Jan 31, 2019

Good News

Today's appointment went well.  The doctor was able to get a good look at my eye.  He said it isn't a worst case senario. The vitreous fluid is detaching from my retina, but there is nothing that needs to be done right now.  It is still attached in some spots.   I need to keep an eye on it as it detaches but I don't have any retinal detachment or retinal tears right now.  So now laser surgery right now either!!! Yay!

Jan 30, 2019

Another One

I have to go back down to the eye doctor again tomorrow.  My surgical ophthalmologist saw what he thinks is a retinal tear.  But he could only see it with one device but not the other one. The second device is the one he would need to fix it.  He was really frustrated.  So I am driving 1 1/2 hours away for the third day in a row for him to try again tomorrow.  If it doesn't work tomorrow, I will have to drive into Halifax (which is way further!)  And I still don't if I need laser surgery.  This is exhausting!

Hoping and praying

Something weird is going on with my eyes.  I have spent the last couple of days at doctors offices trying to find out if I am going to need laser surgery on my eye.  Here's hoping that the answer is no.

Jan 27, 2019


My beautiful first baby girl is seventeen!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by.  She is amazing, funny, quick-witted, and a great helper. I am lucky to be her momma.

Jan 26, 2019


I had a few hours out with Princess Belle today.  She had her hair cut and then I took her out for a little treat with a gift card I have.  She had a wonderful time and we shared some laughs.

Jan 25, 2019


Today some options appeared on the horizon that may make our life better in the long term.  I have to work things out to see if I can make it happen, but finally, I have hope.

Jan 24, 2019


With our budget being so tight, I have had to go off my diet and just eat what I make for supper for everyone.  I am  budgeting like crazy, I am stressing like crazy, and now I am gaining weight too.  This sucks.

Jan 22, 2019

My Greatest

My kids are my greatest joy.  They are like the sun that lights up my skies.  On days that I am having a rough day, they never fail to make me feel better.  I love the silly dress up games.  I love the way they giggle together. I love when Princess Belle climbs into bed with her sisters so that she can enjoy time with them.  I love when Princess Magpie begs us to let her baby brother stay up late so that she can play with him for longer.  I love little hugs, little giggles, and little secrets.  They are my joy.

Jan 21, 2019

Snow Day

We are having a snow day here.  So we are enjoying a huge pot if homemade pea soup and fresh biscuits with lemon muffins for dessert.  We may be broke but my kids are enjoying the baking.

Jan 20, 2019


Every day I am making meals that extend our groceries, especially our meats. 

Today, I made a vegetarian stew and homemade biscuits that was a HUGE hit.  Tomorrow, I am making a vegetarian stir fry, and the next day I am making a pea soup.

I am baking every day to make breakfast and snacks for the day.  I am working hard at being really creative,  but the food is popular with my family.

Jan 19, 2019


Today I was stress-cooking.  LOL, there are worse things that I can do in stress.  At least the family can enjoy the pumpkin muffins, the cornbread chili casserole I made for supper, and the veggie stew I made for supper tomorrow.

I hope that I get into a day of stress-cleaning soon, the house can use it.  LOL

Jan 18, 2019


My thoughts and prayers are with Notsosnowwhite's White Knight.  He is in the hospital having heart surgery. 

He has made if out of surgery and I am praying for his quick recovery.

Jan 17, 2019

Everything we can

We have done everything we can to improve our finances and today we reduced our expenses, cutting out everything we can, including cutting cable.  We are doing everything we can.  Lets hope we can find some light at the end of the tunnel.

Jan 16, 2019

Good Test

We are going through a stressful time right now, but it occurred to me that this is a good test of how I handle stress since coming off my medication.  And I am stressed, but I am sleeping still, I am functioning, I am not having panic attacks, I am getting through.  So at least I can know that even in stress, I am doing better.


Prince Charming and I have spent the last few days doing everything that we can to improve our financial situation.  He has applied for dozens of jobs, we have applied for housing all over the province.  We are working so hard to make things better. 

Jan 14, 2019


One of my favorite things is those moments when I am in driveway and I look up towards the upstairs window and I see Little Prince watching me.  He sits there and keeps a close eye on the world outside.  He is just so cute.  I can even get him to wave back and blow me kisses.  It is too funny because he waves backwards and he kisses the back of his hand when blows kisses.  His little face up in that window just makes my heart happy.

Jan 12, 2019


Little Prince had a great eating day today.  He ate a variety of foods for the first time in quite a while!!  I  am so glad.  Trying to get him to eat is a full time battle.

Jan 11, 2019


I will be glad when we can move . . . eventually. 

For one thing, this house is too expensive in the winter.  When we are paying for heat, the Bill's for this house are more than we have. 

For another thing, it is too isolated,  we never see people.  My kids hardly see people.  It is lonely.

And lastly, I am sick of vermin, insects, and bears, invading our yard, our garbage and our home. 

I am done.  I am lonely, broke, and tired.  Thank God I have my kids to make me smile.  I love my babies.

Jan 10, 2019


Well it us finally done.  The holiday season is over in my house.  It feels sad and boring now.  LOL Even the kids asked why we couldn't leave the decorations up all year long. 


I love that there is such a thing as storm chips.  That means that when a storm is coming and everyone runs right out to the store to buy all the water and storm supplies they can think of, enough people buy great big bags of chips for the storm that a company went out and made a whole brand of chips called, "Storm Chips"!  Too funny. 

Jan 8, 2019


I have a confession . . . my decorations are still up.  I know I have to take them down and I will, I swear!  But I am going to miss the lights.  They are so pretty and sweet and they make me happy.

Jan 7, 2019

Funny Boy

My boy loves looking out the window.  He sits for hours just watching the wind in the trees and the cars going by.  Sometimes, he will get excited and yell, "Reindeer"!  This means that he has spotted a deer in our yard.  He loves them.  And he can't understand why we don't run and fetch them back when they leave too soon.  He really is a funny boy.

Jan 6, 2019

Not Like The Others

Some people dress to impress their neighbors.  Some people dress to impress their significant other.  I dress to impress my six year old autistic son. 

He notices the things I wear.  He gets excited by my earnings.  He flaps, jumps, and laughs at them.  So I make it a point to wear interesting earrings when I get him up.  I love his enthusiasm. 

Little Prince wears sleepers most of the time.  They are comfy and I can keep them on him most of the time.  Little Prince loves when I wear sleepers.  He especially loves when they are animal sleepers.  He gets so excited.  So I am now the proud owner of a lot of animal sleepers. Just so I can see his excitement.

I dress up in sleepers and earrings lots of days just because I love those moments with him.  Some people dress to impress their lover, I dress to impress my son.

Jan 5, 2019


I will be glad when winter is over.  When no oil is needed, when winter bills are done with, when  we can get ahead again.  I really hope we don't have to spend another winter in this house.  This place is EXPENSIVE!!

Jan 2, 2019

Getting it Under Control.

I am taking January to try to get my eating back under control.  I do want to take this year to better balance how I feel with my desire to be at a lower weight.  There has got to be any to make this work!