Apr 23, 2018


Given that Earth Day was yesterday, I decided to have some fun outside with the kids.   First, we did school, and then we put some bird feeders and bird houses out in our yard.  It was a great day.

Apr 22, 2018


We took Little Prince to visit a small get together at the local Autism Center.  He was so excited.  He had a great time running from one spot to another.  It was wonderful to see him so happy.

After we left, Prince Charming surprised me with a beautiful necklace:

And we got home, I set up a sandwich bar for supper:

Apr 21, 2018

Big Moment

Today, I brought some books home for the kids.  They love books and were really excited to dig in.  While I as putting things away, I noticed Princess Snifflefritz was reading out loud from a book with long words.  I stopped her and asked if she realized that she was reading, that she could actually read now.  She paused, thought about it and started to dance.  She was thrilled!  She has been reading for hours now.  It was a special moment.