Jan 14, 2013

homeschooling update

I took the new year to rethink our homeschool curriculum.  Princess Belle could not take our journey around the world seriously.  It seemed too fun and she didn't want to do anything with it that involved work or thinking.  So, I am taking a step back from that a little.  I purchased a Waldorf Curriculum, a main lesson book and some block crayons.  She likes this way of learning and I can still supplement with books from the library on specific countries around the world as a fun thing to learn, we will still have monthly feasts based on those countries.  I am just switching our curriculum. 

I am also making some changes in the way I get toys for the kids.  I want to spend a little more per toy to get a good quality toy that will last a long time.  Like wooden cars and blocks and such.  I want lots of things to foster imagination and less plastic stuff that gets broken in seconds.

I am getting back to the way I used to be.  At this moment I am making broth to have for soups and sauces.  I am making a list of things I need to make bread for our family every week and I also have a project for myself that I want to use my spare time to do crafts by hand.  I will share what I accomplish here.   

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