Apr 30, 2009

Reason #151

Yet another incident at school with Princess Belle. Ugh. I am so done with this whole thing. We had an awesome morning this morning. I know she was given gluten when she was playing outside, but I had high hopes that maybe this time it wouldn't effect her and she would have a good day anyway. But . . . NOPE she had her worst incident yet. I want to be finished with this whole thing. I just want to take her home and start homeschooling now.

I am sitting her crying for my girl, for how hard this is for her. For how overwhelmed she can get by her emotions, for how frustrated she gets, for how hard it is for the people at school to see what a special, sweet, loving, hard-working, eager to please girl she is.

I wish I could just ask them to give her a pass for this grade and let her off early for the summer, then we could be done with Grade One, with Public School, with this whole disaster. If I had realized that she was going to be effected by the gluten the way that she was, I wouldn't have sent her to school. She could have had a sick day and I could have dealt with her issues myself.

And just because I am so upset and need a smile right now, here are my latest scrapbook layouts . . .

Apr 29, 2009

20 Reasons

This made me smile as Prince Charming and I are always looking at each other and saying, "reason number One hundred and fifty that we are homeschooling. LOL

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Wordless Wednesday -- After Breakfast Smiles

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Apr 28, 2009

Arrrgh . . . . and happier stuff

I got a call from the school again to find out about Princess Belle's testing (AGAIN!) , so when I got off the phone, I phoned to find out where Princess Belle is on the waiting list for her ADHD developmental testing. She has been on the waiting list since November 2008 and she will not get in for her testing until DECEMBER 2009!!! I am so glad that I am going to be homeschooling! I am so tired of the pressure from the school over things I can do nothing about. I am doing my best here. We are working with her. She is improving at home and in the meantime, I have to wait to get her testing to make her diagnosis official. The school constantly calling isn't helping at all.

And they are so disorganized. We have give permission again and again for them to call and check on the status on the waiting list themselves, but every time, they ask us to give the same written permission again for them to call and check on the testing and to try to hurry it up, only to have them forget about it and not call.

As her mother, I have more invested in this. I can call. I won't forget. And, when she is having a rough day, I will deal with it as best I can. As a homeschooled kid, our world will change. the pressures from school will go away and we will work together to make this whole experience better for her.

As an example, this morning before school, I sat down with her. She practiced her reading by reading me a story at the level she is learning in school. Then she wrote in her journal. She got ready fast, she did amazing in her work, she even had time to relax before school. And today they call from school telling me they are having a rough time and want to hurry up the testing. I wish they would just send her home now and let me finish the year out.

I just keep telling myself, just two more months and she is all mine; to educate, to mold, to play with, to have fun with, to love. Two more months . . . I can do it, right?

First Day at the Park for this Year

On a happier, less stressful note, we all went to the park yesterday. It was fun. I of course took lots of pics as I always do on our first park day of Spring. Prince Charming brought bubbles and they were a huge hit. We brought the puppy and Princess Magpie, both of whom mostly sat quietly and watched the excitement from the sidelines.

Apr 27, 2009

Next step

I am slowly trekking through the steps to being able to homeschool Princess Belle starting in September. This morning, I sent the HSLDA my questions regarding the homeschooling application to the Board of Education. I am so nervous. I want to word everything just right. I don't want to say something wrong, word it the wrong way, make the wrong indication and get my application turned down. This is just too important to me. So as soon as I get my answers, I will finish the application and send it off. I wish it were all over and I was approved but I am slowly trudging through the red tape to get me there.

Oh and I may as well share my latest additions to my project.

Apr 26, 2009

Nine Month Photoshoot

I did a quick photoshoot this morning with Princess Magpie as she turned nine months old this week. She had just woken up and was hungry but I got some pretty good pics anyway. Here are the pics!

Apr 25, 2009

Princess Magpie month by month

I am getting my scrapbooking mojo back. My first project is to do one layout for every month of Princess Magpie's life for her first year. Other projects I have in mind are: one of her and Princess Belle together, Various Layouts of Princess Belle as I come across great pics. First I am working on Princess Magpie's first nine months. Here is my start:

Edited to add two more:

Apr 24, 2009

Sleep is over-rated anyway

Princess Magpie seems to have a reaction to her needle after all. She was running a fever and cranky all night last night. Poor little one was uncomfortable and out of sorts all night long. I have officially gotten one hour of sleep since 6:30 yesterday morning. As we speak, she is in her crib trying to nap and I can hear her fussing. Her fever is gone at least, I would just love her to get a good rest and feel better.

Apr 23, 2009

Visiting with her Godmama, Notsosnowwhite

This is Princess Magpie with her godmother, my best friend, Notsosnowwhite. No relation, but we do look a lot alike though.

Apr 22, 2009

Fun with Princess Magpie

We gave Princess Magpie a bath today. She enjoys them so much more than now. Although she always did like them. She splashes, makes a huge mess and ends up soaking us both. But it was fun. I laughed out loud. She is such a funny, enthusiastic, excitable girl.

Apr 21, 2009

Princess Magpie

We had Princess Magpie up for her shots today. She was a little sick when she was supposed to get them (the same thing happened for her last shots) so they had been postponed until today. She handled it well but I felt awful. My poor baby was crying and looking at us, as if to say, "Why did you do that???"

On the good side, she weighs 22 lbs now and is 28.7 inches long. That means that she falls into the following percentiles:
Length = between percentile 75 and 90
Weight = in percentile 90

I knew she was a big girl! The nurse said she looks much older than a 9 month old baby. I completely agree, she is so big but also she just acts older. I keep trying to convince her to be a bay longer, but she is having no part of it and is growing at full speed ahead with no sign of slowing down.

She came home, fell asleep and slept for about 3 hours! Poor baby. She is such a good girl though. So sweet and cuddly. Mmmm . . . . I am in love with my baby, can you tell??

Apr 20, 2009

First Step

I am excited. I made a first step on our journey to homeschooling. I officially joined HSLDA and they are going to help me with my application to the Board of Education to officially be homeschoolers. This makes it real and official to me. I am so happy to be finally doing this.

Apr 19, 2009


I find it funny to compare the differences between my two girls. Princess Belle has always been on the slender side. She has a narrow little behind. We used to joke that it took so long for her to learn to sit because she was learning to balance on a point. Princess Magpie is a different girl. She has chubby little legs and a chubby little behind. That means that the few clothes I have left from Princess Belle when she was younger now fit Princess Magpie at a much younger age. I have a pair of shorts that fit Princess Magpie now that Princess Belle wore every summer until she was six years old. I have pictures of her in them at four years old.

Here are some pics for you to see. The pics of Princess Belle aren't that good, I didn't know I was documenting shorts at the time, and they were taken a low resolution.

Apr 18, 2009

Saturday Photohunt - Purple

When I saw the theme Purple, this week, I thought of the Easter pics I took of Princess Magpie and the fact that Princess Belle's winter clothes are purple. So, I thought I would share pics of my girls when they are pretty in purple!