Feb 22, 2013

Moments that bring me Joy

Last night, Prince Charming and I were snuggled up under a blanket watching television together.  This is no shock, we do this most nights.  Last night, we paused the television to chat for a moment (again no shock, we have never been able to get through a whole show without chatting.  It has been known to take us 2 hours to watch a 1 hour show and it is even worse now with the kids around LOL).  But last night we got chatting for hours while our show was paused waiting for us.  We never actually watched it.  We got talking about our plans for when we move out to the country.  Things we would like to do, learn, and accomplish.  How we would like our life to look and how we plan to make it that way.  It was fun and exciting.

I LOVE early mornings with Little Prince.  I love cuddling him for a little while, and then putting him on the floor and watching him play while I take an early morning moment to enjoy my tea.  I am never thrilled to be getting out of bed early, but those mornings with Little Prince are special.  It is quiet and sweet and lovely. 

While out yesterday running some errands, I stopped in a little thrift shop and bought an old china tea pot and cups.  Princess Belle has been asking to have a real tea party with me and I knew she would be thrilled.  The tea set is beautiful and it suits my style of vintage, old fashioned country.  I am thinking I would like to collect pretty tea cups and pots from various thrift stores and things and display them in my kitchen and in a few years when Princess Belle is ready to leave home, I will et her pick out her favorite to take with her.  I also bought some cute little glass cannisters for my spices and I saw some vintage fabrics that I might be going back for.


The Dutch Girl said...

Oooh, what a pretty teapot. My current thrift store thing is vintage suitcases and toy sewing machines.

My husband and I are also big on snuggling under the blankets, watching TV. Especially when it snows!

Happy weekend,

Julie said...

I have a tea pot that looks almost just like that. It has the same rose and everything! ... But the cups that go with it are different. Those sure are pretty though. :)