Sep 8, 2011

Random animal thoughts.

It is a funny tradition in our house that each of our kids has a mascot animal. It is an animal that comes up in gifts for them.

Princess Belle is the moose. Every time I see a little moose ornament or stuffed toy, or picture, I think of her.

Princess Magpie is the frog. Her first gift was a frog and baby pics in the hospital had a frog in them. Every time I see a frog toy, clothing or blanket or any such thing, I am so tempted to buy it because it makes me think of her.

Princess Snifflefritz is a penguin. Her first gift was a little penguin given to her when she was born by one of the nurses in the hospital. Every penguin reminds me of her. In fact her favorite penguin is bigger than she is and she lays her head on it to sleep every night.

So in light of this, we have been thinking of this new little bundle and what his/her animal should be. First, I saw a baby toy that was a horse with a knight on it and it had all sorts of chewy bit and shiny bits and crinkly bits and I thought maybe horse. Then I thought of monkeys because I have been known to call my little ones, mommy's little monkey. But then we thought of when this baby will be born . . . APRIL 8th! Right around Easter and the answer came to us. BUNNIES!! I can actually see cute little brown bunnies and white bunnies decorating the nursery in my mind's eye. I think it is a cute idea.

So there you go, a peak into the silly things that occupy my mind when I think about this baby. (well that and the fact that it would be easier to get all the names we want used if we had twin boys. LOL)


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of bunnies - too cute and I'm sure just perfect!!!

Julie said...

Bunnies sound adorable!

I didn't get to use all my baby names either. I wanted 6 kids. 3 boys and 3 girls. I am missing my Joel Jeremiah and my Alyssa Anne. When I look around the dinner table, it feels like they are missing. :(