Nov 25, 2021

More Decorating

I did a little more decorating today.  A second tree, moved and set the table, and added a little to my mantle.  

I also started my advent calendar of earrings. 


Nov 24, 2021

So nice!

 Our neighbors dropped by and gave us an early Christmas present.  It was so thoughtful and sweet.


 As I got ready to take Little Prince to the bus, I noticed everything was glowing an orange/pink color. I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful colors.

Nov 18, 2021

I love it.

 My Christmas decorated house makes me so happy.  It brings me such joy and peace to enjoy it all.

Nov 13, 2021


We decorated the house for Christmas today.  It was fun and the house is so lovely now.  


My boy has taken to coming out and climbing into my arms for a cuddle.  I love that.  This morning he woke up, came out and climbed up for a sleepy snuggle.  

Here is a not flattering (ignore the loose skin on my arms) but sweet picture from today

Nov 11, 2021

Love It

 I love that the school sends pictures of my boy home.  It brings me such joy to see how he is when he is away.