterus grows and gets larger at an appropriate rate, it shows that your baby is growing well inside of your uterus.

Growth of the womb during pregnancyBraxton-Hicks contractions are going to get stronger and more frequent within the next few weeks. Braxton-Hicks contractions feel like a tightening at the top of your uterus that spreads down and then relaxes. Many women mistake Braxton-Hicks contractions for true labor contractions, but this is rarely the case. Braxton-Hicks contractions will diminish if you get up and walk around and they should not be painful.

Your baby's hair continues to get longer and thicker. Your baby's hair color probably is not going to be the same color from birth onwards, so you should expect it to change in color. Your baby is shedding most of lanugo, but the amount of vernix caseosa is increasing. Your baby is taking calcium from you to lay down lots of bone. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins and drink milk to ensure that you receive enough calcium.

If you were to deliver your baby now, it would probably be called a pre-term infant instead of premature. The only difference is in the maturity, particularly lung maturity. A pre-term baby is less likely to need intensive care because its lungs have developed. Doctors can test lung maturity with an amniocentesis that checks levels of surfactant.

The baby now rests on your uterus and is no longer floating.

Fingernails now reach over the finger tips and the baby can scratch itself.

Jun 24, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackle this week does not have before and after photos - I may come back and insert an after pic. But I am going to get my hospital bag completely packed and ready. It is about time. I have been poking things in there randomly as they popped into my head but I need to have it ready and down here ready to go. With only 6 weeks to go, I am getting ansty now!

I need to tidy up Princess's craft table as well. And, tomorrow I should be able to get a good handle on finishing the nursery and then I will be a very happy mommy.

Jun 23, 2008

Much about Monday

I had a doctor's appointment today. We have to keep a watch on my Ketones and my sugar levels and I have yet another infection! Yuck with gross applicator gunk. LOVELY! But on the upside, my baby is head down with her butt stuck out to the side. LOL.

AND . . . . . I got my crib!!! I am so happy I could cry!!

Jun 22, 2008

Jun 21, 2008

Saturday Photohunt -- Water

Theme: Water Become a Photo Hunter

The theme this week is Water. It took me a few minutes to come up with a picture for this theme, but then I remembered Princess and her swimming lessons. She had such fun playing in the water and learning not to be afraid.

Jun 20, 2008

Friday Five

  1. We went to prenatal classes last night. It was pretty good. Prince Charming got a lot out of it as well and that was nice. It is kind of fun to meet all these moms due around the same time as me.
  2. I am doing pretty well. I am sticking to my Gestational Diabetes diet and I am measuring my blood sugar 7 times a day like I am supposed to. Hopefully this will bring down my sugar.
  3. I can't believe I am so far along in this pregnancy. 6 1/2 weeks left at most now!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!
  4. I wish my best friend could be here for when the baby is born. It would just be so nice to have her here. She is a part of my family and I love her like a sister. I would love her to be here to welcome her god-daughter into the world.
  5. I hope to have the nursery finished next week. Hopefully. I need this to be done now.

Jun 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #56

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella's Pride in Princess yesterday.
  1. Princess had her Kindergarten concert and graduation ceremony yesterday.
  2. It was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I was so proud of her. She waved at me and blew me kisses at the end of every song. And she did each performance looking directly at me to make sure I saw her. (I about died laughing when she asked to go pee in the middle of the show. LOL
  3. When they showed a slide show of the year at the end, I cried. A lot.

  4. with Mrs. Suley

  5. with kids from out street

  6. with kids from out street

  7. with kids from out street

  8. with neighbour boy

  9. getting diploma

  10. giving concert directly to mommy

  11. performing her part

  12. kindergarten concert

  13. kindergarten concert

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Jun 18, 2008

33 weeks

I had my Gestational Diabetes meeting this morning. It wasn't so bad. I can definitely eat more carbs than I have been eating. That was good to know. I have to watch my ketone levels and my blood sugar levels. I have to test my sugar 7 times a day. That's not so fun. I have to keep track of what and how often I am eating as well. It will take some getting used to but it will be okay.

You are 33 weeks pregnant

Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 12 inches and the total length is around 19.4 inches. Measuring from the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is 5.2 inches. Total weight gain at this point of pregnancy is usually 22 to 28 pounds.

