Dec 30, 2005

I wonder where they are

Where are they now? I woke up this morning remembering my bosses from one of my first jobs. I was a cake decorator and I loved it dearly. It was long hours on my feet and I didn't get any respect but I enjoyed being creative. I enjoyed being the only one that could do cakes quite the way I did. I worked there for 5 years and then when I moved, I did the same job for another three years. I loved it.

My bosses were really awesome. I used to babysit their grandchildren on occasion and they treated me really well. And suddenly this morning, after all these years, I had an incredible urge to send them a card and say hi and ask them how they are doing. It was fun to reminicse and I really don't even know where they are anymore but I am thinking, maybe I will see if I can locate them and see how they are.

Dec 29, 2005

The last Thursday Thirteen of 2005

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella

1. Grandpa Grumpy took Little Princess Belle out on the skidoo today. It was so cute to see them grinning as they sped around and around.

2. I brought Grandma Great some homemade turkey soup. Just my way of saying thanks.

3. I had a couple of drinks last night. Just 3 but I am so tired today I wonder if that is why.

4. LP Belle has a new baby doll that she is really mothering. It is so adorable.

5. I often get the feeling that LP Belle is a consolation prize in replacement of the grandson who moved away. It makes me sad. I wish that they would say that they love her and are glad to see her not that they are glad she is here as it helps with the pain of missing their grandson.

6. I guess I am oversensitive.

7. I know that this is hard for them so I don't say anything.

8. When Grandpa Grumpy got a picture of his grandson for Christmas, he had to leave the room sobbing. He completely broke down.

9. It was heartbreaking and sad.

10. I am making spaghetti for Notsosnowwhite for supper. It is one of her favorite meals.

11. I have so much to do today and all I really want to do is sit around drinking coffee and visiting with Notsosnowwhite.

12. We have been so tired every night since she got here we have gone to bed early every night.

13. Around here it is the tradition to keep all the decorations up and all the opened presents under the tree to show visitors when they come to visit until Old Christmas Day (Jan 6). It is slowly starting to spread out around the living room with LP Belle picking at it and I am about ready to put it away. Do you think I will hold out until Jan 6?

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Dec 28, 2005

Hi from the land of love and laughter. We are having a grand time. We have been watching shows, giggling and chatting and catching up on our lives in the last couple of months. Right at this moment she is actually vaccuuming my carpet while Little Princess Belle cuddles in Prince Charming's arms as he protects her from the big bad vaacuum cleaner. (I didn't make her clean . . . honest!)

It is great to have her back. I am planning on making all her favorite foods while she is here, starting with the Turkey soup and tea biscuits I made yesterday. Coming to visit me is like going to visit her mom in a way, she gets to go home and get all her favorite home cooked meals since she doesn't cook on her own. I get to make sure she is taking care of herself and she makes sure that I don't stress myself out too much over the little things and that Prince Charming helps me as much as he should. We take care of each other, tell each other everything and don't judge each other but in the same time, we are completely honest.

We are planning on going out to the New Years Party here with Prince Charming and Grandma Great. It should be great fun, I have a babysitter booked and we are even going to have a few drinks before we leave. (I hardly ever have anything to drink at all so it should be a little fun to let loose a little)

On a side note, LP Belle was so sweet this morning. She woke up all smiles and giggles and we laughed and watched Madagascar over breakfast. Too much fun.

she just opened up a Baby Princess Belle dolly that Grandma Great gave her. She just kept saying, "Aww shes so cute mommy!" Then she took her dolly and started treating her like a baby. She fed her, she changed her, she combed her hair and then she kissed her, lay her on a pillow, and walked away saying, "Go to sleep, Baby, I love you. Good night." This is the same way I say good night every night since she has been born. That moment just melted me into a little puddle of me. Sometimes I love her so much!

Here's to you having as much fun today as I am and I will see you tomorrow.

Dec 27, 2005

Introducing my best friend . . . Notsosnowwhite!!

I thought that since you have heard so much about her I thought it was time that you got to meet the infamous Notsnowwhite. My best friend, my confidante and the missing part of my brain. So here she is . . . Nosnowhite.

Hi everybody! How are ya? It took almost 24 hours to get here but I am finally here. The trip normally takes about 8 hours but I got stuck in the middle of a snow storm, isn't that just my luck? Last night I definitely put the SNOW in NotsoSNOWwhite. But thoughts of Belle keep me forging ahead towards the Twisted Castle. So merry Christmas to all of you, kisses from me.

