Jun 26, 2017


I have been watching this completely silly, over the top show with Princess Belle.  It is nice to have something silly and fun to share with her.  And with all the pressure I feel these days, it is nice for me to have something to just giggle at.

Jun 25, 2017


I am spending time with my kids before work. Prince Charming is home today so it should be easier for the kids.  I am distracting Princess Snifflefritz by helping her to learn to cut up her apples.  She was sad today and told me she wished I didn't work because she wanted more family time.

Jun 24, 2017

You Can Tell By Looking??

Apparently I am doing dragged out that I look bad too.  I went to work today and I wasn't my usual cheerful self.  So my eight hours turned into 3 hours. I don't even mind.  I went home to take it easy and spend time with my kids.