Feb 12, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

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I have been working on my kitchen.  I know I am only going to be here for about 5 months, but this kitchen is driving my crazy, so I decided to get it a little more organized.  Here is what I did

The pantry before was a problem.  It was so deep that I was always losing track of what was in my piles of containers.  
 This shelf looked messy and was underutilized.  And the wheel cart was just messy stuck there beside it.
 The diaper station was a MESS and the shelves looked messy.

The kitchen is still too small and has too many functions (kitchen, office, homeschool, book storage) but this is a better use of space and makes the kitchen feel so much more spacious and organized.
This shelf is being used much better.  I like the idea of the containers, but I would rather having some nicer containers such as nice glass ones, or something like that.
 The pantry is cleared and organized, with two shelves for cans, two shelves for appliances, and cleaners on the top shelf.
 This chalk board is our grocery list.  Those two giant wooden paddles, I got at a restaurant that was closing out. 
 My diaper station was moved and I put my deep fryer and some cannisters on the bakers rack.  I LOVE my little collection of glass cannisters I have gotten at the thrift shop.
 This area is still not completely done, I want to get a wicker basket for the stuff on top of the shelf and I want to cut down on a little of the clutter, but it is so much better.

And  for the cupboards that I forgot to take a before picture of:

And the parts of my kitchen previously tackled:

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Julie said...

Everything looks so great! :)