Dec 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

In a blur of flying wrapping paper and noisy relatives, the big day has come and gone. It was fun. Nobody noticed or cared that the gifts were more scarce than last year and Grandma Great worked her tail off to make sure that it was just as special.

Now as I sit here bleary eyed and hazy from lack of sleep and an early morning rise. I am glad that I made it through and that everyone is happy.

Tomorrow, I hope, Notsosnowhite will arrive and I will get the best present of all, spending some time with my best friend for the holidays. I am so anxious to see her and to visit with her. I love her more than I could love any relative by blood and just thinking about her now reminds me of how much I miss her. How many people get the chance to REALLY get to know their best friend? How many people get to have their best friend live with them for the first three years of their daughter's life. Close quarters and everything else included, through that process, Prince Charming and I gained a best friend and my daughter gained an Aunt that loves her more than words can ever say. How lucky can I be?

Well now that exhaustion has gone and made me sappy, I am going to sign off. Here's to a wonderful Christmas for all and for many more to come.

Dec 23, 2005

Friday Fifteen

Since I was gone all day yesterday, I missed out on Thursday Thirteen. So, I figure this week I will change it to Friday Fifteen.

1. Prince Charming went to be earlier than I did the last two nights in a row. But with my insomnia that isn't such a huge accomplishment.

2. He has also gotten up earlier than I did the last two mornings. This hasn't happened at all in the last 6 months!!

3. I am feeling a little better about the things that were keeping me awake. I am sure that Christmas morning will be wonderful no matter what I have or don't have under the tree.

4. I am planning to start my baking today.

5. I actually think starting close to Christmas is a good idea. That way there will be more left for Christmas morning.


7. I am talking via email to an old friend that I had fought with. And while I am happy the rift is beginning to be over, I can't bring myself to be all that excited about it either. I am feeling kinda neutral about the whole thing.

8. I have cooked ground pork the last 4 meals I cooked. I manage to make it different each time so it isn't so bad.

9. I am trying to make sure that when Notsosnowwhite comes, I have more than ground pork to feed her.

10. Last night we ate at Grandma Great's house.

11. I spent all day at her house helping her get ready for Christmas.

12. She wanted to pay me, and as broke as I am, I couldn't take her money. She has done and continues to do so much for us that I can't repay, the least I can do is help her out with all the huge amounts of work she does.

13. Her daughter moved across the country with my nephew in October and Grandma Great is having a hard time because this will be the first Christmas they have spent away from both of them.

14. Grandpa Grumpy for all his usual grumpiness misses his grandson immensely. It is rather heartbreaking actually. I think that spending Christmas with Little Princess Belle will help with that somewhat.

15. I sometimes secretly worry that they compare having her around with having him around. I worry that she is too noisy, too picky, too whiny. I am her mommy and I think that she is perfect. I just want Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great to think she is too.

Dec 22, 2005

Do you know where the off switch is?

Do you know how to turn off my brain? I need to find that switch that enables all the worries to race around your brain in the middle of the night. Because it is 4 oclock in the freakin morning and I haven't been asleep yet!!! And at this point my Little Princess Belle is not sleeping but has chosen this opportune moment to start singing at the top of her lungs in her room. I did go in and insist that she stop drumming on her toybox but that is the best I can do. She is wide awake and so am I. But, I'll bet that she is a lot less grumpy tomorrow than I am. So I am going to go to bed, listen to the musical interlude from the Little Princess Belle and think about Christmas and how I want it to be perfect and how I wish I had more money to make it special and to get the gifts that I truly would like to get for the people I love. And then I am going to try to pretend to sleep at least a little before the sun comes up.

And tomorrow . . . I'll be taking that caffeine intravenously please!

Dec 20, 2005

Tuesday Talk

Random Thoughts on my mind today:

1. Prince Charming slept 15 hours last night. I was about ready to have him declared legally comatose when he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at the crack of noon.

2. I cooked corned fish for the first time in my life today. It tasted a lot like a salted dried fish. It was really good and I will do it again for sure. Prince Charming even had some and he hates fish. (His father is a fisherman . . . go figure)

3. I put up a few more decorations around the house today. My house looks wonderful.

4. I looked up recipes for cookies to make and my printer is out of ink that means that I have to write each recipe out by hand! UGH! I hate actually writing things. Typing is so much easier. I am even having Coffee, tea, egg nog, and fresh baked biscuits and muffins on Christmas morning for while we open our gifts.

