Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day. Our day started with heart shaped pancakes and heart shaped eggs. And a kitchen filled with heart shaped cupcakes, heart shaped Rice Krispy treats, and a heart shaped pan filled with a peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow treat all served with heart shaped napkins and valentines. 

Princess Belle helped me make the treats. The treats were all easy to make, our decorations were hand made by Princess Belle and I working together as well.  We had fun and the whole time we were getting things ready for the little ones, Belle kept saying how much fun she was having and how this was the best day ever. Then when the little kids got up and were so excited, she was excited with them. She was dancing around showing them everything and later my heart melted when I saw their little chocolate covered faces.

The little girls munching on their breakfast.  

 Poor Little Prince fell asleep eating his pancakes.  Sweet little guy, the excitement was too much for him.

  Breakfast as Princess Belle laid it out for the little girls.

 Some of the treats that we made.

 Prince Charming's breakfast surprise, breakfast sandwiches made with pancakes, eggs, bacon and cheese as well as a heart shaped Rice Krispy treat and a cupcake.  (a little greasy but it is his favorite!)


Jennifer said...

Mmmm! What a "yummy" Valentine's Day you all had! It's making me want dessert! LOL!

Julie said...

Bet the kids won't forget this Valentine's Day anytime soon! :)