Feb 3, 2013

Sunday Seven

  1. It is snowing like crazy outside.  I don't even mind.  We have lots of food, lots of oil, nowhere to go and our house warm.  So I am just enjoying a day with my family and watching the snow.  It helps that I have figured out since moving here that the snow never seems to stay long.  So far this winter it has only lasted a few days and then it rains and it all goes away.  LOL.  NOT like living in Newfoundland!
  2. This is pretty random, but it stems from a conversation I had with Prince Charming.  I was was thinking about how people deal with things that happen in life.  Bad things are sometimes going to happen.  They just will and you can live your life hiding in a hole, protecting yourself and your life, hiding from everything, but then, what kind of life are you protecting?  You need to risk being hurt, risk having things worth losing to have a full and wonderful life. 
  3. The other day, Prince Charming and I were side by side but one of us is watching Hawaii Five 0 on the computer while the other was watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past on television.  The funny part is, guess which was watching which?  I was watching Hawaii Five O and HE was watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.  LOL, it just struck me as funny.  
  4. Due to the fact that Little Prince is a light sleeper and he sleeps in the living room, Prince Charming and I spend all our evenings in our bedroom.  We put a television in there (we never had one before) and we put our computer in there.  The thing is, I actually don't mind.  It means that we spend every evening within an arms reach of each other.  We chat, do our own thing, usually I spend some time making ornaments for Christmas Tree project, and we spend time together doing our own thing but the forced togetherness is actually nice. 
  5. On the other hand, having Little Prince hold our living room hostage every night is NOT fun!  He is such a light sleeper that going out to get a drink of water in the kitchen runs the risk of waking him up. 
  6. Other things are more difficult with him there as well.  It means that Princess Belle and I can't do schoolwork when he is sleeping because the table we use is too close to where he is and we wake him up.  It means that I can't do housework when he is sleeping because the rattling of dishes and other things wakes him up.  It is driving me crazy!  Good thing we are moving in about 6 months!
  7. I was looking back at pictures I take and I can certain ones I take a lot (different versions but definitely a theme).  I take pics of the girls together, of children looking through windows, of people walking hand in hand. and of children sleeping.  I just like those things and when I see them, it speaks to me.

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Julie said...

Hawaii Five-O (at least the new one) is AWESOME! I love that show! ... I've never even heard of the other one. *lol*