5. I am feeling on top of things now and I love it. I could use a nap like Prince Charming had last night, but other than that I am happy. Prince Charming came up to me today and hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me how beautiful I made the house look. Mmmm it is nice to be appreciated. He even came down and sat with me in the rec room while I did laundry today. What a sweetie!

Dec 19, 2005

It has finally ARRIVED!!

Hear ye! Hear ye! I would like to herald the exodus of the twisted Grinch! The Christmas Season has finally arrived at the twisted Castle!

I finally got into town to do my Christmas Shopping! Woohoo!!! Woohoo!!! I am so GLAD!!! I was completely overwhelmed at first. I had a list 3 pages long of things (including food) I had to buy and I really didn't know where to start. I was standing there bewildered wandering like a lost puppy. And then when I got started I kept forgetting where I was. It really is rather stressful to do the entirety of your Christmas Shopping on one day with a teeny tiny budget. But I got it DONE!!!! Woohoo!!! I am going to wrap presents and do laundry tomorrow and then the next day I will bake cookies and then I am free for Christmas to arrive!!

So now, I am here completely exhausted. But glad. And when Grandma Great saw my decorations she called Grandpa Grumpy to come in out of the truck and look at them. They were so impressed that she is actually going to copy something that did! I love it!

Dec 18, 2005

Too tired for anything but a Quickie

Guys I am TIRED! Tired with a capital T. I just spent 7 hours decorating our house. And it still feels like I should decorate the hall and the kitchen a little more. But I have to say, the living room is beautiful! I did my tree in mostly gold and red. And then put mostly red and gold decorations around. I put up a fake fireplace to hang the stockings, and I put up snowflakes and cards and all sorts of stuff.

Today decorating with the Little Princess and singing to Christmas Carols on the radio, it was suddenly Christmas. It was nice.

My young cousin came over and she helped put up streamers on the ceiling. As we were doing it, she looked at me and said, "this is fun, it feels like a family thing." I was touched. Her parents are divorced and she is constantly being pulled back and forth and it was nice that for a few moments this evening, she felt like she was doing a family thing.

Anyway, that's all folks. I am exhausted and due to the aches I keep discovering new muscles. But at last Christmas has come to the Twisted Castle.

Dec 17, 2005

And how was your Saturday?

How was your Saturday? Were you out preparing for Christmas?

I took Little Princess Belle to the local kids Christmas Party. It is held at a restaurant/store and the kids have the run of the place for the afternoon. They provided hotdogs and hamburgers and drinks. The kids all played games and danced to music and ran around being silly. Then Santa came and gave a gift to each kid. The Little Princess got to meet two future classmates and I got to meet their moms. So, it was really really nice. She was completely exhausted and on the way home was dropping to sleep. When we walked in the door, she actually walked up to her room and asked to take a nap. Not THAT is a tired girl, folks!

It helped to make it feel more like Christmas is coming. As of now, it seems that Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great have decided to wait until December 20 to take me in to do all my Christmas Shopping. Did you get that? I am going to START my christmas shopping on DECEMBER 20!!!!!!! AAACCCKKKK!!! then I have to come home and do my baking, wrapping, and all the rest of stuff that comes with the season.

Oh well, today was a fun day. She was thrilled to meet Santa! And she was so excited to hug him and get a present. So how about you? What did you do today?

Dec 16, 2005

Flashback Friday

The theme for this week's Flashback Friday is to post a Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the December holiday of your choice) flashback. Write about what you wanna write about - whether it’s from your childhood, your adulthood, your parenthood or anything in between.

I remember after hurricane Juan, we had just lost our home and were living in a really crappy apartment with tiny windows, stained carpets, and broken closets and it was truly awful. It looked dirty all the time no matter how I scrubbed. Losing our home and all of our groceries as well as every stitch of clothing I owned and my bed and so much more meant that we were really really broke. Grandma Great had sent us some stuff in the mail to help with Christmas but it was going to be a VERY lean christmas. We weren't even going to have a real Christmas dinner. One day, I got a call from where I worked when the hurricane struck. A former supervisor there had called that she had a present for the Little Princess. I felt so honored that she remembered my baby at Christmas and that she had wanted to give her a present.

When she came to the door, she wasn't alone, she had brought another co-worker with her. And . . . they had a load of presents and gift-cards for us. Apparently the office sponsors a family every year for Christmas (usually choses through the salvation army) but this year, without telling anyone they had chosen the family themeselves. And, it was us. We had gift cards for the local grocery store, and more at walmart and beautiful gifts. I was so touched. We had an amazing Christmas and it was all thanks the unexpected generosity that came from all the people who worked in that department of Dalhousie University. I will eternally be grateful for their kindness.

