May 24, 2017

First Day

Well today is my first day of work and I am both excited and scared.

Prince Charming has offered to help with homeschooling and Princess Belle has offered to help with her siblings.  The little girls are excited at the idea of daddy and big sister babysitting.

Between homeschool, therapy, cooking, and keeping the house, there will be a lot of scheduling, but I really believe that I can do this and I can make our life better.

When it gets hard, I just have to remgmber thst these are the people I am doing this for:

May 23, 2017

Well That's Was Quick!

I job searched for half a day.  That is all.  On my third stop, I walked in and was introduced to the manager, who interviewed me on the spot!!  Half-way through the interview she began to fill out new employee paperwork and  discussing my hours.  Apparently, I was hired before I even knew!!  She was looking for a responsible person for evening shifts and I am perfect!  There is even opportunity for advancement because of that!  I start tomorrow!!


So, I am spending the morning preparing for my job hunt. I am updating my resume and putting together my reference letters.  I hope I can find something quickly because the worry about my ability to balance is killing me!