Jul 29, 2008

Baby Talk -- Week one

Now that she has been here exactly on week, I have come to realize that I am going to be a paranoid mommy. I wanted her for so long and I am just so nervous that she will get sick or that something will be wrong with her. I worry about her temperature, her coloring, how much she eats, and how much she sleeps.

And she sleeps a LOT. I have never met a baby who could sleep so soundly once she was truly asleep. She is truly impossible to wake up unless she is ready to wake up. I tried to wake her yesterday to get her to eat because she was sleeping just so long all day long. Waking her up took some work let me tell you. I tried jiggling her, changing her diaper, taking her outside in the cool breeze, tickling her, and everything else I could think of, and she just slept through it all. I sincerely doubt you will ever hear the phrase, "Sssshhh don't wake the baby." being uttered in this house.

Jul 28, 2008

Monday Menu Plan


Now that I am recovering from my c-section with my Princess Mag-pie my menu plan is as simple as possible. Here is my plan for this week.

  1. Sunday: Chili
  2. Monday: Sausages
  3. Tuesday: Chicken and Rice
  4. Wednesday: Hamburger Gravy and Fries
  5. Thursday: Roast chicken
  6. Friday: TAKE OUT
  7. Saturday: Hamburgers and Salad

Jul 27, 2008


My baby girl slept SEVEN WHOLE HOURS in a row last night!! I went in and woke her up at that point. I figured with the way she usually eats she had to be starving. Besides, I was getting a little worried being the paranoid mommy that I am. And to top it off, I went in and picked her up, carried her downstairs, got her bottle and her diaper and sat down and unswaddled her and had to WAKE HER UP!!! We spent a lovely hour together having her breakfast, changing her diaper and cuddling. It was so nice and now she is back there sleeping peacefully again. I am such a lucky mommy!

Jul 26, 2008

Finally Home!!

I am finally home and exhausted. I just thought I would take a minute and update and post a few pics. I ended up staying in the hospital for a total of 21 days. I developed high blood pressure that would not come under control. The baby was also in a breach position sideways with her butt down. So on July 22, 2008 at 9:54 we had a c-section and my little angel came in to the world. It was actually a long time to do the section. Apparently, she was jammed in there good and in the end they had 4 people and a scoop thing in there all trying to get her out. But we managed to bring her out into the world with only a little black eye to show for her struggles. My diabetes has disappeared since having her and my blood pressure is getting better. She not only is she the answer to my prayers, but she is the cure to my ills as well.

She is an absolute dream. She is quiet and pleasant and so easy. She slept about 5 hours in a row last night, her first night home!!

Jul 2, 2008


I went to my doctor's appointment and they said that they are really concerned over my gestational diabetes. My numbers are high and I still have ketones. So, they are admitting me. They want to keep an eye on my sugar, start me on insulin and have me meet with a endocrinologist. On top of that I have blood in my urine that they are concerned about. I am a little freaked out at this point. I wasn't expecting this. I am to be admitted tomorrow or the next day depending on bed availability and hopefully I will only be in there a few days.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I am 35 Weeks pregnant now. I can't believe it. I am so happy. I have the nursery about ready, my bag packed, and I feel settled. I have a doctor's appointment today. So I will check on my little one and we will discuss my Gestational Diabetes, I guess. I will keep you updated if anything exciting developes.

You are 35 weeks pregnant.

Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Jul 1, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackle this week has been the nursery. I still have to put up the Winnie the Pooh curtains, I am awaiting delivery of my change table, I have to hang up the Winnie the Pooh diaper holder that is currently on the edge of the crib, and I would like to paint the dresser at some point, but mostly I am done. There is a Winnie the Pooh blanket in the crib and Princess helped me put up the decals and I am sure there will be more pictures and such. But if my baby came tomorrow I would be ready.