Aug 29, 2015

Exploring the Farmers Market

I finally got down to the farmers market today.  It was so much fun.  The yummy fresh food is all local.  The honey I got was from "bees down the road".  I got the kids some farm fresh plums, peaches, blueberries, and some freshly baked banana bread and cookies.  There was a musician and elderly people and kids were gathered around listening to him play.  I stopped into the thrift shop to look for books for Little Prince snd when I asked him if he had any he let me go back where the workers are and look through the books.  I got a few for him and some for the girls.  AND HE GAVE THEM TO ME FOR FREE!  All in all it was another great day.

Aug 28, 2015


I went exploring today.   It was so fun.  I discovered SO many shops that I just love.

First, I found a new playground that the kids will love.  Then across the road, I noticed this meat market.  I went in and there are so many unique this at great prices.  I fully intend to shop there more.

I found so much cool architecture and such beautiful scenery.  I walked down the street, the sun was shining, music filled the air, and around every was something new to discover.  And the best part was everyone I saw was so happy and friendly.

The thing is, this all happened by accident.  I intended to go a store that I thought was around the corner. . . IT wasn't.  So I walked way further than I would have.  And when I  got there it was CLOSED!  But I think things happened this way for a reason because look at all the  great places I discovered!  It was a great day.

Aug 27, 2015

But It's Okay

Little Prince had a bad last night, but somehow it was okay.  He kept me up half the night but as long as we were together, he was fine.   And a kind of incredible thing happened.  I was sitting on his bed trying help him settle and he walked away from me, walked to the door, touched the knob, and walked back to me and held his arms up!  He was asking me to take him downstairs to the living room!  So I picked him up and took him downstairs to the living room and we watched The Wiggles together.  Later in the night he did the same thing but I wanted him to stay upstairs to settle so when he touched the door I looked at him and said, "No.  We are not going downstairs but mommy will stay with you for a while, come on over here and sit with me."  We repeated this a couple of times and then he came over to sit with me!  It was almost like a conversation!!  In our own way we communicated.  So we snuggled, I tickled him, I sang to him and I stayed until he was content.  When I was tickling him, he kicked me in the jaw and gave me a horrible headache, but he also giggled the word, "momma" when I was tickling.  I was up half the night,  I have a terrible headache, but I wouldn't change it.  My boy and I snuggled, we giggled, we COMMUNICATED and he said MOMMA!  It was good.

Little Prince sitting between my feet watching The Wiggles.

Little Prince up late with me

Aug 26, 2015

It's Here!

Our curriculum arrived and the kids were so excited.  It was fun seeing them get so interested in their new books.  They are SO anxious to started at school again.  Princess Snifflefritz has been asking why we never "do school" anymore.  She can NOT understand why we took a break for the summer.  It never occurred to her that other kids take a summer break or that we moved this summer,  she likes doing homeschool and misses it.  That's sweet to me and reminds me that I am doing the right thing for them.

Some of our new books.

Princess Snifflefritz making popsicle stick rainbows for mommy.