Dec 15, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella

1. I am a little stressed that I STILL haven't bought any presents for anyone

2. I can't buy anything until I get into town when Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great take me in

3. I haven't put up one decoration.

4. I am putting them up on Sunday. This was as soon Prince Charming would let me put them up.

5. I am going to go help Grandma Great clean her house today.

6. Every year she cleans and paints her entire house including all her cupboards before Christmas.

7. I have never heard of anyone else who does that. She tires herself out every year preparing for Christmas.

8. I have no intention of being that tired on Christmas morning.

9. We have finally made plans for Christmas morning. Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great are coming over to our house before we get up the Little Princess. We will open all our presents here and then go to her house.

10. Little Princess gets to open more presents at Grandma Great's house and then we will have Christmas Dinner with her. Woohoo I don't gotta cook Christmas dinner!!!

11. Woohoo 12 more days until I get to see my best friend again.

12. I have actually emailed and talked to an old friend. I was really impressed with our conversation.

13. Even Prince Charming was impressed with the things that she said. It was a short conversation but Prince Charming said, "It took 2 years but it looks like the whole thing is over". Meaning that the "fight" is over. Heck I haven't been made for 1 years and 11 months.

13 1/2. In posting this week, I accidentally deleted last week's Thursday Thirteen. Oops.

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Dec 14, 2005

So much for my good attitude (warning some serious whining is about to follow)

Tonight I miss civilization. I don't own a car and I miss buses and taxis. I miss being able to go where I want when I want. I hate that a week ago, Grandpa Grumpy promised to pick me up some vegetables at the market while he was there. And earlier, he promised to pick them up today. But tonight, I ate rice because Grandpa Grumpy couldn't be bothered to keep his promise.

I hate that Grandma Great promised to take me into town today when she went so we could get groceries together and then yesterday she went without me. So now I am stuck without groceries because I can't get to a g*d-d*mn store. I am so frustrated.

I that I moved in the winter and that it is hard to get around so that means the only people I know in town are Grandpa Grumpy and Grandma Great. I hate that my best friend lives so far away and so when Prince Charming and the Little Princess take and afternoon nap, I am left alone with no one to talk to. Some days I like to be alone, but some days I would love a to have a girlfriend to chat with or someone to talk to.

I know I will be fine and that part of this is will be cured when I finally own a car and part of it is that it is winter and I have only been here about a month and a half. But today I would kill to be able to hop on a bus and go Christmas Shopping and then stop for coffee on the way home.

There are advantages to living in the peace and quiet of a rural area. A small school for the Little Princess, a crime rate of zero, vegetables straight from the farm, etc. But there are also disadvantages and today they are driving me crazy and making me lonely and sad.

Dec 13, 2005

Questions answered

Okay, so there were a few questions about yesterdays post. I will attempt to answer them here, remembering that all of this happened to me when I was three and it isn't something I really talked about much with my parents so some of my memories may be a bit foggy.

1. My loss of sight seems to be due to a genetic condition. My father and all of his family have vision problems as does my mother and her family. Mine was just worse than theirs. It was a combination of extreme near-sightedness and my eyes were turned outwards to some degree.

2. To "fix" it, they did a two operations on my eyes. They did each eye one at a time. (WARNING THIS MAY BE A LITTLE GRAPHIC) They took my eye from my socket and operated on it and the muscles behind it. I have no recollection of this whole thing, I only remember the trip home from the hospital.

3. As far as I know, there are not a lot of precautions I have to take. Since my vision is still so bad, I am also at a risk for retina detachment so I have symptoms I have to watch for which would require an operation within 2 days.

4. I am not sure of my exact perscription. My eyes have steadily deteriorated since the operation. Every year I require a stronger pair of glasses. My glasses are normal glasses but they are strong, I do have the lenses that are made special to be thinner so that they appear normal. When I was wearing contacts, it took my eye doctor 3 manufacturers to find someone who made lenses strong enough for me.

5. Since my parents discovered I was blind when I was three, no one is quite sure when it started. I didn't remember it being any other way that is why my strongest memory is of amazement and wonder on the way home from the hospital.

Things I never told you- part one

Did I ever tell you I was blind when I was three? It is true and it goes like this.

