Jan 8, 2013

Science Outing Fun

We had such a fun day.  I took Princess Belle out to a homeschooling event at the local Discovery Center.  She had troubles focusing on the lesson they were teaching, but when one of the guys there took her out and started showing her around the center, she had a BLAST! It was fun for me too because I had a chance to sit with other homeschooling moms and chat and get out of the house and touch base with other people.  I had a good time and it took me completely out of the bad frame of mind I have been in. I bought her a rock that grows crystals, something that turns a liquid into a solid and a Geod to discover what was inside. 

After it was over, we went out for a bite to eat and looked around downtown a little.  I took some pictures on my phone of the fun.  It was nice for us both.

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Julie said...

Glad you had a nice day with Belle, and I am sure that she loved it! :)