Jan 10, 2013

Challenge for myself!

I had a rough time since New Years.  As I mentioned I had a falling out with a board that I have been a part of for more than 10 years.  I made the decision that it would be best for my state of mind, if I just left and it broke my heart.  So as a result, I fell off the wagon a little on my diet. 

I need something to get myself back in the right frame of mind, so I thought I would try something different.  The next time I get groceries, I am going to give myself a raw challenge.  I am going to try to eat raw for at least a week and aim for two.  It should be fun.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

1 comment:

Neen said...

Sorry for your pain. Don't beat yourself up over diet. It will all come in time. Give your self time to mourn and heal from your loss. It isn't crazy it is normal.