Oct 24, 2016

Catching Them

I love watching my girls and Little Prince interact.  It is so sweet to see them enjoying each other.   I can sometimes catch it know video over breakfast when Little Prince is actually still LOL.

Oct 23, 2016

One down, so many to go

I worked all day today unpacking and organizing my kitchen and pantry.  I don't have all my pictures up, but it had really come together.

This is a shelf I added to my pantry.

This is my pantry cupboards with my bread box and spices on the counter.

This is the cupboards open.

This is where I keep our dishes with all our appliances stored on pullout shelves below.
This is our counter

This my little coffee station, the basket contains coffee pods.  I would like to hang a couple of cute cups from the shelf.

I think it looks lovely and organized.

Oct 22, 2016

I'm Loving It.

As I work to dig us out of boxes, I am struck by the beauty of the trees surrounding us.  This tree keeps catching my eye.  The orange is so pretty!

The girls are having fun finding things they can use to decorate their rooms.  They are loving having their own space to be but it is cute to see how much the little girls miss each other at night.  It will take a little getting used to.

This is how Princess Snifflefritz has decorated.

Princess Belle has settled in pretty well

Princess Magpie still needs a few of the things I have picked out for her.

Oct 21, 2016

We Are Here!!

I have the best movers in the world!!  They put the beds together, hooked up the washer and dryer, were quick, helpful, friendly, and amazingly thoughtful!  They quick to volunteer to do things that were not their job just because I could use the help! I am so impressed!!  Ushers Movers from Yarmouth are by far the best movers I have ever had the privilege of working with!!

This is the way the living room looked when they left!

Today's the Day

It is early in the morning on moving day.  One of the trucks are loaded and the next one will be here in a couple of hours.  Everyone else (except Little Prince and I) is sleeping.   I am a little nervous but everything went so well with the first truck that I am cautiously optimistic.  Here's hoping it goes well again today.

Oct 20, 2016


As I sit here waiting for the movers to come for the first load of stuff, I am surrounded by boxes.  I am going to take apart the computer in a few minutes, but I hope to have it together again tomorrow to post again.  I am feeling like I am on top of things, hopefully I will still feel this way tomorrow after all this is done.

Tomorrow?!  Can you believe it??  Time went too fast.  Well, see you on the other side!