Dec 4, 2020



I lost 2 lbs this week. 

 That means: 

1. I am below my pre-Covid weight! 

2. 1 am down 25.8 lbs since restarting my weight loss. 

3. I am down 66.8 lbs from my highest weight! YAY! Great week!!

Dec 3, 2020


Princess Magpie did her very first sewing project for home economics in school.  She made this drawstring pouch!  She is so clever.

Dec 2, 2020


 I am kind of fan-girling a little right now.  I shared on my Instagram a story about the movie "Feliz Navidad".  I really like it.  Mario Lopez SHARED my story!!!!  Then the writer, Peter Murrieta, sent me a private message thanking me for watching and started following me!!!  I have LOVED Mario since first saw him Saved by the Bell.  He is such a kind person.  And, I thoroughly enjoyed the show Peter produce, "Mr Iglesias".  Wow.