Mar 20, 2019


I turned 47 today.  It is hard to believe that I am almost 50 years old.  It doesn't bother me.  There are worse things than getting older.  I mean the alternative really sucks.  So while this year, my birthday will pass without notice.  I will sit here listening to my kids play in the other room and sip my coffee with a quiet whisper of happy birthday to me.

Mar 18, 2019


I have been doing okay regarding, Prince Charming's grandmother's passing.  I guess because I can't get to her funeral, I didn't really have to face it.  But when I read her obituary, it became more real.  I was suddenly overwhelmly sad.  I just remembered all the time we spent with her.  So many meals, holidays, visits, barbecues, and just doing laundry there when we didn't have a washer.  I know she was sick, I know she hasn't been herself for a long while, but I am just sad.  It is hard to believe that I am never going to see her again.

St. Patrick's Day

Here are some pictures from our St. Patrick's Day.  We are pretty broke and it was pretty minimal this year, but I did my best to take the kids minds off of their dad being gone for his grandmother's passing. The kids seemed to be pretty good.