Jul 31, 2019


It is a lovely, very hot, sunny day, so we are spending as much time as we can on our deck in the breezes.  Little Prince and I listened to music and the girls blew bubbles.

Jul 30, 2019


I spent the day running errands.  It was hot and stressful.  It was lovely to come home to my happy babies, sitting outside chatting and having fun.

Jul 29, 2019


I have been thinking about HRM lately. About why I have such a good feeling about it. I think there are a few major factors and a lot of little things.

The first thing, is that HRM is where I finally broke free of childhood expectations and family expectations and just became who I was. I planned the future that I wanted. I lived the life that I wanted. Through that I got friends, my husband, and my kids. In Halifax I blossomed into the person I wanted to be. So, I have a good feeling about it.

Another thing is that Halifax is where I didn't allow my shyness to keep me from meeting people. Part of that is the friends that I made there. I made friends when I first moved there that have been friends ever since and are my friends now 20 years later. I had mommy friends there. I had a life there.  I had summer BBQ's, holidays with friends,  coffee and shopping with friends.  So when I look back at Halifax I remember the people there.

Another thing about HRM is that there are so many memories there. It's where I met my husband. We did fun things with our kids. Had fun as a family. There are do many events and festivals and fun things to do. It was just a good place to live. And I guess, all in all, I just really miss it.

Jul 28, 2019


There's a cute thing that Little Prince does. Whenever I leave a room, he looks at me and says, "Love you baby, mommy." This means he wants me to say, "I love you baby" the same way I do every time I leave the room. It makes him giggle, laugh, and so very happy. Well today, he said to Princess Belle, "Love you baby, Sisser." Princess Belle came out of the room, like she hadn won an award, she said, "I got I love you baby! I win at life!" I love how much my kids adore Little Prince. I love that they get so thrilled with the little things that he does that shows how much he loves them. It is completely sweet. I'm a lucky Mommy.

Jul 27, 2019


It was a cool morning, which was lovely.   Little Prince insisted on spending some time outside on the deck.  So we did.  I had my breakfast and coffee while the he stayed beside me and watched the girls.

Jul 26, 2019

Summer Fun

My favorite part of the summer is watching my kids enjoy the warm weather.  It is just relaxing to see.

Jul 23, 2019


I am feeling hopeful today.  We have been having conversations about plans for the future that will make things better.  And for the first time in quite a while, I feel like there is a chance that we can fix it.

Jul 22, 2019


It was a pretty good day today.  I got the house tidied, I made bread, and got a little laundry done.  I am trying to keep as positive outlook as I can.  After all, when your house is filled with laughter and happy kids noise, how can you stay negative.

Jul 21, 2019


The day after the birthday is almost as popular as the day itself in our house.

Sure, they like the cake and candles;

But, getting to play with the loot, eating the extra cake, playing with the balloons, it is all just as fun;

Jul 20, 2019

Happy birthday

Happy 11th birthday to Princess Magpie.  I am so proud of the person that she is.  She helps me with her brother every day and she us so loving and protective of him.