Feb 18, 2013

Chinese New Year celebration feast

We had our Chinese New Year celebration feast last week to end our study on China.  It was fun.  I have been meaning to share some of the pics.  (the food was North American Chinese, not really authentic food from China as that is what Prince Charming requested, I may cook some more authentic Chinese food another day for fun)

Here are some decorations Princess Belle made:
 Opening their red envelopes filled with money (chocolate coins)
 Princess Belle drew snakes because it is the year of the snake.  We made each child a red envelope and put the animal from the year they were born on it.
 We bought some Chinese takeout boxes for fun
 Everyone dressed in red as that is the lucky color.


Nicole Adkisson said...

Found you on Moms Monday Mingle :)
Would love to have you visit my blog and link up on my Tuesday Blog Hop {Talented Tuesday}.
The food looks delish!

Julie said...

Looks like fun! :)