Jun 30, 2015

Goofing Around

I spent some time goofing around with my girls, trying our hands a taking a couple of selfies.  It was fun and it was a chance to get a couple of casual pics with my girls.  It was part of my plan to include more pics of myself in my recollections of my time with my kids. 

Well . . . It's Official

Little Prince and I spent the morning at the IWK and it's now it's official.  He is officially diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.  I knew that was what he had.  But somehow knowing today that he really has autism made me feel sad.  I want so badly for life to be easy for my beautiful baby boy and it won't be.  He is going to have to work to learn things and he will face challenges that other kid's don't have to face.  I would do anything to take away his mountains and to pave the way to make it easier for him.

But I guess better informed is better prepared.  I am armed with information and now I can learn along with him, how best to help him.  I guess I am a little baffled by my reaction.  I knew . . . but I feel a little heartbroken for my beautiful boy at being told that the autism diagnosis is official.

Jun 29, 2015


I went to the dentist today and had my tooth fixed.  I am glad to have it done before the move, but I do have an AWFUL headache now, so I am feeling a little quiet right now.

Little Prince has his diagnostic appointment tomorrow.  I am more than a little nervous about it.  I hope it goes well.  Even though I am 99 percent sure what the results will be, I am still nervous.  I hope my little man has a good day.

Jun 28, 2015

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday
Sunday's heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

Here are some things I am grateful for this week:

1.  Silly sisters, their smiles make me smile too.

2.  Silly dress-up with my girls.  

3. Days out with my friends, I will miss them when I move.

4.  Watching my girls concentrate hard on the things they decide to do.  

5.  Quiet moments with my kids. 

6.  Sunny days with my kids.

7.  This funny, quirky boy.  He lights up my life. 

8.  My helpful big girl.  She is an amazing big sister.

9.  Watching my babies love on each other! 

Jun 27, 2015

Trying a New 'Do

I decided I really wanted to get my hair done before my move.  So, I went out to get it cut and colored.  I went to a cheap salon because with money being so tight before the move, it seemed like a good idea.  But, when she told me it would be $15 for the cut and $67 to get it colored too, I decided she was crazy!  So I got it cut and went next door and bought some color to do myself. 

Here is the before.  The thing I like the least is that you can see so clearly how much hair I have lost while losing weight. 

This is after the cut but before I went home to color it.

And this is this morning after I got up, I colored it myself last night.

Saturday Photohunt: 'Lavender'

The Saturday PhotoHunt for this week is:  'Lavender'.  I used to dress Princess Belle in a lot of Lavender when she was younger.  Here are some older pics of my beautiful teenager when she was just a little girl:

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Jun 26, 2015

This Moment

I am continuing the beautiful and fun Friday ritual that was inspired by SouleMama even though she has since discontinued it.
{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. – Amanda Soule

Jun 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Tots and Me

For my Throwback Thursday Post today, I decided to go back to the June 2009.  Princess Belle was 7 and Princess Magpie was 11 months old.

I also went back to a post this week in 2009 entitled , Eleven Months Old.

I also linked up at: 

Being A Wordsmith

Jun 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Little Movie Star


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And a little smile for today . . . 

Okay here it is . . . .

Okay, here's the part where I complain a little.  I know . . . I don't do it a lot, but really, I need to get this off my mind.  So if you are looking for sunshine, rainbows and butterflies, you may want to scroll right on by. 

So here it is . . . . getting old sucks!  I know . . . shocking, right?  But I am only 43 years old and every morning when I get up, I feel really, really old. 

My nighttime routine consists of the following:

1. I tuck into bed and either read a book or watch a little bit of netflix, for about 15 minutes, just long enough to feel sleepy.

2.  I turn on my side and fall asleep for a hour.

3.  After an hour, either my neck, back, shoulder, knees or a combination thereof hurts so bad that I have to turn over.

4.  Repeat this for about 4 or 5 hours, then find out both sides hurt and lay on my back for an hour to sleep.

5.  After another hour (for a total of 5 or 6 hours), everything hurts but especially my neck.  So now I have to get up, because I have learned that if I stay in bed past this point I get a HORRIBLE headache (no matter how much I really really want more sleep!)

I get up in the morning an stumble downstairs blearily to the coffee pot and wait for the caffeine to do it's job and wake me up enough to mommy for the day.  I tell Prince Charming I get up in the morning because my bed is trying to kill me.  But I mean really, who gets up because it hurts to much to LAY DOWN!!!  Isn't laying down the thing you do when you hurt??   How am I so old and broken that laying down is to strenuous for me?????

I tell you . . .  this getting old things SUCKS!!!