Aug 22, 2017

Hmm . . .

Back to work today.  I feel a little like I am forgetting to do something.  I have no idea what though.  I am sure, I will sort it out.

Aug 21, 2017


I finally have a day to spend with my family and I am enjoying it.

I do have some mommy guilt today that I don't give enough of me to my kids.

It doesn't help that Princess Snifflefritz wishes we could go back in time to before I went to work.  She spent every second of today following me, soaking up all the attention she can, like she can't get enough of me.  She hates that I am working, she just misses me.

And I won't even get into all the ways I feel like I am failing at housekeeping or that I am short changing my beautiful baby boy and all his special needs.  I just want more days like today.  I want to give more to my family.  I don't want them to miss me.

Aug 20, 2017


I finished a day shift today and I am finally off tomorrow.  It will be nice to have a day to get things done.  I hope I can get my van into the garage tomorrow.  Tonight, I am just tired.