May 30, 2020


I bought a Bissell Crosswave Fllor and Carpet cleaner.  It was on sale and I had a little extra money put aside for the washer and dryer that I am buying that are also on sale.

I am so excited to try it.  I saw it on Deb and Danelle on Instagram.  It sweeps and washes the good all in one use and it cleans better than I do with simply a mop and broom. 

It is  by far the most expensive peice of cleaning equipment I have ever had, but it will make my life so much better!  And, my floors much cleaner.

May 29, 2020

A Plan

It was a dull and misty day today, but it wasn't bad.  I am struggling to eat healthy but I have done well so far today.

But looking at this cute little face always puts a smile on my face .

We have a plan to get a washer and dryer soon and I am thrilled.  It had been too, too long.

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May 28, 2020


I have had a busy, busy couple of days.  I have had a lot in my mind and haven't slept well.  So, tonight I am exhausted. 

We did go out to try to find a  washer and dryer and it is proving complicated.  Because of Covid-19 I can't get one delivered to my laundry room.  I am still looking at options. I NEED a washer!

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May 27, 2020

What a day!

I have to tell you, this had been an eventful day.  I am exhausted, but finally after much excitement, my laundry room is empty, and my storage unit is half full.  I even have to room to put a few more things in there!  I posted updates all day on my Instagram stories.

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May 26, 2020

Well that wasn't how that was supposed to go

This day did not turn out the way I had planned.  I had movers booked to clear out my laundry room and they didn't turn up.  They didn't answer the phone or messages.  So, I made different arrangements for tomorrow.  Let's hope that it works out better than today.

May 24, 2020

So Good

I woke up with less pain in my neck.  I was amazed.  I actually was able to not take pain killers until late afternoon. My knees still hurt and my back is still store, but being able to get through the day without struggling to hold up my head was wonderful. 

I got some things done around the house, tried a new recipe for the kids and ate pretty healthy.  All in all it wasn't a bad day. 

AND . . . there are only three cases of Covid-19 in our whole province!!!  All three of them are in the hospital.  So, no active cases walking around our streets, in our stores!!  Lets hope it stays this way.

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May 23, 2020


I love the time of night when the light turns gold.  Just seeing the golden light shining on my walls, on our faces, on the glasses, makes my heart happy.

I captured this picture last night:

Isn't my first baby beautiful?

The other night a neighbor had a moose on her first step!  It was a lovely surprise!  Much better than the bear that was on our steps in our last house.

May 22, 2020


We have had a couple of beautiful, warm, sunny days in a row.  And that, together with the fact that I have finally gotten some important things done  is putting me in a good mood.  I don't even mind the 0ain in my neck so much.

I long to get back to normal life, to enjoying summer the way we always do, but that won't be this summer.  So, I guess me and my Corona-hair will just enjoy it the best way I can.

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May 20, 2020

Making healthy food

I am trying to make healthy food.  I am struggling hard to eat well, but whenever my blood sugar drops, or I get stressed, I fall off the wagon!  It is tough.  I  did try to prepare making a pot of yummy, healthy food to have ready and easy to grab.

Here is how I made it:

May 19, 2020


After days of being in the house and dealing with pain, I was in a bit of a mood today.  I was feeling restless and a little sad.  But, I got out of the house just to get a coffee.  I just needed to breathe outside air and see other scenery I guess.  I got home and watched my kids play and laugh and felt better.

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May 18, 2020


I am feeling quite a bit better today.  I felt like getting some things done and even got some extra tidying done.  My neck is sore as a result, but it feels so good to have a neater house.  Now, if only I could get my kids to keep their rooms tidy.

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May 17, 2020


Pretty quiet day today.  My neck is bothering me, but I did make another batch of broth, make a good supper for my kids, and kept everybody here happy.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

May 16, 2020


It is a lovely, sunny day . . . finally.   Princess Magpie and I got out to tidy the yard a little.  Only a little because I am still sore from my fall, but it was nice to get something done and enjoy the sun.

May 15, 2020

Making Broth

I have been making two batches of broth for the last couple of days.  I always do this in the winter, but when the weather gets to warm, I stop.  So, this will probably be my last two pots for the summer.  I assume at some point the weather will get warm.  I mean we can't have snow all summer long, can we?!?

Here's how I made my broth:

May 14, 2020

My Boy

My boy was having a rough day today and do we were all pulling together to try to make him feel better.  We sang, played games, provided snacks, everything we could think of. Eventually, he seems to have settled down.  Here's hoping he keeps feeling happy.

