Feb 6, 2013

Australian Hamburger-with-the-lot

Australian Hamburger-with-the-lot

Each ingredient contributes something special to the mix but the beetroot is perhaps most critical.  Don't even think about leaving it out - without beetroot it just isn't an Australian hamburger!

Hamburger-with-the-lot ingredients

Meat patty

Use a simple meat patty (bought ready-made, or made at home).

You can mix together mince, diced onion, grated carrot, a little oat bran, egg, salt and pepper and perhaps a little garlic and Worcestershire sauce. Shape them into patties, refrigerate for an hour then dip them in flour prior to cooking.

Cook your patties in a little oil on a hot barbeque or frypan, turning once only.

Fried ingredients   

    sliced onion, fried
    bacon, fried
    egg, fried
    tinned sliced pineapple, lightly fried

Salad ingredients

    tomatoes, sliced
    tinned sliced beetroot
    lettuce, shredded
    tasty cheese, sliced
    barbeque or tomato sauce

Bread rolls

Choose a freshly baked soft white bread roll, slice in half and lightly toast on both sides under the grill.  Butter generously and pile it all in.

Choose the right ingredients and the only real trick is timing so that everything is ready at once. Then you can spread everything out on the table so everyone can assemble their own hamburger-with-the-lot

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Robin said...

I've never heard of beetroot on a hamburger. It sounds good - I'll have to give it a try!