Jul 22, 2017


Princess Magpie turns nine today.  I piled all the kids into the van this morning to pick up daddy from work and went out for breakfast for a little fun.

I gave the kids each $10 to spend at the dollar store and then we went home so that I could get ready for work.

After we got home, we had a little cake and presents. It was just a little fun for today and we will have more fun on Monday.

Jul 21, 2017


I woke up this morning with a neighbor at my door offering to do one of my more overwhelming projects for $75/hr.  I made an executive decision to buy peace of mind and said absolutely!  It is expensive but I need to get some things off my list.

I crossed a few other things off my list this morning and I hope to get some more stuff done on my days off.

Jul 20, 2017

Not Enough

I am having a day when I feel like there is just not enough time and not enough of me to do every that needs to be done.  UGH!!

Jul 18, 2017

Big Scare!

Any mom of an autistic child who has elopement tendencies knows my biggest fear.  My baby boy getting out the front door and something horrible happening.  Today the worst possibility flashed through my mind. I was upstairs cleaning Little Prince's room and one of the little girls left the door unlocked and Little Prince got out!  He ran full speed across the highway in front of our house, was almost hit by a car, popped in through someone's door, darted out again and into the woods.  Luckily as me and all the girls frantically ran barefoot across the highway to find where he had run, someone across the road corralled him, could tell he was autistic and met us with him in their arms.  I was hysterical, as was Princess Magpie.  They told me to calm down, he was okay, and to go home and cuddle my boy.  This scared me guys!

Jul 17, 2017


Little Prince didn't amazing at his dental appointment.  It was scary for him but he did great!  I am so proud of him.

The whole trip has been exhausting for him and he fell directly asleep as soon as we got on the road home.

When he woke he proceeded to continue to try to take off his seat belt and his shirt . . . Silly boy.  Mommy had to fix that much to his dismay.

Jul 16, 2017

Adventures in the City

We are having an adventure taking Little Prince into the city.  He has an appointment with the dentist early in the morning.

Jul 15, 2017

I worked a day shift today.  It was really busy but fun.  The girls said that they want to steal me for their shift.  LOL the people I usually work with would be so upset!

Jul 14, 2017

Decision Made

So, here is the thing . . . I spoke to my boss, she told me I was in line to be promoted to supervisor.  She outlined benefits I would soon be entitled to.  I considered that along with the fact that I like my job, I like my co-workers, I really like bosses.  I really didn't want to leave, but I felt like I had too. But I felt horrible going in to work knowing I was leaving a job I like.  So I spoke to Prince Charming and my boss and decided to stay where I am.

When I made the final decision, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I was completely relieved.  When I told everyone at work, they hugged me.  Everyone from my bosses to my coworkers hugged me.

Jul 13, 2017


I am making big decisions today.  I have three jobs to pick from.  My current job and two new ones.  I am weighing a lot of factors out.

Jul 11, 2017

Making Adventure

And when the power went out, we piled all the kids into the van for an adventure into town.  We had a little picnic all in all it was a fun little trip.


I traded shifts today so that another girl could spend Saturday with her in laws.   That meant I had extra time to spend at home.  I decided to spend it with the kids.  We had a movie afternoon and also made piggy banks together.

Jul 10, 2017


We had a lovely night out.  The Digby Pines is a truly beautiful resort.