Jan 28, 2013

A Good Day

We had a good day yesterday for Princess Belle's birthday.  She was thrilled with every bit of it and her excitement made any stress I felt well worth it.  It was such a fabulous and exciting day that she wore herself out and she was asleep by 6:30!!

Since she turned 11 and that was the age Harry Potter was at the beginning of the books, the whole thing we did at home was Harry Potter themed.  She got a Harry Potter outfit and the whole set of Harry Potter books, and my friend made her a cake that was addressed to her, in the cupboard under the stairs!

We took her and three friends out to a girls day out movie.  She was uber-excited, can you tell??

My Little Harry Potter (or maybe that should be Hermoine since she is a girl?)
 Excited at the theatre!

Hugging Daddy when she found out that she got a computer for herself (I wanted her to have one to learn to type on and some other things for homeschool and we got a good deal on a used one)

Opening a present under her Flying Snitch balloon

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Julie said...

Sounds like she had a good birthday! ... I just started reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, and I LOVE them! I just started #6. I will be sad when I finish the series. *lol*