Jun 16, 2018


Prince Charming and I went to Yarmouth today.  It was a perfect day.  So pretty and nice.  I took him to a movie for Father's Day and then brought groceries and treats home to the kids.

We stopped at our favorite store down there that always had signs mixed up.  It makes me smile every time I visit.

Jun 14, 2018

Good and Bad

The kids and I have been studying Australia.  I love Australia and it is always fun to learn more about it.  Today we learned about the marsupials that live there.  The girls were surprised to learn of the variety of marsupials that exist.

We haven't seen our bear friend in the last few days but several of our neighbors have had bears in their yards too.  That is pretty scary.  We also have a terrible tick infestation right in our yard!!!!  Every time any one walks into our yard, they come out with several ticks on them!!! It is awful.  I HATE that I can't let my kids go outside because I am afraid something (tick or bear) will munch on them!!  This sucks!