I don't remember being blind. It just seemed to me to be the world was supposed to be that way and I had no idea that anyone else was any different than I was. I do however, remember coming home from the hospital afterwards. It was like a window was opened on the world. I walked through the same streets that I had walked with my parents before, I strolled through the same mall I had gone to a hundred times in the past, but this time I was awestruck. I remember pointing out lights and pictures and shiny things amazed that I had never seen them before. I remember that at first the ground seemed to be coming up to meet me. I remember having troubles judging at first how far away the ground was and thinking my foot was about to hit the ground and then my foot slamming down as the ground was further than I thought. I remember wonder, amazement, excitment, thrill, and joy.

I don't however remember being blind. I don't remember the day at supper that my mother realized I couldn't see. You see, I was three. I didn't act blind. I may have seemed a little clumsy but I had adjusted to the world as I knew it and they didn't know. So, one day at dinner, my mother sits watching me eat. Quietly, she looks at my father and says, "Honey, she can't see." Dad looks back at her incredulously and says, "Well, of course she can." Mom looks back at him and repeats, "No, she can't just watch her." And so they did. As they watched, I reached for my glass and missed. I reached again, and again until I located it. When I had located it, I drank my drink and then placed it down where I knew it was. The same thing happened when I tried to eat. I picked up my fork and stabbed at the table until I found my plate. Once I had found my plate, I ate my dinner. Watching me and suddenly realizing what I was doing, made them realize that I actually couldn't see and then they scheduled an appointment.

Through the years, my eyesight has deteriorated, and I have been told there is a possibility that one day, I could again lose my eyesight, but this time permanently. I remember walking around my house as a child with a blindfold over my eyes to test to see what the world would be like if that should happen.

But in the meantime, I have been blessed with 30 years and counting of eyesight. I have seem my husband, I have seen my inlaws and my nephew and most important of all . . . I have seen the beautiful big brown eyes of my Little Princess, I have seen her crooked smile and her curly fuzzy hair. And because of that there is nothing that can happen in the future that could ever make me sad about losing my eyesight.

I don't look at it as losing something, I look at is as a gift the doctors gave me 30 years ago that I will treasure as long as I have it.

Dec 11, 2005

Conversations overheard at the Twisted Castle

"Mommy! Mommy! I hurt my foot."
"How did you hurt your foot?"
"I fell down" sounds of 3 1/2 year old feet running across the floor.
"What did you knock over?"
"I hurt my foot"
"I know, I'll kiss it better, but what did you knock over?"
"I fell down up here" pointing to the top of the entertainment center.
"I told you not to cli. . . Did you eat my chapstick?"
"I could understand eating it if it were fruit flavoured and smelled yummy but this one smelled like noxema and tasted like wax! Yuck!"

The fun never ends when you live with the Little Princess! She certainly keeps it interesting.

No money and poor planning

I feel a little bad. Today is Prince Charming's Birthday. But with the move and Christmas coming and all our financial woes, I can't do anything. I have nothing to even make a cake out of and as tomorrow is pay day I can't buy it. So poor Prince Charming has nothing special happening today.

It must suck for him to have his birthday so close to Christmas. I imagine that this isn't the first time that has happened. In fact one of his pet peeves is combined Christmas/birthday presents that he was always getting. I never wanted to do that to him. I wanted him to know that his special day is always special but I guess as we grow up we realize that sometimes budgets get in the way.

On the up side, Grandma Great called and asked us to come for supper so maybe she is going to do something special for him. I wish I had tried a little harder to make it possible for something special to happen. He says he understands, but I still feel bad.

Dec 10, 2005

My 100th Post

This is my 100th post. It came quicker than I expected. I have to say that I am happy I have "met" all of you and happy to have shared my scrambled thoughts with you. I thought for my 100th I would share a few of my favorite posts.

I had fun telling you about "Bob" and of all the troubles he gave me, Arguing With Bob. We have since parted ways but ever since that post, he has been Bob, the contankerous computer.

When I told you about how some days my life seem to be stuck in a cycle in Lather, Rinse, Repeat, 33 people posted comments letting me know you understood exactly what I was talking about. And it made me feel better.

I even enjoyed sharing my stress with everyone and pondering different types of Cinderellas. (remember PMS Cinderella?)

I love posts like Twisted Cinderella gets Sentimental where I pour my heart out share my feelings.

And I truly like when I got philisophical and we discussed Is that Love. Some of your comments truly made me think.

Or the post, A step towards the Serious, where we discussed our weight obsessed world and how scary it is that it is affecting our children so young.

