Dec 1, 2016

First Day

Since today is December the first, we started our month of Christmas crafting in homeschooling.  

Today, I gave them red construction paper, white paper, cotton balls, googly eyes, glue and crayons.  Then I told them to create their own Santa pictures.  

This is Princess Magpie's:

Princess Snifflefritz decided to go a simpler version snd to create a Mrs. Claus.

Nov 29, 2016

I Love This Place!!

We were in town today and we visited my favorite local store, "Annapolis Natural Foods".

I love that the owner knows us by name.  She remembers the things that I prefer and chats with us every time.  She is lovely!!

And the fact that the store has so many wonderful things at prices that are totally affordable, even veggies directly from the Farmers!!

Across the street from the store in front of the bank is the cutest Christmas decoration!