With the exception of crying, your baby is capable of doing everything that a newborn baby will do. Your baby is restricted now inside of the uterus, but still can kick and move. Your baby sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Your baby's eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly in uterus. When your baby is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. There are billions of neurons in the brain that make trillions of connections. Your baby will probably have settled into the birth position by now and your caregiver can most likely tell which way your baby is presenting. If your baby were to be born now, the lungs would probably be strong enough to function properly, but your baby may still need extra care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate. The uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can send you to the restroom frequently. Your uterus has actually grown 500 times throughout your pregnancy! Red blood cell production catches up with the production of plasma and physiological anemia may begin to fade at this time.

Your baby's eyes open during alert times and close during sleep. The eye color is usually blue, regardless of the permanent color as pigmentation is not fully developed. The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light and usually happens a few weeks after birth.

Jun 17, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

With my third trimester lack of energy, I have been having troubles keeping up with laundry. I managed to get it washed, folded and sorted, but it was taking over my living room. So my tackle this week was to finally get it all put away. Here are my piles of laundry.

And here are those same surfaces all cleared off with all the laundry put away where it goes. I also managed to get the basement tidied up, all my prepregnancy clothes put away, and the spare bed cleared off.

Jun 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Now that I have Gestational Diabetes, my menu plan is a bit more complicated. I am including meat as much as I can tolerate until the baby is born. Here is my plan for this week.

  1. Sunday: Diet Coke Pork and Brown Rice and Broccoli
  2. Monday: For family--Ground Beef Goulash. For Me--Cod fillets and Vegetables.
  3. Tuesday: BBQ Chicken and (Fries for family) and veggies
  4. Wednesday: USMC SOS for family and Cod Fillets and Veggies for me
  5. Thursday: BBQ Pork chops.
  6. Friday: Teriyaki beef and Rice
  7. Saturday: Ham and Veggies

Jun 15, 2008

To a Wonderful Father

To a wonderful father and a loving husband, Happy Father's Day.
Thanks for being such a good dad.
Thanks for being so understanding as this pg lady does less and less around the house.
Thanks for understanding when I am exhausted after a simple shopping trip.
Thanks for midnight stories, tickle bombers, armchair cuddles, and park-time fun.
We love you!

Jun 14, 2008

Saturday Photohunt -- Emotions

Theme: Emotions Become a Photo Hunter

The theme this week is Emotions. I can think of nothing that causes more emotions than being pregnant. I am so filled with love and wonder and fear and happiness when I think about this baby growing inside me. I can't wait until I get to hold her in my arms.

Or the amount I laugh when I look down and realize that even when I stick my feet out, I still can't see them anymore. LOL

Jun 13, 2008

Gestational Diabetes results

I just got back from the doctor's office and I got the results. I did fail the test. So now I have to wait to hear from a nutritionist (or specialist or whatever) to call me for an appointment to discuss my diet and how we are going to deal with this. If anyone has any advice or tips or ideas on what groceries to get, I would really appreciate it!

Jun 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-#55

Thirteen Things in Twisted Cinderella's world today.
  1. I have a doctor's appointment today to find out about the results of my Gestational Diabetes test. Wish me luck!
  2. I have my first prenatal class today.
  3. I am nervous about both.
  4. It is silly but I feel like my house is not clean enough for the babysitter who will watch Princess while I go to the prenatal class.
  5. I am feeling pretty good about the fact that within a week, I am sure that the baby's nursery will be pretty much ready.
  6. If the baby came tomorrow it would be okay but it will be better if she waits.
  7. My heart goes out to those friends I have made on-line who are dealing wtih really premature babies. That has to be tough.
  8. My belly is huge now. I took some pics to share probably tomorrow or Saturday.
  9. I can't believe that I am 32 weeks or 8 MONTHS pg!
  10. This pregnancy flew by for me. I am so glad to be a mom and it just feels like I have only been pg for a couple of months.
  11. Princess is getting anxious to see her little sister too.She will be an amazing big sister.
  12. She has been so cute lately trying to write me letters by sounding out the words. It means that "way" is spelled "wa" and such but she is trying so hard. Very sweet.
  13. I am going to be getting her tested for ADHD soon. She is so smart (above average her teacher says) but her school work suffers from what seems to be ADHD. I have a letter from her teacher to take to the doctor. I am probably going to wait until she finishes school to take her so that we can get it straightened out for the next grade. I don't want her personality to change at all, I would just love her to be able to focus a little.

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