Nov 29, 2018


I had a pretty productive day today.  After putting a pot of broth on to cook, the little girls helped me go through all the kids' clothes.  We counted out five of each kind of clothing that they wanted to keep (pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters  dresses) and put the rest aside to wash and donate.  They actually had fun helping me and I was glad to cut down on clothing clutter and laundry.  It took a while, they had a LOT of clothes but it felt great to get it done.

Nov 28, 2018


I was asked about the side effects of my anxiety medication.  I am glad that I had the medication, it helped me when I really needed it.  But with my doctor's permission, I feel like I might be able to get by without it.  And I thought I would share what I experienced here.

My medication did take away my panic attacks and lower my stress.  But I do feel like a lot of what I experienced was brought on by a situation I have since changed.  I think that I can be better now.

I did experience the following side effects: troubles falling asleep, tiredness, stomach problems , weight gain, and a few others.

To wean myself off of my Zoloft, I am lowering my dosage gradually to lessen the effects of coming off of it.

At the moment I am feeling really good.  I am not having any negative results so far.  I am feeling really positive about the future.

Nov 26, 2018


My back is finally starting to feel better.  I am so glad.  I have been in so much pain.  Today I was able to get things done.  I am feeling so hopeful. 

I am also on day one of lowering my anxiety medication.  I am feeling good so far.  I can't wait until I am off it altogether.   Yay me!

Nov 25, 2018

Oh The Cuteness

When I went in to get him up for the day, Little Prince was fascinated with my nail polish.  He took each of my fingers in his one by one and investigated the polish.  He poked at it, rubbed it, and turned it.  Then he looked at my Santa earrings and said, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Nov 24, 2018

Getting at it.

We went Christmas shopping today.  I am okay with how it went.  The kids are excited.  I love their enthusiasm.

I have decided to try to wean myself off my anxiety and depression medication.  The doctor said that I could when I was ready.  I am tired of the side effects and I want to be myself for Christmas.

Nov 22, 2018


We spent a stormy day inside today drinking chai tea and coffee, watching Christmas movies and enjoying the warm of a crackling fire.  I don't like winter, but warm days by the fire is lovely.

Nov 21, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

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Nov 20, 2018


This girl loves her stuffies.  Big or small, they are her favorite thing.  She piles them on her bed and climbs in the pile to sleep.  She fills a small room with them and dives in.

Nov 19, 2018


I had an odd experience at the grocery store today.  I was picking up some goodies for the kids and the cashier started critiquing every item she rang through.  This muffin wasn't healthy enough, this greek yogurt had too much sugar.  Everything she rang through was criticized.  I am sure she was being friendly, but I left the store feeling judged.  She didn't know how excited my kids were to get the treats.  She didn't know that my baby boy who almost nothing and asks for even less actually asked for those muffins by name.  It wasn't her place to judge!

Nov 18, 2018

Maybe I'm a Bear.

I don't what it is, but as soon as the weather starts getting colder, I want to hibernate.  I love to cuddle up on my couch in one of my cuddliest sleepers, drink nice hot coffee, and watch Christmas movies with my babies.  I avoid going out for as long as I can.
Maybe I'm a bear.

Nov 17, 2018


There are things that I miss about the city.  I miss the special markets (meat market, fruit and vegetable market, special ethnic markets.)  I miss the malls and the stores.  I long for the water front, the festivals, afternoon matinees and summer rides on the ferry.  I miss afternoon barbecues with my friends and girl's night out.  I miss the convenience and the fellowship.

Nov 16, 2018


The girls were excited to look out our window this morning and see a winter wonderland.  They jumped out of bed, wrote Christmas lists and watched a Christmas movie.  They are so sweet.  Snow means Christmas and they are thrilled.  My house is filled with excitement, and Christmas Carol's.  I love my babies.

Nov 15, 2018

So Smart

Little Prince is constantly surprising me.  He knows so much more than we can tell.  I actually heard him sounding out words!! The word was long and in cursive but he got it close!!!  I am so amazed by him.  I never taught him that!

Usually when he is tired of his sisters he goes to his room.  Yesterday he decided he wanted to be upstairs but not alone in his room.  So he dragged his mattress and his pillows into the hallway.  He is such a funny little monkey.

Nov 14, 2018


It is SO windy here today.  There are big pieces of trees blowing down the road.  Our outside furniture is blowing around.  I can feel the wind in my walls and even my bed.  I swear I live where they manufacture wind and ship it out to everywhere else!!!

Nov 13, 2018


We have been talking about where we want to live and we have come up with some form criteria.  We want to be in a community.  We want neighbors.  We want access to support.  I have an area I want, but it will take some convincing for Prince Charming to agree.

Nov 11, 2018

Silly Me

There are days when I forget that I am 46 and not 26.  I think that I can do anything that I used to.  Today I am paying the price for that.  I thought I was wonder woman able to single-handedly move heavy furniture all on my own.  Today, my back is hurting and I can't turn my head.  Getting old socks.

Nov 9, 2018


I love days like today when the girls are having so much fun with Little Prince that they ask me not to put him to bed.  Rather than resenting the time they spend with their autistic brother,  they enjoy him.  They have play with him.  I am a lucky momma.

Nov 8, 2018

Too Fast.

There are days that I am reminded just how much Princess Magpie has grown and matured lately.  She is only ten years old, but physically she is like a teenager.  Today, I things happened that starkly reminded me just how much she has changed.  It seems like last week she was my happy baby, bouncing around in her baby seat.  I was so grateful to finally have her after 6 years of trying and one miscarriage.  How fast the the flies.  I am not ready for this.

Nov 7, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

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Nov 6, 2018


Over the years I gave become sensitive to certain foods.  It is complicated to plan my meals without those foods, but I do feel better when I avoid them.  I am okay without them, but if my list could keep from getting any longer that would be good.  

So far I avoid:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Gluten 
  • Too much fat

Nov 5, 2018


It is NOT easy to lose weight this time of year.  We have hundreds of bars and chips in the house from Halloween.  And Christmas is coming  with all its yummy goodness.  This is tough!!!

Nov 4, 2018

Teaching him

We are making an effort to teach Little Prince his actual name.  I want him to know his name and I then want to try to teach him to write his name.  He knows his letters.  I have seen him sounding out words.  He is a clever boy.  I am confident that I can teach him.

Nov 3, 2018

Its time

Christmas movie season is coming.  I LOVE them.  I watch every one I can.  It builds the excitement of Christmas for me.  Hallmark are my favorite but honestly I am an equal opportunity Christmas movie lover.  I snuggle up in jammies with a nice hot coffee and sink into the joy of the season.

Nov 1, 2018


Today was a fun day.  Prince Charming and I bought some costumes for the kids to play dress up.  They have been giggling and playing all day.  It is so fun to see them just enjoying themselves and each other.  I am  a lucky momma.