Jun 25, 2021

Garden updates 2 & 3


After this, I did a tour of the gardens and realized that ours wasn't that different from a lot of the others down there. 

Got the Shot

 I got my first Covid-19 vaccine shot today!

I have to say, so far I am feeling exhausted and my asthma is acting up.  I am feeling quite a bit of shortness of breath. 


Jun 22, 2021

Garden update #1


We went down to the garden plot to check on our garden this morning.  It is doing well so far.

Jun 21, 2021


 We started a little garden in the community garden.  We don't know what we are doing, but we are learning.

Jun 18, 2021

Formal Day

My little ones dressed up for formal day at school.  They look so cute!

Jun 16, 2021

Love it

Little Prince was so silly waiting for the bus today.  He kept asking me to take pictures if him making silly faces.  He was just silly and fun  I love it.

Jun 13, 2021

That's Me

 As a mom, I never thought I would have to check my kids after showers.  Did they get the shampoo out?  Did they actually wash their hair?  Did they completely drown the whole bathroom?  Just call me, "Mom, the shower warden"

Jun 10, 2021


I am feeling sad today.  Someone I went to school with has passed away.  I will always remember him as being so kind, so full of laughter and joy, and do proud of his family.  He was so full of life, it is just sad.

Jun 8, 2021


 It is an incredibly warm day.  I have all the windows open and it is still overwhelming.  But, I sm happy to see the sun, hear the birds in the yard, and to know that the kids will soon be out of school for the year.

Jun 6, 2021


Hi guys!  I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!  It is beautiful, sunny, and warm here.  I am having a productive day.  I have done tins of laundry, scrubbed yhe bathroom and washed the mats and shower curtain from there.  I have done some batch cooking to make my meals easier.  I even cooked some dried chickpeas from scratch for the first time.  Princess Magpie even went to a birthday party for one of her friends.  It has been a good weekend. 

Jun 2, 2021

Sleeping Bag

 Little Prince loves to climb into things.  And, he was always ripping and climbing into his mattress cover.  So, we got him a sleeping bag.  He loves it.

Jun 1, 2021


My youngest daught has come out as bi-sexual (she has a girlfriend 😃) a month and a half ago.  So, I wanted to make her first Pride month special.  Prince Charming and I bought her a little gift and put a flag on our lawn for her to see when she got home.