May 31, 2019

This and That

I ran into someone I worked with when I got out of college MANY years ago (about 20). He was as happy to see me as I was to see him.  He gave me a huge hug and we chatted about how things have changed.  It was lovely.

I have also decided to get back on the healthy eating wagon.  I have gained a crazy amount of weight since Christmas and I don't feel my best.  I am TIRED, dragged our and my joints hurt.   I want to feel better.  So now that we are on our way to being settled, I am getting back at this again.

May 29, 2019


We had a nice visit with Grandma Great today.  The kids had a great time. 

May 27, 2019

This and That

I met up with my old friend today.  I just stopped by her work to say hi.  It was great, just like old times.  We have a lot in common and I can't wait to see her again.

Little Prince has been really clingy lately and I have to say his taste in shows is a little much.  We watched 4 episodes of The Wiggles with the TV on mute!  He quietly sang to himself while we watched.  Then later, after lunch, we watched an hour of movie and television show logos.  Just the logos, not the actual shows!!  Oh my.

May 26, 2019


In my effort to stretch our groceries, I made he kids some of the the yummiest apple squares.  I added a struesel type topping and it was a huge hit.  It was a nice snack after they came in from playing out in our yard.

May 25, 2019

So pretty

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, we stopped by a craft fair today.  It was really nice.  It is just so pretty here with the water and the mountains.  I can't get enough of the views. 

May 24, 2019


I was contacted by the person who was my best friend growing up.  She wants to get together.  She actually said she wants to hang out and she misses me.  It made me so happy!  I can't wait to see her.  We spent so much time together as teenagers, all of my best memories of those years involve her. 

May 23, 2019


We did a little running around today, trying to get things accomplished.  While we were out, we stopped by the library. It is beautiful and welcoming.  It has a whole floor for kids, which is really bright and friendly. There was the cutest sign up on the end of one of the kids shelves.  There are some great programs there too.

May 21, 2019

New One

This little guy tried a new food today!  He ate peanut butter cookies that I made for the kids.  He smelled it.  He poked at it.  He nibbled it.  And then he declared it yummy and asked for another "macaroni cookie". He makes me laugh, my boy.

May 20, 2019

Little Prince and Princess Magpie

Little Prince had a good day today.  He was giggling and happy.  He made my heart smile.  He was reading all the books he could get his hands on.

Later, when Princess Magpie was with him she came out to tell me a cute thing he did.  Then she looks at me and tells me that she is glad he is the way he is.  He is sweet and cute and if was any different than himself, she would be sad.  I love that she doesn't resent the extra responsibility she has to help us with her brother.  I love that she doesn't see anything wrong with her autistic brother, he is just a boy she loves to bits!

May 19, 2019

Good Start

We got a good start on going through the girls' room today.  We have more to donate, more to toss, and less to keep.  Little by little I  whipping this place into shape.  Prince Charming will be home tomorrow with a much appreciated care package from Grandma Great.  We will be glad to have that too.

May 18, 2019

Bits and Bobs

Prince Charming is away visiting his family for the weekend.  So, it is just me and the little bits.  It wasn't bad.  I got some more unpacking done, and got my floors clean.  It is so good to have floors that I can actually clean.  Little Prince is a big fan of Doctor Seuss books, so we spent quite a bit of time reading them together.  And, I finished my day with a nice hot chai tea and a girly movie.

May 17, 2019

Little Imp

I love this little face.  He was so silly and impish today, it made me happy.  I love our days together, the way he makes me smile and the way he put his feet by mine, like he is enjoying the connection.

May 16, 2019


Well, it looks like we may eventually come out of this financial nightmare.  Sometime in the next month we will have income again.  Thank goodness!! Because of the job mess with Prince Charming, by that time it will have been close to three months without income!  That is tough on a family of six!! (And stressful)  I haven't really had a chance to enjoy being home, I have been survival mode.  But at least now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

May 15, 2019

Look at This Grin

Thus little guy takes great joy in destroying his sleepers.  I mean look at this grin.  He has wrecked one more sleeper and so he is one step closer to being nekkid and that is his greatest happiness.  He is SO cute!!

May 14, 2019


Our lovely friend let us come by to do laundry today.  It was a nice chance to have a visit with tea a well.  One good thing about being here is that we are no longer isolated.  We have connections here.  I really appreciate that.

May 13, 2019

Little Prince

I had a good day with Little Prince.  We watched shows together and read books.  The only bad part is that he is having trouble adjusting to his new schedule in the new house.  But that will come
  In the meantime, we get beautiful sunsets from my kitchen window.

May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friends.  I hope you all had the special day you deserve.

Mine was nonexistent.  Considering the fact that the job we moved here for has evaporated and now we are completely broke, we had no money to do anything. So rather than having the girls be disappointed, I didn't mention it to them. 

I did however, get some fresh lobster sent to me by Grandma Great, (that she had been planning to send and just happened to arrive today) so that was a wonderful surprise supper.

May 11, 2019


Princess Magpie mentioned that she noticed that being in a smaller house means that we spend more time together and she is right.  It is also easier to keep on top of housework.  When we get settled, it will be really nice living here. 

Little Prince is enjoying it a lot.  He does all sorts of little things, like hold our hands while he eats, putting his foot by mine, or even letting me know when he needs to be changed.  

May 10, 2019


We went out to a laundromat yesterday.  It wasn't too bad. The ladies there were friendly, and it was quite quickly done.  I haven't been to one in years.  I do hope we have a washer soon though.  I made good headway with unpacking boxes too.  I will be glad when we can be done with this.

May 7, 2019

Getting there

I hurt my back while moving  so unpacking is taking longer than usual, but I accomplishing something every day.  We do have WAY too much stuff for this house, but we are working that.  In the meantime, the kids are happy here and I love living home near family in a city with water, mountains, trees, and convenience too.

May 6, 2019


Watching television with Little Prince is funny these days.  He isn't allowed to use the remote (he has smashed several in the past).  So, has taken to giving me instructions.  "White arrow!" "Up! Up!" "OK." Which means push the white back arrow, move the icon up twice and hit okay.  He reads the television and tells me what he wants.  I am his version of a voice activated remote.

May 5, 2019


Since Little Prince figured out that he knows how to read, he is fascinated with it.  He reads everything he can find.  He likes us to read with him so that we can fix his pronounciation.  He even read a kids cookbook!   It is so cute to see him so thrilled with his accomplishments.  I am so amazed by him.

May 4, 2019


The more I unpack, the more I see to do.  It is like a glass that keeps refilling itself.  I have gotten my kitchen and bathroom unpacked and a start on the other rooms.

May 3, 2019


We went out to the local mall for a few things.  It was funny to see it SO different from how it was 20 years ago when I lived here before.  Stores were empty and the food court disappeared entirely.  Then, when we went into the basement, it was like going back in time! It had a video store!!!!  And a payphone!!!  I can't remember the last time I saw either of those things. It made me giggle.

May 2, 2019

Day Four

I got a LOT done today.  I am completely exhausted, but I have a kitchen and room in my living room.  Everyone seems happy with our home and I look forward to getting settled in.

May 1, 2019

Day Three

We crossed on the ferry last night.  The kids were great and the cabin was comfy.  Princess Magpie was amazing with her brother and stayed awake until he fell asleep so she could cuddle him and keep him happy.

We unloaded the truck today after driving a couple of hours from the ferry.   It was a super long day and I have NO idea how I am going to cramp all our stuff into in this house or to even reclaim some semblance of order, but I will do it!! I am super mom, I can so anything, (now where did I pack my painkillers?)