That's a lot of posts, but I guess the truth is, I love to share my life with you. Each new post I write is my new favorite. And though some are more witty than others, I no longer feel like each post has to be a laugh riot. I love to read your comments and your ideas. I learn from you as you come back and tell me what you think. And talking to you is a catharsis. No matter what is on my mind, I feel better when I talk about it. When I started this blog, I knew I had something to share, I knew I had things to say. I didn't know that I would "meet" so many people. I didn't know that I would listen as much as I "talk". I want to thank you for visiting me each day and for sharing my twisted fairy tale ending. It has been a fun 100 posts and here's to many more.

Dec 9, 2005

What do you mean you "LIKE" laundry?!?!

I feel like I should explain my comment that I actually enjoy laundry. I am not some clean freak maniac who revels in scouring the house in a wild search for dirty socks.

In fact, in the past, laundry has always been the bain of my existence. It was a job I could never keep on top of and huge piles of laundry seem to appear out of nowhere whenever I felt like I had finally gotten the house in a somewhat presentable state. And on top of that I was always forgetting to put it in the dryer after the washer stopped. Clothes sometimes got washed 2 and 3 times before I got it washed, dried, and folded.

The thing is, I also have another little quirk. I feel guilty sitting down and relaxing in the middle of the day. Evenings after Little Princess goes to bed are for relaxing. The day is for cooking, cleaning, laundry, playing with Little Princess, punctuated with little visits at my computer. So, when I finally got a system down with all of my "duties" that allowed me spare time to relax with a cup of coffee in the middle of the day, I felt bad. I felt like I was cheating and being lazy.

So the advent of our rec room right next to the laundry room was quite a boon for me. This means that I get to down to the rec room in the middle of the day while Little Princess naps. I sit down, drink my coffee, read a book, or watch a show and I am not being lazy. I am doing laundry. All I do is relax and when either the washer or the dryer stops, I take care of business and then I relax again. I always have my laundry done, I have time to myself and I still keep on top of everything else. It feels like laundry time is cheating time. I get time all to myself to do as I please and I am still being productive.

I know I have many many issues as is probably apparent in the content of this post. But I hope I have explained a little what I meant. It isn't actually the laundry I enjoy it is the quiet time it affords me that I like.

Dec 8, 2005

Dec 7, 2005

Wednesday's Wandering Thoughts

I have no post of great importance today. As I sit here ready to blog my mind is wandering around leaping into all different directions like a kid trying to decide how to spend his money in a dollar store. So I thought I would just share little bits of the stuff that is cluttering up my scattered brain for today.

1. I love to wake up and look at the ocean. Do you know that the ocean changes colors? Some mornings it is peaceful and a pale green that just lays there sleeping. Other mornings it is an angry black with hints of white dancing on the tips of the waves. Then there are the various shades of blue that seem to play out before me changing with the moods of the wind. I love to look out and see what mood the ocean is in and what colors are outside my window today.

2. Do you know that I love to do laundry now? I have hated it all my life. But now, I go downstairs after the Little Princess goes to bed and I do laundry and stay downstairs in the rec room. I read, or look at old pictures or just relax and sip my coffee. I love that I am away from the world, just me relaxing and I am still accomplishing something too.

3. I really need to get out of the house but I hate to go anywhere in bad weather. So I keep looking outside thinking that I will go out tomorrow when the weather is better but then the weather is the same the next day. This is going to be a LONG LONG winter if I don't learn to brave the elements and just go out.

4. My best friend, Notsosnowwhite, is coming to visit in about 2 weeks and I can't wait! I miss her like crazy the last couple of days and I really just need to wake up and share our morning cup of coffee and chat with her.

5. Mmmm . . . there was a five . . . I can't remember my five . . . I know I am getting old (the ripe old age of 33) but still I shouldn't be losing my mind just yet . . . they say the memory is the first to go . . . mmmm . . . oh what the heck I just thought of something else. My water is gone again. Now I was doing laundry and it went in the middle of it so I can't finish my laundry but I will do it tomorrow and then I will get to go downstairs and have my me time again. so that is okay.

6. I am done submitting you to the chaos that is in my brain but I will be sure to come back tomorrow.

Dec 6, 2005

So, Do ya think Mensa will be calling soon?

