Jul 31, 2014

Finally Afloat

After we left Grandma Great's house, we headed out to the ferry.  We traveled all night on the ferry, making our way to Nova Scotia.

I was really impressed with the service on Marine Atlantic!  When I got to the terminal, someone helped me get me, the kids and my stuff on the little shuttle bus to the boat.  Then someone helped me carry everything up to the seats and even helped me set up the playpen for Little Prince! I didn't ask for the help, but they were so quick to give it and so kind, I was really impressed.

Little Prince enjoyed the mirror next to his playpen.

Princess Snifflefritz set herself up next to the chairs, playing with some gift bags they gave the kids.

Princess Belle enjoyed the watching a movie and looking at magazines she brought.

Princess Magpie sat quietly in her chair, playing with the toys they were given.

Little Prince was quiet content in his playpen, looking at his book, playing with toys and rocking with his blanket.

It wasn't long before they all began to fall asleep!  Here is Princess Belle, sleeping in her chair.

Princess Snifflefritz moves a lot in her sleep and I kept finding her in the oddest positions.  

Princess Magpie was quiet content to curl up in her chair and sleep.

See what I mean about the odd positions I kept finding Princess Snifflefritz in?

The next morning, we were all tired, but happy to be docked in Nova Scotia and ready to head out on the final leg of our journey.

Jul 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Bonded


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At Grandma's house

So after our 8 hour ride on the bus, we spent the night at Grandma Great's house before heading off to the ferry to cross over to Nova Scotia.

Princess Snifflefritz declared that Nanny's house had a magical fairy garden and was immediately in love with it.

She woke up super-early in the morning, but I managed to get her to lie down long enough to fall asleep on the couch.  I didn't find a blanket for her, but she was so tiny, she cuddled up under a pillow sham that I found.

Both Princess Snifflefritz and Little Prince were fascinated with Grandma Great's dog. 

Little Prince slept in a playpen that was already there.  This whole trip was exhausting for him and he wasn't a fan of it. 

Princess snifflefritz loved all the flowers she found in Grandma Great's yard.  I had to remind her not to pick the flowers.

Little Prince really reacted to Grandma Great's dog.  Every time he saw him, he would squeal.

Even if he doesn't always look at her, you can see how much Little Prince loves his big sister, Princess Magpie.  I LOVE their bond.

Little Prince Sleeping in the playpen.

Playing in Grandma Great's magical fairy garden.

Their favorite play toy was a pile of sand in front of Grandpa Grumpy's shed.

They made sure to investigate every little vignette that Grandma Great has in her yard.

After spending so much time on the bus it was good for them to stretch their legs.

Jul 29, 2014

More . . .

So after we packed up the truck, we spent the night at my sister-in-law's place before getting out on the road the next morning. I was grateful to have a place to sleep and get some rest before the long journey ahead of us.  The first day on the road, we spent about 8 hours traveling across the province before stopping at Grandma Greats to spend the night, so that we could all be rested when we headed out to the ferry.

At her place, Little Prince slept in his playpen and he was quite content in there.

The next morning, Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz were very excited to get our on the road.  Princess Magpie helped Princess Sniffefritz get dressed and Princess Snifflefritz was very proud to wear her how backpack and to put it on herself without getting tangled in the straps.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, the girls had fun playing in the play center.  For this part of the journey, I was on the bus with all the little ones and Princess Belle was on the moving truck with Prince Charming.

The girls looks so cute sitting in their seats on the bus.  It took a LONG time for Princess Magpie to be willing to take off her backpack and get comfortable.

On the other hand, it took five minutes for Princess Snifflefritz to take hers off and fall asleep on it.  She was asleep by the time the attendant came around about tickets.

Little Prince wasn't far behind her. 

At one stop on the bus ride, I took the kids in and let them pick out food to eat.  I made them pick out a healthy lunch and then let them pick out whatever snack they wanted, they picked apples. 

Grandma Great met us at the bus stop at her end of the trip.  In the back of her van, Princess Snifflefritz found a wig that she just had to put on!  (more pics from our journey to follow in my next post)

Jul 28, 2014

Well here they are finally . . . . part one!

So we are finally connected to the outside world again!  Thank goodness!  So I thought I would do a series of posts sharing some pics and thoughts from our journey.  We left our old home in Newfoundland on Monday, July 21st and traveled across the province on the bus.  But first we had to load up the truck and get all our stuff ready to move to our new home in a whole new province.

Here are some pics from our last days living in Newfoundland.

One thing I did was finally answer Princess Belle's request to dye her hair.  She wanted it very blond.  I made it a mother and daughter thing by doing mine too.

Little Prince was mostly oblivious to the goings on, he just watched us rushing around.

With the furniture gone, the girls beat the heat with popsicles on the living room floor.

Princess Belle helped to keep the little ones entertained and to keep them from getting underfoot as the truck was loaded.

Princess Magpie was fascinated by the whole process.

Princess Snifflefritz wore herself out so much with the excitement that she fell asleep over her snack.

We had the kids spend part of the  day outside in the backyard, enjoying the sun and having fun while the truck was packed.

The girls each had their own backpack filled with the things they would need on the journey.

Princess Belle wasn't happy that her hair wasn't as blond as she wanted so I took this pic to show her that it was indeed blond and very different than it as before.  She was thrilled to be starting her life in a new town with a whole new look!