Jan 17, 2017


Little Prince hasn't finally started eating better again!  He hasn't been eating well since Christmas (like hardly at all) and I have been worried.

But he actually asked for a sandwich and ate it!!  Here's hoping that this is the beginning of his journey back to eating.

In the past hunger strikes, his first meal back was all he needed.  So I am cautiously optimistic.

Jan 16, 2017


I have been trying to plan Princess Belle's birthday.  It is hard because she doesn't have any friends here, we are on a budget, she doesn't have a wish list and she deserves to feel special because she is an amazing big sister.

I have worked at it and this is what I have come up with:  

-  I have convinced a local hair dresser to squeeze her in.
- We will go out for a mommy and me treat afterwards.
-  Go home for presents and cake with the little ones.
-  Then popcorn and a movie of her choice with mom and dad at home (She doesn't like the theater here)

It seems simple but she is really happy amd excited the plans so that is it I guess.

Jan 15, 2017

Girls Day

The little girls and I  went to the movies today.  They were so excited and it is so inexpensive here, that I can afford to take them whenever there is a movie playing here.

We saw "Trolls" and the girls just LOVED it.  They were actually dancing in their seats.  We even got a three popcorns for free on our way out the door!! ( I brought one home for Princess Belle who didn't want to come).