Mar 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Tots and Me

For my Throwback Thursday Post today, I decided to go back to March 2007.

Here is Princess Belle at 5 years old, being goofy.

And here she is 'balleting" 

This was when I had only one baby girl, Princess Belle.  And what she wanted more than anything in the world was to be a big sister.  I guess that is one of the reasons she is such an amazing big sister.

I remember making this scrapbook layout for her:
The Journalling read: Forgive me if I hug you a little too tight, stare a little too long or take a few too many pictures. I love you so much and I am so scared that I am going to let too much time pass by without letting you know. As the time goes by and no new little bundle arrives, I look at you and see how fast you are growing up and I am scared too that you will be the only little one I get to pour my love into and I want to love you a little harder, hold you a little tighter, make it count just a little more. You are so special and so sweet and you want a Sibling so badly. And I want to give you one with all that I have, so when you ask, I just hold you a little too tight, and I stare a little too long and take a few too many pictures. I capture every moment because they pass by too quickly and I want save enough of them to last me a lifetime. I LOVE YOU, BABY

I also went back and looked a post from this week in 2007, entitled, "I Can"

The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne

I was recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to read and review The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne. Collette Yvonne has written more than 150 articles publishing in Ontario's Dailies. Her short story, Snapshots for Henry, was made into a short film directed by Teresa Hannigan and received a 2007 Genie nomination for Best Live Action Short Drama. More of Yvonne's short stories, including From the Cottage Porch and Wild Words 2010 appear in published anthologies. She graduated from Toronto's York University.

The Perils of Pauline follows Pauline Parril who is a survival expert, ex-army veteran.  As the story starts, she is happily married, raising three children, with a promising career. But things change when she gets a termination letter, husband Donald grows distant and she returns to school to meet a handsome and exciting poetry professor.  Pauline survived a long deployment halfway around the world, but can she survive the front lines of her fraying household?

This book was heartbreaking and hysterical!  If you are looking for a fun book, then read this! Pauline is a character that so many of us will relate to. As wives and mothers, we have all been stretched to thin, but keeping a sense of humor is paramount.  If we can find laughter and happiness in everyday small things we will be better mothers.  I really just enjoyed every word of this book. I laughed so hard at times that I think Prince Charming thought I was losing it a little. One of the funniest scenes is when both Pauline and her 16-year-old daughter are in the doctor’s office. This book helps us keep a positive and funny outlook on things. Highly recommended!

I even took it to the laundromat with me!

Momma Don't You Worry by Louie Lawent

 I recently was given the opportunity to review this cute e-book called "Momma Don't Your Worry" by Louie Lawent. 

The book tells the story of an almost six year old boy who believes he is too grown up to have to hold his momma's hand when they go out together.  He is certain that he can handle crossing the street and wandering the shopping malls all on his own. But all of that is tested when he walks away a few steps too far from his mom one day.

As the mom of a five year old and a six  year old who love to take off at the first opportunity, I really enjoyed using this book as a learning tool.  I read it with my girls and discussed what to do should they get lost and what lessons the little boy learned.  It was short enough to keep their attention and they really enjoyed the warm and friendly illustrations.

This books is short enough that I am going to print it off and give it to my girls to read on their own, since they enjoyed it so much.