Jul 31, 2018


I am taking advantage of Prince Charming being at work and trying to tackle some housework.  I am also getting all the little girls' clothes washed so that I can go through their clothes and get rid of the stuff that is no longer any good to them.  The heat wasn't as bad as it had been and it is so much easier to feel up to getting things done

Jul 30, 2018


We are planning another trip to Yarmouth in a couple of weeks.  I love it there.  It is probably one of my favorite places I have ever lived.  I go there whenever I have an excuse.

Jul 28, 2018


I had a great day today.  We went to Yarmouth.  I LOVE it there.  We had lunch at this wonderful place called, "Jake's".  They remembered me and had suggestions to suit my diet, gave us a discount, and we left withenough food for another whole meal!

We went to a book sale at the library and I scored HUGE!  I got a monster pile of books for me and for the kids.

I got a bra fitting done at this
amazing boutique called, "Every Blooming Thing," The ladies were incredible and the bras were great quality.  AND . . . I got 60% off!!!

It was a good day.

I may be a little crazy

I took the van into the garage today.  I NEEDED the air conditioning fixed because blowing hot air in my face when it is this hot unacceptable!

While my mechanic was working, I was the crazy lady taking random pictures of things that caught my eye.

Jul 26, 2018


We downgraded our cable today.  We had it in every room and the playroom. But it was hardly ever getting used.  It makes no sense to keep paying all that money for a service we don't use.  Now we just have basic cable in the living room.  We also cut out our house phone since we only use our cell phones.

Jul 25, 2018

Wordless Wednesday


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Jul 23, 2018

So Sweet

Princess Magpie had a great time for her birthday.  She came home filled with stories.  The best part was when the staff showed up at their door with a letter and goodies for her!

Jul 22, 2018

Double Digits!

Today, my beautiful Princess Magpie turns ten years old.  She is growing up so much.  I can see more of the adolescent she will be a.d less of the child she used to be.  She is so mature and responsible.  She helps with her brother e every day and loved him more than words can even say.  She constantly tells me how much she loves him and how cute he is.  I love her so much for her bond with him.  She never resents the accommodations that we have to make for him.  She understands.  For her birthday her daddy is taking her and her sisters to a resort.  They are having a fancy dinner, cake, and presents.  I brought Little Prince home with me so that they would be able to relax and have fun without stressing about keeping him safe.  I spoke to her on  the phone and she gushed over her presents and Prince Charming took a video for me.

Jul 21, 2018


It has been the most lovely, cool, quiet Saturday.  Tomorrow is Princess Magpie' s birthday and is going to be a busy day.  She is beside herself with excitement.  I hope she is happy.  She is such a great kid.

Jul 20, 2018


I think I discovered the source of the wonderful smell around here.  There are these bushes/trees that are literally covered in white flowers.  We have a lot of them near out house.  I am pretty sure they provide beautiful scents that fill the air.  It drifts in through our open windows.  It lingers in the air outside my door.  It is the first thing we smell when we slide open our van doors.  I really love it.

Jul 18, 2018

Wordless Wednesday


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Jul 17, 2018


I know that I have shared the fact that I have a few really big issues with our house right now, but I do like a lot about my house and where I live.  For one thing, it is so beautiful here.  I love the spring when the trees are all filled with white and PINK flowers.  It is just do pretty.  I love the view  across the water from Annapolis.   I love the way the air smells on warm summer days.  It has a pretty perfumed smell that lingers in the air.  It is simply sweet.  I love the friendly stores, the closeness to water, the farmers markets and the trees.

I just don't like tick infestations, big black bears at my door, and isolation from any family and friends.


Jul 16, 2018

Gone Again

Prince Charming went back to work for a few days today.  The kids and I just had a quiet day relaxing.  We are doing everything we can to keep the heat out and so far we have been successful, thank goodness.

Jul 15, 2018


Little Prince has gotten really into wooden puzzles.  He puts three or four lined up on his bed and puts all the pieces in a pile.  Then he does all the puzzles at once.  Now each puzzle only had three or four pieces but I am still impressed.  He amazes me sometimes.  He really does.

Jul 12, 2018


The little girls moved on to a new grade today.  Princess Snifflefritz is now a grade ahead of where others her age are and Princess Magpie has caught up.  They are so proud of themselves and I am proud of how far they have come.  It is nice to be teaching them both at the same grade level.

Little Prince keeps falling asleep during the day.  I  not sure why but he sure looks cute!

Jul 11, 2018

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Jul 10, 2018


My biggest challenge with regards to Little Prince is his diet.  Every day is a guessing game of how much food I will be able to get to eat and what kind of food he will tolerate today.  He is do sweet but I would love it if I could get him to eat more.

Jul 9, 2018


Little Prince finds his own ways to tell us what he wants.  He isn't conversational, he can only ask for things.  His language is limited and he can't always find the right words.  But even when he hasn't got the words he wants, he tries.  However, it can be frustrating when we don't understand.

For example, yesterday, he was crying.  He wanted us to get him something and we didn't know what he wanted.  He just kept crying for "red bottle, blue bottle, yellow bottle" and then "Brown '0'".   We had no idea what that was.  The whole family was wandering around the playroom searching for ideas.   And we finally realized that he was asking for the kids' bowling set.

Interpreting his requests can be tricky even when he uses actual words.  The words may not actually mean what he means them too.  But he is sweet and we usually figure it out.

Jul 8, 2018

He Called Me Mommy!

OMG, my boy heard me upstairs and came upstairs to look for me and called out, "Mommy!!"  He called out to me by calling me Mommy!!!!  I could cry.  He wanted me to pick him up and cuddle him.  I love this little bundle of sweetness so much!!  I am so lucky to be his mommy.

I think it was also the excited way he called out and the way he smiled and wanted me to pick him up that also filled my heart.

Jul 6, 2018

Thank Goodness

It is POURING down rain and I am SO glad!!  I really hope this means we get a break from the heat.  I am from Newfoundland, I am not used to these crazy high temperatures.

We went to the store to pick up a couple of extra fans and there was NONE in the store.  Apparently, we were not the only ones with that idea.  LOL

Jul 5, 2018

Summer Days

It is still swelteringly hot today.  I am finding new ways to avoid cooking.  Today it is hotdogs and sausages with fruit and veggie trays.  I am trying to be a little creative.

Jul 4, 2018

Wordless Wednesday


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Jul 3, 2018


We have made a decision. Given our the recent problems we have had with black bears in our yard, as well as the major tick issues we have.  And considering the fact that I have been having anxiety issues, and would love to have family or friends nearby for support, we are NOT buying this house.  This can't be our forever home if I feel isolated and my kids aren't safe in our own yard.

Jul 2, 2018


It is swelteringly hot today.   Prince Charming left for another few days at work and other than that, we are doing as little as possible.

I am not sure what kind of foods to have for supper when it is this hot.  I hate turning on the oven and heating up the house.  I am certainly open to any ideas you guys might have.