Feb 5, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday

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Since I had so much fun doing a Tackle last week (for the first time in years!) I thought I would do one again this week.  It feels so good to get something accomplished.
I was so excited this week I forgot to take before pictures.  But to explain, my kitchen has been bugging me since I moved here. There is no place to put anything and not enough room on the counter for the things that need to live there and the things I want to live there to make it look cute.  So when I was at a thrift shop the other day and came across some finds that suited my taste, I jumped all over them.

The first thing I found was a table for eating in bed.  It was wooden and had a railing around the top.  I could picture the perfect place for it, as a shelf on that the little bit of counter between my fridge and stove.  This way I could display my nice red things and also have space underneath to store things.  Here is the finished result for that find:

After that, I found these cute little containers, their were two of them and they looked like tool boxes with dividers in the bottoms for small things.  I took off the handles and used that area for storage too.  I used them to store spices and seasonings.  Up until now, my spices and seasonings have been living in three different spots in my kitchen and they were kind of a pain to get at, so I ended up using only the same two or three all the time.  Now they are all easy to get at, and I use them all a lot more often.  I used for packages and one for bottles.  I am going to slowly place all my spices in mason jars because I like how that looks, but for now here is the result:

The last thing I did was simply a reorganization of the things I have.  I was tired of the microwave on my counter top and I have a bookshelf in my kitchen that stores cannisters and coffee and the top of it has been my coffee station.  Well, I decided to make room on the top for my microwave to clear a little more space on my counter (which was the space I used to put my spice containers)

Here is the top of my shelf now:

It isn't perfect, and I am still working on it, but I like the difference a lot.


EastCoastLife said...

The table for eating in bed was a cool find. Seeing how organised your kitchen is, I think I should start on mine. :D

Julie said...

What a good idea, with the eating in bed table. :) ... Wonder if I could find one of those? *lol*

Everything looks nice!