Oct 31, 2008

Community Halloween party

Well we went to our community Halloween party last night. It was fun and we dressed the girls up. Princess Belle kept announcing to everyone she met, "Hi, look at me! I am snow white!" and Princess Mag-pie was the bell of the ball with her cute little pink leopard costume. I put it on over her snowsuit and if fit her just fine. She actually kept falling asleep while we were there. The screams from the haunted house did nothing to bother her at all. Princess Belle on the other hand was completely freaked out by the screaming and when Prince Charming took her through the house, she came out in a puddle of tears. The last guy in the house felt bad for her and took off his mask and showed her that she knew him and it wasn't real and a lady outside the house let her play her game any way it took until she won just so that she could get a prize and feel better. One of the guys from the house came out to get a snack and I watched as another little boy about 10 years old took off running, screaming down the hallway and hid in the bathroom until the guy was gone again.

Prince Charming and I agreed that maybe they shouldn't be letting little kids in their haunted house this year. Here are some pics of the girls in their costumes:

Oct 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #69

Thirteen ways Princess Belle has dressed up in the last year
  1. I know that with an adorable new baby in the house, I tend to post more pics of her than of my beautiful, funny, big girl, Princess Belle. So for this Thursday Thirteen, I am sharing with you her love of dressing up. Here are thirteen ways she has dressed up for fun in the last 12 months.

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Oct 28, 2008

comments fixed

Well apparently my comments haven't been working. Thanks so much to Heidi for letting me know. I have it all fixed up now. So feel free to leave me some comment luv!

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackle It Tuesday this week is the twofold. Unfortunately I didn't get any before pics. But For my kitchen, I got a couple of new shelves given to me and I decided to use them in my kitchen. I like the country rustic look that I am coming up with. So once I had the shelves I had to organize them as well as my cupboards. This is the results:

I also cleaned Princess Belle's bedroom. Now for a before picture, close your eyes and imagine the worst, most messy bedroom you have ever seen. Do you see it? Good. Okay now times that by three and we are closing in on the mess that Princess Belle's room was in. I was afraid to walk across the floor for fear I would walk on and break one of her favorite toys. When I was cleaning, I unearthed a full half of her wardrobe poked in every corner and buried under toys. Now I didn't take pics right away and she has been in there playing, but now her toys and books are spread across the table in there and when she was digging for toys, she just piled the rest in the other half of the toybox and not on the floor. I used to organize and put all her like toys together. But I told her that until she will keep her toys somewhat organized and not just empty the containers on the floor, she is getting one toybox for everthing.

Here are the after pics:

Oct 27, 2008

Maybe it's true

Someone told me today that I hold Princess Mag-pie more than I did Princess Belle. That a lot of the reason that she is sooo clingy and such a mommy's baby is my own fault. I protested that it was her personality. She is just that way. And, in part, I do think that is true.

But on reflection, maybe there is more to it than that. Maybe the fact that Princess Belle is now 6 years old and I know just how fleeting this can be is a part of the reason I tend to hold Princess Mag-pie just a little closer. Every time I hold her, I remember just how fast they grow up. I sniff the top of her head and I feel the weight of her in my arms and I remember how not so very long ago Princess Belle was just this size. Princess Mag-pie is so sweet and gentle and happy and wonderful. And I know in just a little while she will be running around the house with no time to be bound up in mommy's loving arms. I want to soak up this babyhood. I want it to last as long as possible. I want to know that when she is older, I will have all these wonderful memories to hold on too.

And when I do get overwhelmed and tired, I just stop and remember that it took me 5 years of waiting to get here. All that waiting and stress and crying and longing culminated in this wonderful little girl. This wonderful girl who will grow up much too fast. And suddenly it is no big stress that she longs to be in my arms. It is no big stress to come to her when she cries. She looks into my eyes with those beautiful eyes and that big gummy grin and my entire heart is in her tiny little hands.

Oct 26, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Last night the best thing happened. We decided to splurge for supper and order in some Swiss Chalet. They told us that it would be here in 50 minutes or it would be free. We waited and waited and it didn't come. It came in 1 hour and we got it for FREE!! Woohoo it was certainly worth the wait. It was a nice ending to a great day.

No big excitement today. We are going over to our neighbours for supper and that is always nice. I haven't done anything productive today, but I plan to at some point.

