Feb 28, 2013

Budget stuff

You all know that we are moving out of the city later this year.  With the robbery, the daily issues with bullying for Princess Belle, the vandalism, the terrible neighbourhood, I have had enough of the city.  I have been doing my best to save as much as I can to get this move done.  And I will have enough to move. 

My secret wish was to move to Ontario.  The homeschool laws are SO much better there and with the changes here, I am nervous.  But no matter how I do the budget, we will be a few thousand short from having the funds to move to Ontario.  I can make a comfortable move here but as for Ontario, I can't make it happen.  So we have resigned ourselves to moving to the country here in Nova Scotia. 

There are some nice areas here and I can only hope that moving out of the city may mean that the homeschooling decision makers leave us alone.  I wish I could come up with some way of making more money to save, but as much as I try, there isn't any. 

The thing is, if it weren' t for the homeschooling worries, I would be thrilled to be moving to other parts of Nova Scotia, they are beautiful and the people are so friendly.  I am just really scared of having homeschool issues and I CAN'T make Princess Belle face public school again.  I WON'T do that to her!


Julie said...

You are such a good mom! I hope that wherever you move you can continue to do what is best for her and all your kiddos. *hugs*

Tenille said...

what are the homeschooling issues?

Julie said...

I am glad that we don't have to deal with those kinds of homeschooling issues. :( ... Hope the move goes smoothly.