Jan 12, 2013

Is there anything?

Is there anything better than the sweet warmth of a baby heavy with sleep breathing softly into your neck.  Safe, warm, content, secure in the knowledge that as long as his mommy has him in her arms, he has no other concerns? 

Is there any sound better than the belly laughs of your children.  The sound of them laughing so hard that they can hardly catch their breath? 

Is there anything more special than a small child coming running up to you because they want "hugs and kisses"?

How can a mom be anything but content and fulfilled as long as her busy, over-flowing days are filled with moments like these?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No, I can't think of anything. :D

Goodness knows my husband and I both love snuggling little Ro, or seeing my son really get into something new, or hugging us "just because".