May 30, 2017


My boss actually told me she was glad I chose her store to work in.  That made me feel good.

I am off tomorrow and Prince Charming works the next few nights, so I am doing fun things with the kids.  Tonight's supper was sandwich wraps with chips on the side.  They thought was too much fun and saved their chips for last.  Tomorrow I am making macaroni and cheese because they don't get that much and it was their request.  So far they are having fun with me working so I hope that lasts.

May 29, 2017

Better Than I expected

I had a great day at work today.  Time flew by, the people were fun, I wasn't dragged out at all.  I even seemed to do pretty well for my first day actually doing this job in 20 years.  My boss seemed impressed.

The kids had a good day, they weren't sad today and we're happy to see me come home.

May 28, 2017

Sleepy Sunday

Prince Charming and I had the day off today.  I spent the day hanging out with the kids, doing laundry.  Not too exciting, but I am so very tired and I want to rest up for work tomorrow.

May 27, 2017

Not the sharpest

It occurred to me that I may not be the smartest person in the world.  For weeks I been saying how very very tired I am.  And what did I go and do??  I added more to my plate!!  I went from a very tired homeschooling, mom of four, two of whom are special needs, to a homeschooling, mom of four, two of whom are special needs with a full time job!!  Nobody ever accused me of being a genius.

I just felt like we need to be a bit more stable financially and I needed to step up to make that happen.  I really hope that I can do this.

Next week I get to actually doing the work, there are so many more machines than there used to be (SCARY!), my kids are already missing me and it isn't even the school year.

I am doing this for my family and it is all my own idea, but when I think too hard about it qll, I want to cry.  I am just trying to plow through and not think at all if I can.

May 26, 2017


Thank goodness this lovely beauty arrived today . . . On my day off!!!  I am so done with laundry by hand.  I can't even tell you how many loads of laundry I have done today.  So awesome not to be soaked in the process.

The kids and I also watched a movie and had popcorn just to have a little mommy and me time.

And I couldn't resist making a yummy cake for them to enjoy.  

May 25, 2017

Soon tired

After two days working, I am tired but okay.  The drive home feels SO long when I am worn out.  

Little Prince doesn't seem to notice the difference, but the girls do.  They are used to me being home and it is hard to see them sad but I brought home treats today that made them all happy and they are little movie fun so they seem to feel better.  I am trying not to think too hard about the balancing act and just take it one day at a time.

May 24, 2017

One Down . . .

I made it through my first day.  I'm super-exhausted but it went well.  I really like my boss.  We have a lot in common and I really enjoyed our conversations.

Princess Snifflefritz is having a little bit of a hard time with the fact that I am not home all day like she is used to, but I promised to bring home a treat after work tomorrow and she seemed to feel better.

First Day

Well today is my first day of work and I am both excited and scared.

Prince Charming has offered to help with homeschooling and Princess Belle has offered to help with her siblings.  The little girls are excited at the idea of daddy and big sister babysitting.

Between homeschool, therapy, cooking, and keeping the house, there will be a lot of scheduling, but I really believe that I can do this and I can make our life better.

When it gets hard, I just have to remgmber thst these are the people I am doing this for:

May 23, 2017

Well That's Was Quick!

I job searched for half a day.  That is all.  On my third stop, I walked in and was introduced to the manager, who interviewed me on the spot!!  Half-way through the interview she began to fill out new employee paperwork and  discussing my hours.  Apparently, I was hired before I even knew!!  She was looking for a responsible person for evening shifts and I am perfect!  There is even opportunity for advancement because of that!  I start tomorrow!!


So, I am spending the morning preparing for my job hunt. I am updating my resume and putting together my reference letters.  I hope I can find something quickly because the worry about my ability to balance is killing me!

May 22, 2017

Big Decision . . . Scary!

Well, I have made a tough decision.  I think I am going to have to try to go back to work.  We had a rough winter in regards to stuff like heating and now we need a new vehicle too.  I am a little nervous.  I don't know if I can homeschool, do therapy appointments, take care of the house and cooking, but I am a super-organized, great planner and Princess Belle says she will help Prince Charming.  His job is only 3 days a week at the moment so we should be able to coordinate our schedules no problem.

The only other thing is that I haven't had a job in about 12 years and I HATED being a working mom back then.  This doesn't have to be forever, but it can make our life better.  All that being said, I am honestly terrified.

In order to help that along, the pink hair had to go.

Here is what I  came up with:

May 21, 2017


Had a lovely Sunday with Princess Tigger snd her family.  The girls were excited because I didn't tell them that we were having visitors.

May 20, 2017


We went out to the first summer farmers market of the year today.  I was hoping that the sun and the fresh air would help me be less tired.

I was surprised to see that our cute little town was INUNDATE with visitors.  Apparently our farmers market draws most of province to our quaint shops.  I have never seen our streets so filled with people and cars.  I am still totally exhausted, but it was lovely.

May 19, 2017

So Frustrating

I do NOT understand how tired I am.  I can't drag my butt aroumd to get things done.  It is so frustrating.

May 17, 2017

Frame of Mind

I have pulled myself up and reminded myself that as much as I loved Yarmouth, I don't live there anymore.  I live in the BEAUTIFUL Annapolis Valley and I need to find all the lovely goings about the valley to fall in love with.  It is SO nice here.  Prince Charming is working here, the farms are wonderful, the waterfront is peaceful, and I love the lighthouses.  I need to let go of the past and let myself fall in love with here in now.

May 16, 2017


Prince Charming got his new uniform today and he looks so handsome.  He really likes his new job and the place he works for.  I am so proud of him!

May 15, 2017

Oh boy.

I don't know why, but I am so very exhausted.  I am overwhelmingly tired, dragging my butter through the last few days.  I can hardly get everything done.  There is not enough coffee in the world to fix this kind of tired.  I have had a cold for a LONG time so maybe it is just dragging me out.

May 14, 2017

For All Of You

To all the wonderful mothers out there in blogland, Happy Mothers Day!  I am so grateful for all your support and friendship.

May 13, 2017


Little Prince had an awful night last night.  Neither one of us got much sleep last night.  He was noisy, cranky, and restless.  I can only assume that it was a side effect of his horrible therapy appointment.  He hasn't got another appointment for two weeks.  I hope his next one goes better.

Today, I am dragging my sleepy hiney around trying to get things done.  I did do some baking for the kids before they got up.  Princess Magpie caught me in the act and was happy to help with cleaning the bowl (or licking it out anyway LOL)

May 12, 2017

Well That Could Have Gone Better

I am becoming concerned with Little Prince's relationship with his new therapist.  He doesn't like her.  He doesn't like therapy with her.  He gets frustrated.  By the time we are finished, he is angry and upset.  He plunks himself on the floor with a toy and his back to the therapist and screams when she comes near him.  I honestly feel like too much of this and he starting to regress in regards to his therapy.

May 11, 2017

Not Too Bad

Little Prince had a dentist appointment today.   It was tricky in the waiting room but once the dentist came to check him out, he was pretty good.  I am proud of him because he does NOT let people at his mouth.  He does have to get some teeth he bumped pulled, but that is a problem for another day.