Sep 30, 2021


And now there is sn outbreak of Covid-19 in our tiny town!  How stressful.  I am keeping my littles home from school for a few days to be safe.

Sep 27, 2021

Silly boy

 My boy loves to play with me while we wait for the bus.   He makes faces and then wants to see.

Sep 21, 2021

Sweetest Girl

 I have the sweetest children.  Today, Princess Magpie caught me off guard and brought me to tears.  As I talk about in this video:

She asked for these pictures:

Sep 11, 2021


 Well, it is the first weekend of the school year.  It took some adjusting for Little Prince but we got through the day.  He wanted to go to school but we helped him understand. 

Sep 1, 2021



I am actually thrilled to see September.  I LOVE the fall.  I love the colors, sweater weather, pumpkins, and every little thing about it.  It brings me great joy.