We put a down-payment on a sofa set. We are planning to have it by Christmas. Wouldn't that be nice to be able to decorate for Christmas with a beautiful new couch and loveseat? Have a great day everyone!

Oct 25, 2008


It was a great day today. We got some extra money and we put a down payment on a new couch and bought a digital video camera so that we can now share videos of our girls with our friends and family. We also treated our girls to a movie. Princess Belle loved it. We took her to see Beverly Hills Chihuaha (or however you spell that). It is nice when you get a little extra money and you can do something nice for a change.

Oct 24, 2008

So Proud of my Princess Belle

Before going to bed, Princess Belle came downstairs and said to me, "Mommy, I don't think I need this anymore. It smells stale." She handed me her bib! She decided that she wasn't going to sleep with her bib anymore! She has been sucking her thumb with this bib since she was 6 months old and she is now SIX! I am so proud of her for being brave enough to give it up. She is growing in leaps and bounds these days and this is one more step on the road to being a big girl.

Oct 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #68

Thirteen Things that Twisted Cinderella has done today
  1. Got up and got Princess Belle Breakfast before School.
  2. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  3. Saw Princess Belle off to school, getting her mittens for the freezing weather.
  4. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  5. Drank 1/2 cup of nice hot coffee while attempting to check my email.
  6. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  7. Drank 1/2 cup of cold coffee while making my breakfast.
  8. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  9. Ate my cold breakfast and took out pork for supper.
  10. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  11. Put a load of laundry into a basket to try to fold when I get a chance.
  12. Picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.
  13. Got a bowl of leftover core chili for my lunch. I am only free to write this post because Prince Charming is here and he has picked up Princess Mag-pie to comfort her.

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Oct 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackle It Tuesday this week is the CLR Tackle It Tuesday! I was anxious to get my bottle of CLR bath and kitchen to try to get my very old bathtub cleaned up and get rid of the rust stains. I am pleased to report that it did a great job. While the stain isn't entirely gone, there is a marked improvement. I cleaned my whole bathtub with it and it looks sparkly clean now. I also cleaned my sink with it and it got all the yucky stains around my taps completely off. This stuff has been stained since I moved in here and CLR has gotten it looking sooo much better! Now I just have to get the burgundy pain the grout by my bathroom sink and I will be all set. LOL Have a great one guys!!





At least I know he appreciates me!

Yesterday, I went to my first photography class. Poor Prince Charming was home taking care of Princess Mag-pie. I was on my way home and I got a one word text message, "HELP". I walked in the door and I could hear Princess Mag-pie crying, I could hear Prince Charming trying to calm her down. I could feel the frustration in the air and he tried desperately to calm his baby girl. I walked in and he handed to her me, in a "here you fix it" fashion. I took her in my arms, held her cheek to mine and started patting her back and shushing her. Within seconds she was calmer, and I could feel her sighing against my shoulder and I could feel her wet little cheeks pressing into mine. It was like they were both saying, "Thank God, mommy is here."


This guy is absolutely amazing! I have never seen any one do anything quite this fantastic. I get a headache just thinking about trying to create the kind of amazing art he does!

Oct 20, 2008

Monday Mumblings

I decided to do something nice for myself and I joined a photography class. My first class was today and it is a lot of fun. We are having a professional photographer come in next class to speak to us. We are also going to be going on trips around town to take some pics.

I have gotten a couple of shelved for my kitchen lately. My kitchen is starting to come together as a Country Rustic type style. I think it is going to be nice when I get it done.

A little at a time, I am getting things done around the house. It is taking time, but I am glad to at least be making some headway on things.

Oct 19, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday evening, Princess Mag-pie had a particularly rough evening. She was cranky and crying a lot. I didn't get frustrated, I just did what I could to make her feel better. And later, when she was sleeping in my arms, I looked down at her beautiful face, I felt her little body breathing against my chest, I saw her lashes resting on her little chubby cheeks and I remembered how long I have waited for her. I thought of all those five years of waiting for a baby like her and I was overwhelmed with the love I feel for her. I just sat there on the couch, holding her, with tears streaming down my cheeks as I remembered just how lucky I am to have this beautiful girl to watch over as she grows up to bring almost as much joy to the rest of the world as she brings to mine.