Jun 26, 2017


I have been watching this completely silly, over the top show with Princess Belle.  It is nice to have something silly and fun to share with her.  And with all the pressure I feel these days, it is nice for me to have something to just giggle at.

Jun 25, 2017


I am spending time with my kids before work. Prince Charming is home today so it should be easier for the kids.  I am distracting Princess Snifflefritz by helping her to learn to cut up her apples.  She was sad today and told me she wished I didn't work because she wanted more family time.

Jun 24, 2017

You Can Tell By Looking??

Apparently I am doing dragged out that I look bad too.  I went to work today and I wasn't my usual cheerful self.  So my eight hours turned into 3 hours. I don't even mind.  I went home to take it easy and spend time with my kids.

Jun 23, 2017


I am too tired to think straight.  I spent all day puttering around trying to get all the stuff done that I need to get done before I go to work tomorrow and spending time with my babies.   The girls and I watched some shows together and I played games with Little Prince that had him in fits of giggles.  I am trying to cram as much into my days off as possible.

Jun 22, 2017

So Many Things

I love a lot of things about Digby, the town I work in.  It sucks that it is a half hour away from where we live but there are so many pretty parts.

Jun 20, 2017


Prince Charming has taken the little girls into the city for a dental appointment for Princess Snifflefritz.

I wish I could be there but I have to work.  I did drive them half-way where we met Princess Tigger who was nice enough to volunteer to drive them the rest of the way.

The girls are so very excited for their first stay in a hotel.   I am mostly VERY tired.

Jun 19, 2017

I Wish

I wish my kids could under that going back to work was something that I am doing FOR them NOT to them.  Poor Princess Snifflefritz thought I was selling her when she heard me making arrangements for her dentist appointment!!!  Little Prince isn't eating and Princess Belle isn't sleeping.  UGH

Jun 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my handsome honey.  You are very loved by our four beautiful children.

Jun 17, 2017


I had an adventurous day home with the kids, cleaning and doing laundry while solving minor emergencies on my own since Prince  Charming is at work.  I am at least happy that when I go back to work tomorrow, the house will be in a little better shape.  And hopefully I have solved all the Little Prince issues so that Prince Charming and Princess Belle will have an easier time with him.

Jun 16, 2017


I am home today, enjoying my kids and cleaning the house.  Little Prince particularly enjoyed our phone time.

Jun 15, 2017


I got Little Prince a surf suit.  The idea is to have an outfit that is cool enough for summer, but keeps him from taking off all his clothes.  He looks so cute!!!!  I bought the only two pairs in the store.  I hope I can find more.

Jun 13, 2017


Lovely morning, today I spent my morning cleaning and doing laundry and spending time with my family before I head into work.

My boss went out of her way to tell me I am doing a great job, which made me feel good.  I am getting through this by telling myself that I doing this to get our family in a better place.  It isn't forever, and it is something I am doing for us.  And at least I am good at it.

Jun 12, 2017

The Thing Is

So here's the thing about being back at work.  I am good at it.  It is getting better.

I don't like leaving for work when my kids are having an issue.  And they always seem to have an issue in the last half hour before I leave.

The kids are getting used to it, but they have let me know that they don't like me being gone.  I am glad that they can let me know, but it does make me feel a little bad.

Jun 11, 2017


Our experiment with growing things has been going pretty well.  Right after I started working, they started to wilt because I was too overwhelmed to pay them much mind.  But I am at the point where I can remember to check on them and water them.

When I get a chance, I will transplant them.  I really have no idea what I am doing, but for the most part, the plants don't seem to mind my complete inexperience.

Jun 10, 2017

All For Him

Today has been sent day Little Prince things.  I started off with a quick trip into town to pick up his favorite snacks.  Then Princess Belle helped hold him still while I gave him a haircut.   After that terrible ordeal was over, I gave him a bath and put him down to have lunch with Princess Belle, while the little girls and I cleaned his room.  Poor little guy just needed mommy to have a Little Prince day.

He didn't enjoy it, but doesn't he look handsome?

Jun 9, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away

Having a fun morning with the kids before I head into work.

Much to their delight, I let them add pink sprinkles to their oatmeal.

It is a dull, rainy day, but we don't mind.

We decided to burn some paper and cardboard in the wood stove.  The girls liked watching the flames.

Jun 8, 2017


I had a quiet day at home today with the kids.  It was lovely with snuggles, giggles, and science experiments.  I love my babies!

Jun 6, 2017


The sky has beautiful this week as I drive home.  Today, I sat in the parking lot and took a picture of the bright colors.


The balancing act continues. On the good side:

  • I am doing great at work, 
  • I am sleeping better,
  • I am two nights nightmare free, 
  • And, my new shift lets me spend more of my day with my kids.  
On the bad side:
  • The girls are finding it hard that I am leaving for work when they are awake
  • Even Princess Belle has said she misses me and doesn't like me working,
  • I am driving home a half hour late at night.

Jun 5, 2017


Well, the sun is shining bright, it is warm and lovely, I got eight hours of nightmare free sleep, and I am feeling a little better today.

I am great at my job, I am doing my best.  I will get better.  I just need to work to get us back out on top of things.

And despite the fact that Princess Snifflefritz started the day by telling me she didn't like me working because I am gone too much and she misses me, it will be okay.   It is a little sad, but I just have put on my big girl pants and do this.

Jun 4, 2017

I Suck At This Homeschooling, Working, Autism Mom Thing

I am having a day today.  I am spending the day trying to cram as much housework into the day before work tomorrow but I am just feeling yucky.  Part of it is that I am not sleeping all that well and I am having bad dreams.

I try to be positive and upbeat but I am not feeling it today.  Little Prince went all incredible hulk on another sleeper and ripped it in half again, he keeps tearing my glasses off my face and kicking at me while giggling and I don't have the patience I should.  Maybe I just need more sleep but I am just feeling a little tired and sad today.

Jun 3, 2017

Getting Through

I am getting through working full time, Little Prince seems okay but I worry about balancing appointments.  The little girls and Princess Belle are doing okay and like the little treats I bring home.  I spend most of my home time cleaning and cooking but I don't mind.  Mostly, I am just tired.  I just keep reminding myself why I am doing this.

Jun 2, 2017

Isn't It Lovely

There are so many parts of the Annapolis Valley that are breathtaking.  Some places I pass by all the time.  I always drive just a little dower past my favorite scenes so that I can soak up the beauty.