Oct 21, 2018


We had a good day enjoying the fall weather.  We took a little trip into town and got some great deals at the shop.  And I had to take a few pics of the view.

Oct 20, 2018


It is cold and dreary outside and half our family has a cold, but at least we have a nice warm house and yummy food.  I definitely love looking out the window at the fall colors.  Something about the beautiful fall foliage speaks to me.

Oct 19, 2018


We took our last trip of the year to Yarmouth today.  I love it there.  It is such a pretty, friendly,  warm, and convenient little town.  I was proud to be able to stick my diet while eating and I was able to do our Halloween shopping while sticking to our budget.  Yay me!! And my kids are going to be adorable!