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May 13, 2020

It's May, guys!

It is snowing again!!!  When oh when will summer come (or even spring)!

And, question. If you have a tablecloth on your table, how do keep your kidsftom pulling on it?  My kids are always pulling half off the table.  It drives me crazy.

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May 12, 2020


I had an eventful start to my day.  I was taking out the garbage and fell down the stairs.  I am hurting in too many places to mention.  My knees and neck are already in bad shape, so falling down the stairs was NOT good.  At this point I can barely move.  Let's hope that tomorrow is better.

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May 11, 2020

Lovely surprise!!

Last night I was surprised with a lovely gift.  It is a local thing that made me feel so good.  The doorbell rang and when I answered the door, there was nobody there.  But, there was a gift bag filled with goodies!!  It made my Mother's Day. We hadn't done anything special and that little gift was special.

May 10, 2020

My boy

My boy makes me smile every day.   I love walk up on him and surprise him.  I catch him bring cute or speculative and it is sweet. 

Sometimes, he is so funny.  Lately, he likes to climb under the fitted sheet and huddle under the blanket.  He gets so happy in there.  All I can hear is his happy sounds. 

This and That

My little experiment with a new Instagram account is going well.  I am not used to having a new Instagram with all the limitations that comes with it, but that is temporary.  I am getting followers and having fun.

I was actually a little surprised by a couple of my new followers (even a little star struck by one!)

In the meantime, it is Mother's Day and I want to wish all my friends a wonderful Mother's Day with all the love that you deserve.

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May 9, 2020


I decided to try something new!  I have had a personal Instagram account for years and only recently started to really use it by doing insta-stories and such.  I decided it made more sense to start a new Instagram account and link it to this blog page!  I created the page last night.  So, now come on over and visit and give me a follow at:!  I am really enjoying the ability to chat with my followers on stories like I am having coffee with my friends.

May 8, 2020


I am experimenting with solutions to my makeup allergy.  I tried a new one today.  I am still looking for other things like blush or contouring.  I have to admit, I have very limited knowledge of makeup, but want to learn.

May 7, 2020


When I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to wear makeup.  My mother disapproves of makeup, coloring your hair, and girls shaving anything. She disapproves of a lot of the stuff that I do.  I had to learn all that stuff on my own and I am still learning.  I can live with that. However, I want my girls to feel free to experiment with makeup.  They don't wear it out of the house at this age, but they watch tutorials and learn and try things out and feel beautiful while doing it.   (Which they were anyhow).

May 6, 2020


We woke up today and it had been snowing for all night.  This is a May!!  If we have to be socially distancing,  the least the weather man can do is provide some spring-like weather!!!

Also a question:

May 5, 2020

Cinco de Mayo Fun

My kids love any excuse to celebrate and eat yummy food.  So, I decided to have a big Tex-mex style supper in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  I cooked for HOURS. There was SO much food.  But, the kids were thrilled. It was fun and Princess Snifflefritz declared it her third favorite holiday (after Christmas and Halloween)!  They needed something to cheer them up as the prospect of not going back to school this year looms over their heads.  So, it was successful day, and I have enough leftovers that I won't have to cook tomorrow.  Everyone in the house was in good spirits all day.  Even Princess Snifflefritz was feeling happy and accomplished as the day went on.

May 4, 2020

Lucky Me

I live in such a pretty city.  Depending on where you go, it is possible to see waterfront, mountains, parks, and trees.  Relaxing and enjoying the view is soothing to my soul. And, now that the weather is nice, the kids are enjoying it too.

May 3, 2020

What Do You Do

Speaking of motivation how do guys keep inspired when it comes to making supper every day?  Some days I just can't get myself together enough to come up with something fun for supper, especially these days.  So what are you guys doing?


Do you guys find the days in quarantine long?  What do you do when the time seems endless but you lack the motivation to do anything productive? 

May 2, 2020


I woke up with my headache at a new blinding level of pain.  I couldn't move at all until I had taken 10 painkillers and drank 3 cups of coffee.  I still have a headache, but I can move now.  I was even able to play eavesdropper on my kids.

May 1, 2020


I actually had a chance to get out today.  I had to get some allergy medication and it was lovely to get out.  It was a beautiful day and the snow is even melting!!!  Our deck finally has no snow left on it.  It just feels like a good day.  It us funny how a little fresh air and a change scenery can change your frame if mind.