Feb 10, 2013

~Gratitude Sunday~

Gratitude Sunday
Sunday's heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

My list of gratitudes for this week:

  • grateful that my family and I are safe and happy.
  • grateful that we are moving to the country (given the recent shootings in my neighborhood and on the bus route that I ride with my children)
  • grateful for the funny things that my kids do. (Little Princes is in the living room watching the girls and starts fussing, Princess Magpie looks at Princess Snifflefritz, "Quick, get me a sammich!" Princess Snifflefritz comes running over with a crust of her breakfast and Princess Magpie   runs over and gives it to Jack who stops fussing and munches happily. I think Princess Magpie has Little Prince completely figured out. Like any man he thinks with his stomach. LOL)
  • grateful that it is easy to be the hero in my house. Cinnamon toast and carrot raisin muffins for breakfast and I am golden all day! (or at least until lunch LOL)
  • grateful for how much my children love each other.  When Princess Snifflefritz is crying, she cries for Princess Belle instead of me.
  • grateful that our fun studies of other countries have added new foods to our food rotation such as lamingtons and damper bread. (we are trying anzac biscuits this week)
  • grateful that my two younger girls are pretty much trained for going pee pee in  potty.  I have a potty seat for the grown up potty and one that sit on the floor and they go in and go potty at the same time.  (Now if I could just convince them that it is okay to go poopy on the potty it would be a great day!)
  • grateful a some time with Prince Charming and Princess Belle when the little ones were sleeping.  We sat together in our bed and read about China since today is Chinese New Year.


momto5 said...

i love your list! <3 have a great week. ;)

Diane said...

How nice that you all get to move to the country!

sustainablemum said...

I hope you find comfort in moving to a safer place for you and your family.

Julie said...

It's always a good thing to count your blessings. :)