There are days, when I am amazed by my daughter. She turns around and does something that convinces me that yes indeed she is a certifiable genius and Mensa will be calling for her any day. She has taken to drawing. She loves it. She will draw things and bring them over and show them to me and tell me what they are. Now up until recently, they have been only variously colored scribbles. Just colors on a page. But lately she concentrates really hard and she is so industrious in her "work". And she is turning out recognizable objects. She decided to "write" and turned out letters that I could recognize. Now they didn't spell anything, but there are actual letters!!! And then she drew a sun. It was a blue sun colored in orange. But I could tell that is what it was! It was very obviously a sun and she didn't have to tell you that for you to know it! Okay so my 3 1/2 year old daughter is genius, right?

Okay so maybe I am a little biased on the genius part but I am as proud as proud can be of ever picture she brings me! I love to get them, I love when she shows me her pictures of pickles, lights, and mommy and daddy ducks.

Dec 5, 2005


I was tagged by Miliner's Dream, for this meme. This idiosyncrasies meme is a tag from doulicia. And as doulicia so eloquently asked, in her blog, "Do you really want to know this?"

List your idiosyncrasies.

1. I am a bit anal about things on shelves. I line my books up exactly even with each other and with the edge of the shelf. If it is messed up I can leave it for a while, but eventually I have to go fix it.

2. I insist on doing things that will probably hurt me. I refuse to acknowledge that I am no longer 17 years old and where I could go ahead and change around the furniture in the living room on my own in the past, if I do it now, in the least, I am going to have a sore back at the worst I am going to be out of commission for a while. I drive Prince Charming crazy with this.

3. I hate going to doctors. After all the doctors and surgeries, I hate hate hate going to doctors. So much so that I live by the philosophy that if I ignore any health issue, it will eventually go away. This does NOT work and it also drives Prince Charming crazy. He says that between this one and number two I don't have sense enough to look after myself.

4. I used to be an outgoing, talk to anyone type of person, but over the years and moves, I have switched and I am more of a shy take a back seat and let others take over the conversation type of person. Prince Charming is very talkative and him being that way lets me warm up and talk more later when I more comfortable.

5. I LOVE earings. I used to have over 200 pairs. I don't anymore. I lost them in my moves. but I still love them. I don't even wear any anymore. I sometimes tell myself that I am going to start collecting them again so that I can have them to wear but I always find something better to do with my money.

6. I tend not so spend money on myself. I go to the store with good intentions but then I decide that Little Princess needs this or would look adorable in that or maybe it is Prince Charming that could use it, or groceries that could be bought and then I don't buy for me. (This is kinda funny considering that this year, I am going to have to fill up my own stocking)

Dec 4, 2005

Its a lump! Its Humpty Dumpty! No wait, thats me!

When you look in the mirror, do you see all of you? Do you see the whole picture or do you develop tunnel vision and only see those parts of yourself that you feel could use improvement?

I have noticed that I have a tendency towards tunnel vision. I look in the mirror and I only see that part of my stomach that sags and looks terrible. Now I know that a lot of that is due to the way my stomach stretched having Little Princess but it is also due to the fact that I have gained weight.

The point is, when I look in the mirror, I truly only see that part of my stomach. I could be sporting a blue mohawk and fabulous new earings and I will still only see that part of my anatomy. If I want to see the rest of me, I have to force myself to focus.

This is really dumb. On a conscious level, I don't believe that other people look at me and only see that part of my stomach, but on some level I do think that. I see that and think, "Oh MY GOD! I look like HUMPTY DUMPTY!" And I am horrified. I think that everyone who sees me looks at me and is just as horrified as I am. I feel like they will look at me and discuss how I am a fat pig who really just let myself go. Yes folks, My name is Twisted Cinderella and I have a problem.

(on another note, Little Princess just came in and looked at me and said, "Hi mommy." I said hi, and she replied, "Is it dark in here?" I replied yes, I hadn't turned on the lights. She asked me, "Are you scared?" I said no, the dark isn't anything to be scared of and she decided to go over and turn on the lights for me anyway just in case it really was scarey.)

Dec 3, 2005

Cosmic Jokes and Funny Searches

I think that the Universe had decided to play some cosmic joke on me today to make it impossible to sleep in. It IS a Saturday and she WAS up late, so lets just torture her a little. So at the bright and early time of 7:30 Little Princess woke up crying with a sore knee. Much cuddling and soothing later, we were both back in bed. But then at 9 am my Aunt called to let me know she wasn't coming to visit today as planned. At this point I gave up my dream of sleeping in and staggered to the coffee pot for some liquid perkiness in a cup.

I finally have some interesting searches people have used to get to my site!

