Feb 28, 2010

Sharing a first

Did I ever share about Princess Sleeps-a-lot's first bath. It was a while ago now, but she was a little trooper. She didn't cry at all. She just looked at us with those big grey eyes. She is such a sweetiepie, I thought I would share.

Feb 27, 2010

Saturday Photohunt - Daily


Saturday Photohunt this week is daily and I thank God daily for the babies I have been entrusted with and privileged enough to be able to love.

Feb 26, 2010

Schooling update

After weeks at home, we got word from the school board that the our permission to homeschool was in the wrong district (due to our move) and that they are "insisting" that we are sending her back to school until we complete the process again for this school board. My poor girl has been back in school for while and it has been horrible. The stress is impossible for her. Her Aspergers has been made even more clear in her behavior as she gets more and more stressed. And with all that we are dealing with to keep her there, she isn't even doing all the work. She hasn't done math once since she got back. She refuses and they can't make her or coax her. I get the feeling that they are just concentrating on keeping her quiet and non-disruptive. They are not as interested in actually educating her as I am.

She has cried on several occasions that she just wants to be home. She doesn't want to be going there. She wants me to be teaching her to be helping her. I feel like I failed her in sending her back. And since she has been back, there have been endless temper tantrums, endless episodes, endless stress and it is all because I sent her back to school. I am such an idiot not to trust my own feelings on this. UGH

She is going to be home as soon as I can get permission. And I will be applying for the remainder of this year as well as for next year. I am SO DONE with putting my girl through the public school system.

Feb 25, 2010

Just a little note

Why is it that I am smart grownup lady who can't figure out that if I want to be less tired in the morning, I have to go to bed earlier? I enjoy my sleeping children evenings with Prince Charming tooo much and I end up staying up later than I should and then I dread to see the morning come. I need a mommy to send me to bed.

Feb 24, 2010

Princess Magpie

I have to share about Princess Magpie. She is just sooo squishously cute these days. She loves books of all sorts and sits down at 18 months old and turns the pages carefully and looks at them. She is mischievous and funny. She climbs into anything she can see and squishes into anything she can. She is determined and if she sees you putting down something she is not allowed to have she comes stompin' charging across the floor on her chubby little legs to get that item before you have a chance to pick it up. She is a problem solver and if she can't get something, she is likely to pull a chair up to it to try to get it or to find some other method that you hadn't thought of. She is just too darned smart for MY own good. She is so happy and bubbly that just being near her puts me in a good mood. She is very very precious and at times seems old beyond her years (or rather her year and a half LOL).

Feb 23, 2010

This Sucks

My landlord just told Prince Charming that he is putting up the rent. I get that the landlord says that he is losing money just paying the mortgage and insurance, but I wish he would have told us that when he rented it to us in November. This feels like a bait and switch. I do believe he has nothing but good intentions (I could be naive but there it is) but it SUCKS.

Feb 21, 2010

Princess Sisters

One thing I am really loving lately is the relationship that has developed between Princess Magpie and Princess Belle. They are so cute playing together, eating together, and even watching cartoons together. It is really sweet. They adore each other and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Feb 20, 2010

Saturday Photohunt - Cuddly


Saturday Photohunt this week is Cuddly and I can't think of anything more cuddly than a new baby. So I am sharing a couple of pics from our One Month Photoshoot on January 22.

Feb 19, 2010

Princess Magpie and Grandpa Great

Have I mentioned how much Princess Magpie adores her grandfather? It is so cute. She sees Grandpa Grumpy coming and she comes running, pushing past any other visitors who may be there. She only has eyes for him. And the cute thing is, he only has eyes for him too. She sees him in the yard and she stands at the window watching, calling out to him, and waving.

Here are some pics of her excitedly looking out the window at her Grandfather (you can't tell, but she is yelling out to him here):

Feb 17, 2010

Better Day

It was a better day today. Princess Belle had a better day in school and she came home in a better mood. I had takeout for her, her sister, and her daddy for supper. She got a present in the mail. She was on cloud nine as she went to bed. It does my heart good to see her feeling better. I am making the steps to homeschool her again as soon as we can. She just needs me.

I am a little tired and worn out from the stress of the last couple of days, but ever the eternal optimist, I know it will be okay.

Anyway, just to make you smile, here are some pics of my two little girls. Princess Belle tends to hide from the camera a little more these days.

Feb 16, 2010


Well to quote my oldest child, "Today was the worst day ever!" . . . . Okay . . . maybe not that bad, but it was bad. And bruises and minor scares aside, my oldest child broke my heart a little. She burst into tears and begged not to go back to school. She cried that she always promises her teacher that she will try to be a good girl but every day she is bad and gets punished. She was heartbroken and sobbing. She asked what was wrong with her, what disease she has and she begged to get a needle to make it all go away. My child who is terrified of needles, who has to be held down to get them, asked for a needle (the worst thing she can think of) to make herself feel better. I am so sorry for her. She begged to homeschooled again. She begged not to back to school. She begged me to teach her again. I felt so helpless. The board of education has told us that we need to start the process all over again now that we have moved. Now that she is in school, is it worth taking her out to finish this year or should I wait until September. She just breaks me heart so bad. This parenting thing is tough sometimes.

Feb 14, 2010

Oh my!

I have taken to having to watch Princess Sleeps-a-lot like a hawk when Princess Magpie is awake. I can't put her in her seat and not be within arm's reach (not even to get a drink or go pee). Princess Magpie is obsessed with her. I tried putting her on the couch in her chair and I found Princess Magpie on the end table! I lay Princess Sleeps-a-lot down in her seat on the kitchen table. But Princess Magpie took to moving chairs to get access. I kept finding her on a chair standing next to her sister, trying to kiss her, pet her like a kitty, or feed her with a toy bottle. Then I found her on the table trying to love on her. And today was the final straw, she was on a chair trying to PICK HER SISTER UP!!! I nearly had a heart attack!!! Now don't think I am leaving her alone in the room with her sister for long periods of time, usually I am there but turned away for a minute. Princess Magpie is a smart and quick little cookie. As soon as she sees your head is turned, she makes a mad dart for whatever it is she wants whether it is the telephone, the television remote, or her baby sister. So now Princess Sleeps-a-lot is in my arms or right beside me for every second that Princess Magpie is awake. I am going to have arms of steel!!!!

Here are some pics as proof:

Feb 13, 2010

Feb 12, 2010


I just heard this song for the first time and it took my breath away. The end of it had me in tears. It is just beautiful!

HURRY HOME - Jason Michael Carrol

Feb 11, 2010

Princess Belle stuff

Princess Belle funny:

Hey guys? I have good earsight.

Oh? Do you?

Yeah, I can tell which direction sounds are coming from. I am really good at it.

You are really good at it.

Thats called hearing baby. Earsight sounds like you have eyes in your ears.

It kinda does. LOL that would be funny.

She really enjoyed Valentines day. I took out some paper and let her take out the craft stuff and make a HUGE mess cutting and gluing and drawing and coloring to her hearts content. Then she taped it all up on the wall. It was really sweet to see her so excited. She even made herself up a little outfit that was her idea of a cupid getup.

I have started looking into what it takes to homeschool in this district. It is even more complicated here with even more hoops for me to jump through, but at least the hoops are clearly outlined here. They weren't in St. John's. I have a link with all that I need to know, including the information that the curriculum that I am looking at is an approved curriculum!!!