Jan 26, 2013

Saturday Photohunt: Knitted and Special Architecture or building

The themes this week are Knitted and An Architecture or building you like or which is special.  These are tough themes. 

For Knitted, I came up with Little Prince in bed with a knitted blanket.

And for an architecture or building you like or which is special, I thought of the buildings on the waterfront.  They are just so special and unique.

On another note, Prince Charming and I managed to have a night out last night.  For Christmas we were given some gift cards for a local restaurant and vouchers to the movies.  So we had a night out basically for free.  It was speical to get some time to spend with him alone.  It nice to reconnect for a few hours.


Gattina said...

How cute ! and such nice beams inside the building.

bing said...

i love the idea of reconnection.

your little prince is charming!

bing said...

btw, my site was transferred --->http://warmstonesite.com