The first one is: sleep in handcuffs. I think it came from the following. But I have a funny feeling that is not what the person searching was looking for. LOL:
I may have to sleep in handcuffs to avoid the scratching. And I can think of much
better reasons to wear handcuffs to bed.

The second one was: Body Cast. Again, I am pretty sure anyone searching for that wouldn't find the following particularly helpful:
I swear, if I were ever to go to the doctor and tell him all the parts of my body
that are currently punishing me, he would have me fitted for a body cast, put on
a liquid diet and locked up in a padded room.

They have also found me looking for twisted christmas videos and christmas ornements crafts But I am pretty sure my site was a disappointment. Sorry guys there really is any Christmas stuff here.

And as for the last one: picture of snow white marrying the prince I had better not see any pics of Notsosnowwhite marrying Prince Charming seeing as he is my husband and she is my best friend. If I catch those pics, there will be some serious butt being kicked. LOL

I had fun looking at those. I always enjoy reading the funny things that others have posted that people searched for that brought them up and I only had boring things like "glass slipper" or "cinderella" Now I am officially a part of the group!

Dec 2, 2005

Flashback Friday

Todays Flashback Friday was supposed to be all about those warm, fuzzy memories we have of our child/children, or if you don’t have kids, maybe one you remember from your own childhood.

Karin chose this topic because her beautiful baby girl is celebrating her first birthday today, so be sure to go over there and wish her daughter a happy birthday! (Pssst…while you’re there, make sure you tell Karin you have every confidence that she can pull off a birthday party tomorrow for 30 guests!)

I kinda has problems with this one not because I don't have any special memories with Little Princess but because they all jumble together into lots of little memories.

I remember the first time I had to pack up the clothes she had outgrown. I remembered how when I brought her home she was so small that even the premie clothes I had was too big. And then suddenly there i was in the middle of her bedroom floor with a big pile of clothes she couldn't wear anymore. I suddenly started to realize that she was never going to be that small again. It goes too fast and I just didn't want her to be bigger yet. I mean I am always happy that she is healthy and growing and I love to celebrate all her new developments and achievements, but I just wanted to cling to her to keep her small a little longer. I just loved her so much I hated to see her babyhood go away so soon. So I sat there bawling like a silly schoolgirl because my daughter was growing up.

I remember our first trip to the emergency room. She has been vomiting and she was so little, I was scared. So we took her. I stayed all night in that hospital room Prince Charming lay down on an empty bed and I lay awake on another. Hovering over her, scared to death. She was okay, but I will never forget the fear and worry.

I remember a hundred nights, she has woken up scared or crying and wanted me to come in. I remember her little arms wrapping around my neck, her head on my shoulder and her body heavy with sleep laying against me, because as long as mommy is there, all is right with the world.

I can feel her little hand in mine as we go shopping together. I can hear her singing songs endlessly in her room when she is supposed to be sleeping. I remember the breathless anticipation and the ensuing celebration when she first sang the alphabet. I can remember her awestruck enthusiasm as we went to see a movie together, just her and I. I remember popcorn and juice and cuddles in the dark.

I remember making cookies in the kitchen, with her elbow deep in batter, squishing the dough in her hands to shape it into the cutest, oddest shaped lumps of cookie dough and then sitting together after with milk and eating our creations.

There are a hundred little memories that spring to mind when I try to think of warm fuzzy moments. But I guess I haven't yet had that one big one that transcends them all that leaves me thinking this is the one I will remember forever. I racked my brain and tried to come up with one. Surely there must be at least one. Until that one comes, I will just keep building little memories and trying desperately remember them all.

Dec 1, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Twisted Cinderella

(I can't believe I finally got this code! woohoo! Now I have official looking Thursday Thirteen!)

1. I had a great time playing in our yard with Little Princess.
2. I took a ton of pictures and just had a blast playing with her.
3. Our yard is absolutely huge!!!
4. I made a Christmas Card today.
5. I think it turned out beautifully and I think Little Princess looks like a doll in it.
6. I want to save it in my online scrapbook, but I think Prince Charming may want to save it and get it printed it off without anyone seeing it.
7. We have no water today and I don't know why.
8. We had low water pressure yesterday, I am assuming it is related in some way.
9. Our neighbours had low water pressure yesterday too. Otherwise I would be worried.
10. Thank God, I made coffee before the water went.
11. I hate that I can't get a shower though
12. Little Princess was playing outside, she needs a bath and can't get it either.
13. I can't wait until Prince Charming wakes up so I can ask him to check on it.

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