Sep 17, 2011

The Coupon Fairy

I have become the coupon fairy. I have started to collect coupons. It isn't possible to do Extreme Couponing here due to restrictions, but I do get some coupons in the mail and I use them if the product is something I need. When I head out to get groceries, I take all the coupons I plan on using and all the ones that are about to go out of date. If a coupon is about to go out of date and I can't use it, I will tuck it in the shelf with the product for some other person to find and use. I am the coupon fairy scattering little bits of savings to unsuspecting souls who wander the grocery store aisles.

Oh and remember over here I was talking about how each of my kids has a mascot animal. An animal that is theirs and we buy toys and clothes and sometimes decor and whatever else we think of in that theme. We had been thinking about bunnies for this baby because our little one will be born in April, but we decided on monkeys after all. I LOVE monkeys. I see monkeys and I think of this little one. I saw the cutest little monkey mobile for over the crib. So, Mommy's Little Monkey is what this one will be.

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Anonymous said...

I know I said I liked your bunny choice, but I think your monkey choice is also perfect. Monkies are so great!!! Little Sis LOVED all things monkey!!!