Feb 11, 2013

Plans for Valentines Day

I have a few ideas of things I am going to do for Valentines day with the kids.  I want it to be fun for them too, not just for Prince Charming and I because honestly, Valentines day is about love and they are very loved and are a product of love so for us, it will be about them too.

I am going to have fun with them, making valentines, doing crafts, coloring pages and having lots of fun. 

I am going to surprise them with baked goodies:

- peppermint chocolate bark
- heart shaped cake with chocolate icing (possibly heart shaped cupcakes instead)
- heart shaped rice Krispie squares
- Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Marshmallows sweets

Do you have any plans?

1 comment:

Julie said...

We've never really done much on Valentine's Day. Sometimes we buy a heart shaped pizza... But that's because it's awesome! *lol*