Jan 28, 2013

HOLY Panic Batman!

When I tried to get into my blogger account a short while ago and it was disabled!!!!!!  And my blog was down!!!!  I panicked!  I have been blogging here for over 8 years.  Through three childbirths, too many moves to mention and so many ups and downs.  I can't lose all that stuff!!  I managed to get it back, but wow was that an event I don't want to repeat! 


Anonymous said...

Blogger drives me so crazy sometimes. There are a whole bunch of blogs I follow, but on which I cannot comment from my new computer. It's weird and frustrating.

Glad you were able to access everything and get back to normal!

Julie said...

I would download an export file, as a back-up! I do that at the end of every month... I should do it at the end of every week, but I forget. *lol*