Feb 7, 2013

Our Australian Feast

Our Australian Feast was a big hit!  It was way too much food and I don't have to cook today, but it was fun.  The biggest hit was the Lamingtons, go figure . . . the sweets were a hit. LOL 

The thing I liked the best is that it felt like cooking comfort food.  Some of this food is not all that different from food I have cooked in the past and I could totally see me cooking food like that any day of the week (maybe not all of it at once though.  That was a LOT of food. LOL) 

The sausage rolls were a quick and easy and people kept plucking them off the plate as they walked by.  The little girls were impressed with the meat pie and it was funny to watch Princess Snifflefritz deconstruct it and eat the crust first and then the filling. 

I definitely see me making damper bread again in the future.  It was easy and yummy. 

We didn't get the Anzac biscuits made.  The Lamingtons used all the coconut, but I will definitely be making these as soon as I get coconut. 

All in all, it was a fun way to top off the Australian unit we finished quite a while ago.  LOL

Here are some pics, but it didn't all make it onto the table.  (we made the skinny meat patties for the little ones since they like them and then big beef patties for everyone else.)


Jill said...

Looks like a yummy feast! I now follow you via G+, Linky Followers, and GFC :)

Have a Great rest of the week Nicole! I'm glad we found each other again :)

~ Jill


Tania @ Out Back said...

That was an interesting lesson :)

Lamingtons are yummy aren't they?